風增水 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēngzēngshuǐ]
風增水 英文
wind onset
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  1. Pressurizing, continuous and transonic wind tunnel is the first one in our country, and it is the world ' s first class tremendous high - speed aerofoil wind

  2. Some current studies suggest that smoking and high cholesterol level may increase the risks for early andropause. therefore, you should quit smoking and target at better cholesterol level control for prevention

  3. In consideration of studying island coast hydrodynamic factors is in order to build breakwater engineering, design waves, astronomic - tide and storm - tide which increases water level are computed to offer design parameters, discuss and analyze the influence of engineering safety aroused by those factors

  4. Besides, the upward motion on the aweather slope of main mountains of zhoushan archipelago can induce more precipitation and orographic highs

  5. Cute design barrette, made with high quality swarovski austrian crystals. a white hand on a black hand. this fashion hair accessory makes a nice finish to any style

  6. With the reform of the economical system developing, improvement of the capacity and people ' s living standard, our country is also facing a series of new situations and new problems. at the same time, our party has lead all people in our country to create the new conjuncture that is chinese characterical socialism and has acquired a great accomplishment. it has proved that our party ' s organization and the party member are good on the whole. it is capable, but there are some problems that can not be ignored, something that are depressed even deteriorated, have come i nto being and affected the party member ' s ideals. they corrode the party member, affect the party ' s cohesion, flie organization, the party ' s battle strength and the relation between the party and the people

  7. The current travel the main contents of culture stanzas to include the building mountain district exquisite article the resources to display, the literature performance wait the activity. the building mountain that rites part is solemn is cultured, and perform the part of and happiness and crazy, outstanding suburb color, mold the clear suburb topic of to emerge with the consciousness with the the new atmosphere to travel the area of big area, culture. the current travels the culture stanza with the happy suburb, sahuan building mountain " for the topic, travel the culture stanza the opening ceremony and saint mountain the scenery to spend a holiday the area to start practice the celebration ceremony the rites, building mountain the economic trade to talk over the meeting with the tenth building mountain, continuously the fire of the human civilization the motherland is good, the capital city is beautiful " three corpus activities of activities of publicity educations are with the stanza of white grass cookhouse ground sahuan son ", ten cross river the light stanza, celebrate the 7 1 " hall the whole image for ascending folk king of country whip performing, cloud residing the the series the activity, the spending the hole, silver the fox the hole, fairy the the hole, cloud the water hole " fourth holes look foring the competing and go to the countrying is a farmering, cut in lining " experience personallying a day swiming sixth items prop upping the activity to main contents, molding the root in peking the, hole the kingdom " ; release the north line of building mountain to travel the hallway, and adjust the mountain area the environment of economic construction, ecosystem, and promote the farmer to increase to accept, quickly the building mountain travel a developments step, and go on a tour for whole municipal and periphery visitor, recreational, the amusement invest with chinese and foreign businessman to start a business the offering is more, more ideal choice. attraction the more people travel the building the mountain, investment into the building mountain, and further push that area to completely develop

    儀式部分莊重典雅,表演部分歡樂狂野,突出郊野色彩,塑造鮮明的郊野主題和親和意識,展現房山旅遊大區文化名區的新氣象。本屆旅遊文化節以「 happy郊野撒歡房山」為主題,以第十屆房山旅遊文化節開幕式暨聖蓮山景度假區開業慶典儀式房山經貿洽談會續燃人類文明之火「祖國好京城美」宣傳教育活動三項主體活動和白草畔野營地「撒歡兒節」十渡河燈節慶「七一」堂上鄉村民俗霸王鞭表演雲居寺祈福迎祥系列活動「石花洞銀狐洞仙棲洞雲洞」四洞尋寶比賽及下鄉務農「插隊」體驗一日游六項支撐活動為主要內容,塑造「北京根祖,溶洞王國」的整體形象推出房山北線旅遊走廊,調整山區經濟結構,優化生態環境,促進農民收,加快房山旅遊黃金圈建設步伐,為全市及周邊遊客出遊休閑娛樂和中外客商投資創業提供更多更理想的選擇。吸引更多的人旅遊到房山投資進房山,進一步推動該區全面發展。
  8. " there ' s been many studies that have shown that things like citronella, tea - tree oil, eucalyptus oil give very, very poor protection, " doggett says. " some of them only give protection for five minutes and they give a false sense of security to people. . using these repellents may increase the risk of disease transmission from mosquitoes because people think they ' re protected when they ' re not

    "很多研究表明那些香茅,茶樹油,桉樹油只起到很小的防護作用"多格特說, 「他們中有一些只是起五分鐘作用而且給人們一種安全感的錯覺,使用這些防蚊可能會加蚊蟲傳播疾病的險(像羅絲河病毒或者巴馬樹林病毒) ,因為人們認為這些可以起作用,但事實上並不是這樣。
  9. The expansion agents can only make up the shrinkage to some extent, and the compensation effects would be reduced when the retardener and fly - ash are used. the expansion agents are not panaceas to avoid the shrinkage cracking as expansion can also reduce the concrete soundness. under bad curing condition, the polypropylene fibrillated film fiber can improve concrete ' s anti - crarking property, while the nominal steels have very unobvious effects. to reduce the concrete shrinkage thus avoid the cracking, the former factors must all be taken into account in concrete proportion design to develop sound concrete

    研究結果表明,泥的品種和用量是影響混凝土收縮值的主要因素之一,當混凝土中泥用量超過470kg / m ~ 3時,混凝土的收縮值超過400 10 ~ ( - 6 ) ,在約束狀態下存在高開裂險;採用細砂使混凝土單位用量顯著提高,收縮值也大幅加;優質粉煤灰總體上能抑制混凝土的收縮,以超量方式摻入其抑制作用更加明顯,但粉煤灰混凝土早期的粘聚性較差,應注意養護,以免失產生龜裂;早強減劑和緩凝減劑都會使混凝土收縮值加;膨脹劑只能補償混凝土部分收縮,同時受緩凝劑和粉煤灰的抑制,而且膨脹使混凝土的體積安定性加了不確定因素,膨脹劑不是解決混凝土收縮裂縫的良方。
  10. Curves of the set - up and water level are offered. the water level is inverse ratio to the average depth of the sea

  11. Mackerel sky, not twenty - four hours dry describes the deterioration of weather after the appearance of cirrocumulus clouds. although it may be bright at the beginning, the weather will deteriorate in half a day s time as the cyclone or front approaches. as they pick up more moisture, the cirrocumulus clouds thicken and extend downward to become low - level clouds which bear rain

  12. The mld of the ocean near the equator from 10 ? s to 10 ? n are less than 50 m and have no evident seasonal variability

    而在10 s 10 n之間的赤道附近海域,因應力和凈熱通量的季節變化不大,且該區降量較大,浮力通量加, mld較淺,低於50米,且沒有明顯的季節變化。
  13. Chinese type 33g guided missile submarine chinese navy type 33g guided - missile submarine were developed from russian romeo class submarine by wuchang shipyard in 1980 and was launched in 1983. type 33g entered to service in 1985 after which was successful test by the navy. the armament of this chinese first generation missile attack submarine are six c801 anti - ship missile and 8 533mm torpedo tubes, sometimes this submarine will carry 20pcs of sea mines to instead the torpedo for the action

  14. The fundamental ideas and methods of this paper are also illuminated in this chapter. in chapter two, a one - dimensional and semi - closed shallow sea mode is studied. the approximate analytical expressions of the water level at the top of the bay induced by the nonlinear interaction between the storm surges and the astronomical tides are obtained by using the perturbation method

  15. ( 4 ) the correlations are significant between the sth position index and the general circulation. in the westerly ( easterly ) year, equatorial westerly is weaker ( stronger ), cross - equatorial flow is weaker ( stronger ), south china sea summer monsoon is weaker ( stronger ), the yangtze river valley westerly is stronger ( weaker ), which has the positive ( negative ) effect on the maintenance of rain band over the yangtze river valley, so the rainfall is more ( less ) in this area and it is hit by floods ( droughts ), vice versa

    ( 4 )本文運用定義的副高指數研究了六月份副高偏東偏西年份的大型環流特徵及其對我國東部天氣的影響,矢量場和相關場分析結果表明:副高偏西(東)年,赤道西減弱(強) ,越赤道氣流偏弱(強) ,南海夏季偏弱(強) ,而長江流域西強(減弱) ,有(不)利於雨帶在江淮流域維持,該地區降偏多(少)易澇(旱) 。
  16. The market timing ability of mutual fund managers can be defined as the ability to anticipate whether the general stock market is going to rise or fall and to adjust the composition of their portfolios accordingly. that is, if the managers think they have the ability to anticipate that the market is going to rise, they shift the composition of their portfolios they manage from less to more volatile securities. if they think the market is going to fall, they shift into the opposite direction

    證券投資基金(以下簡稱「基金」 )的擇時能力是指基金經理的市場時機把握能力,即如果基金經理相信自己能夠準確預測市場趨勢,他將根據期望的市場走勢調整其投資組合的平,在預測市場收益上升時加組合的平,下降時降低組合的平,通過高險資產和低險(或無險)資產之間的不斷轉換來獲取超額收益。
  17. The nonlinear interation induced tidal period and water level fluctuation obviously. the bottom friction effect is direct ratio to the bottom friction coefficient. the bottom friction effect reduces the set up water level, and minish the set up

  18. There is another approach. utilizing the basic theory of return and risk and the main methodologies and models of asset valuation, we can study the implied risk premium from the current share prices by incorporating stock analysts " forecast on companies " earnings and growth. by comparing the implied risk premium with the actual risk level of the particular investment, we can decide better whether its valuation is fair

  19. Diabetes quadruples the risk for women and doubles it for men

    糖尿病將使女性患病至普通平的四倍(男性為兩倍) 。
  20. Hypertension nearly triples the risk for men and doubles it for women

    高血壓將使男性患病至普通平的近三倍(女性為兩倍) 。