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mach meter
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  1. The design point of the designed forebody / inlet is flight mach number m = 6 and flight attitude h = 25km. the three - ramp, mixed external and internal compression hypersonic / inlet is chosen as representative geometry to be designed. nine types of hypersonic / inlet model with difference forebody length and total turning angle are obtained that the incidence angle of the first ramp and height of isolator are given

    根據飛行任務要求,以飛行數6 ,飛行高度25km為設點,給定前體預壓縮角、隔離段高度,對具有不同前體長度和不同總壓縮轉角的帶隔離段的前體進氣道進行了設
  2. The calculation results indicate that the starting performance of forebody / inlet with wedge - shaped lip is better than that with plane lip at low flight mach number. at high flight mach number, the performance of the forebody / inlets designed by the two methods is approximate. at low flight mach number, the starting performance of forebody / inlet designed by the method of constant shock wave intensity is better

  3. On the basis of these results, the relations of total - pressure recovery coefficient or flow coefficient and flight mach number, angle of attack and the second movable wedge angle of the inlet have been founded by hypersurface fitting, then the mathematical model of the inlet is established

  4. That meant we knew the longer first stint we had planned, would allow us to pull back some time on michael - as, indeed, proved to be the case [ alonso was 13. 563s behind when schumacher stopped, and 11. 272s behind after alonso had stopped ]

    所以我們知道第一階段正如我們所劃的會更長一些,使得我們可以縮小與邁克爾的時間差距,當然這種情況確實也出現了(當舒停站的時候,阿隆索落後13 . 563秒,在阿隆索完成停站后,差距變化11 . 272秒) 。
  5. The verification results show that the theoretical analysis of nozzle is correct, the curve of the nozzle contour satisfies the design requirements, and the designed nozzle has reached the general industry criterion

  6. The effect of area ratio, mach number, total pressure of primary rocket and geometry structure of primary rocket on ejectorjet performance was studied

  7. The main working procedure of the fiber - optic sensor is : the sensing element detects the acceleration signal, this signal modulates the phase of the wave, and the phase change is corresponding to the acceleration signal

  8. Schedule for tables relating to altitudes, airspeed and mach numbers for use in aeronautical instrument design and calibration

  9. The convective term is solved by ausm + ( a sequel to ausm which means " the advection upstream splitting method " ). the 7 species 8 steps model and 7 species 7 steps model of hydrogen / air is used in the hydrogen reacting flowfield, the 9 species 5 steps model of methane, the 10 species 10 steps model of ethane and the 10 species 13 steps model of kerosene are used in the hydrocarbon reacting flowfield, the results of the distributions of velocity, mach number, pressure, static temperature, total temperature, species mass fraction and the combustion efficiency are gained, and the numerical results of the pressure of hydrogen and methane are compared with those of the experiment

    算中通量項採用ausm +通量分裂格式,氫反應流場採用氫/空氣的七組元八方程模型和七組元七方程模型,碳氫反應流場採用甲烷的九組元五方程模型、乙烯的十組元十方程模型和煤油的十組元十三方程模型,得出了超燃發動機燃燒室流場的速度、數、壓力、靜溫、總溫和組元質量分數分佈及燃燒效率等性能參數,其中氫和甲烷的算壓力分佈與實驗結果進行了比較。
  10. The profiles of density, velocity, temperature, pressure and mach number can be obtained by the computation

  11. The equal density and pressure of free streams are chosen to study the effect of compressibility on the mixing layer

    算選取來流密度和壓力相等,對流數從0 . 2到1 . 2 ,以研究壓縮性對混合層流動的影響。
  12. With high temperature and high pressure in nozzle of wind tunnel, the effect of variable specific heat on nozzle design must be considered

  13. Numerical fluxes considered in the explicit portion of the algorithm were evaluated by an implicit high - order compact scheme to augment stability. meanwhile, an implicit high - order compact numerical filter was used

  14. The full flow field characteristics of a supersonic inlet are illustrated at design conditions ; the influence of attack angle on flow field of the inlet is investigated ; b - spline theory is used to model the inlet with attack angle

  15. The numerical method to solve the equation for spatial amplification theory is described in detail. deduced first - order system equations from spatial instability theory and its eigenvalue problem are solved and neutral lines varied with mach numbers are given

  16. The results show that to design a supersonic / hypersonic nozzle of wind tunnel must consider the effect of variable specific heat, which gives reference to nozzle and wind tunnel design

  17. To prove the accuracy of the mach number, and the parameter homogeneity of the design nozzle " s exit, cfd calculate has carried on the design results. under the condition of supersonic and hypersonic flow, and a certain range of temperature, and mach number, the conclusion of the influence of specific heat to nozzle design is drawn

    為了驗證所設的噴管出口數的大小和噴管出口流場的均勻性,採用nnd格式和b l湍流模型求解雷諾平均n - s方程,對設結果進行了cfd驗算,得出了在一定溫度范圍內,超音速、高超聲速流動的條件下,不同數范圍內變比熱容對噴管型面和噴管出口數的影響。
  18. In this thesis, hypersonic sidewall compression inlet ' s self - starting characteristics are numerical simulated and tested. with increasing mach number of inflow gradually, the hypersonic sidewall compression inlets can self - start. compared with the hypersonic sidewall compression inlet starting directly, characteristics are different. moving cowl, decreasing interior contraction ratio also can realize the hypersonic sidewall compression inlet ' s self - starting because of separation bubble on sidewall spilling out

    其次,在數值模擬結果的基礎上,設了實驗模型和裝置並在3 . 85的風洞中進行了移動唇口板減小內收縮比實現側壓式進氣道自起動的風洞實驗,驗證了數值模擬的結果。
  19. In this study a primary method for designing a waverider configuration is developed based on the approximate solution of conical flow fields. the simplified cone - derived shock wave is discussed as the basic model for design. different shapes designed from different compression angles and basic geometric coefficients at the same mach number are put into analysis

  20. At the same time this paper calculates the effect of train velocity on noise propagation, when mach number is 0. 1, sound velocity less effects on noise level ; when mach number is 0. 4, the difference value is about 2db whether to consider the sound velocity. so when the train velocity is not very high, the effect of sound velocity may not be considered

    本文同時算了列車運行速度對噪聲傳播的影響,當數為0 . 1時,聲音的傳播速度對聲級的影響是很小的,當數為0 . 4時,考慮聲速與不考慮聲速影響的最大值的差值大約為2db左右,因此在列車速度不是很高的情況下可以不考慮聲速的影響。