馬爾塔 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [ěr]
馬爾塔 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [動物學] (哺乳動物) horse 2 (象棋棋子) horse one of the pieces in chinese chess3 (姓...
  • : [書面語]Ⅰ代詞1 (你) you 2 (如此; 這樣) like that; so 3 (那;這) that Ⅱ[形容詞后綴: 率爾而對 ...
  1. The circle of the empyreal becomes the primary oligarchic government of the centaurus civilization, holding sovereignty over new delta and five more recently colonized star systems

  2. Centaurus starships voyage from atma in search of habitable planets around foreign stars. the expansion of centaurus civilization beyond the system of new delta ensues

  3. Maltese cross tube

  4. And now the former nantes, marseille and celta vigo star ? who has made the holding midfield role his speciality ? has revealed he will see out his playing days at stamford bridge

  5. Six meteorologists from armenia, guinea, the maldives, nepal, tajikistan and uzbekistan have been selected to attend the training course

  6. The two defendants, omar khadr, a canadian accused of killing an american soldier, and salim hamdan, osama bin laden ' s yemeni - born former driver, had ? like most other guant namo detainees ? been categorised simply as “ enemy combatants ”

    此次的兩名被告,被控殺死一名美國士兵的加拿大人奧?卡德和奧薩?本?拉登的前任司機,出生在葉門的薩利姆?哈姆丹,則像其他大多數被關押在關納摩的囚犯一樣,只屬于「敵方戰斗人員」 。
  7. Xx. i recall that i have read in aelius maurus phlegon ( the author apparently made up this name to give credence to the following fictions ), a freedman of hadrian, that when he was dying septimius severus rejoiced quite unrestrainedly because he was leaving the republic two antoninus with equal power, after the example of pius, who left the republic verus and marcus antoninus, his sons by adoption

    我想起了曾讀過的哈德良皇帝的被釋奴奧雷利烏斯?毛魯斯?菲勒貢* (這位作者在此捏造此名字是為了增加下面一段虛構內容的可信度)的記載,說是塞普提米烏斯?塞維魯死時無比欣慰? ?因為自己象先帝安東尼?皮烏斯那樣,為國家留下了兩個繼子,盧修斯?瓦魯斯和庫斯?安東尼努斯,賽維魯為國家留下了擁有同等權利的兩個安東尼努斯(指卡拉卡拉和格) 。
  8. Lazio goalkeeper marco ballotta has told his team - mates not to put too much importance on tonight ' s crucial champions league clash with olympiakos

  9. Baresi, maldini, rijkaard, tassotti. . without those guys we would not have been so successful

    巴雷西、蒂尼、里傑卡德、索蒂… …沒有他們我們不可能這么成功。
  10. Milan ' s rearguard still includes some real veterans with marcos cafu, paolo maldini and billy costacurta having a combined age of 114

  11. “ we will be missing three central defenders in the shape of alessandro nesta, paolo maldini and kakha kaladze, as well as marcos cafu. ” new signing daniele bonera is also suspended

    「我們的三名中后衛內斯蒂尼和卡拉澤都無法出場,卡福也一樣. 」新引入的博內拉也處于禁賽中
  12. Fiorentina are eyeing marchionni as a replacement for crocked midfielder mariano santana, but the player ' s agent, bruno carpeggiani, said : " juventus doesn ' t want to sell marchionni

    佛羅倫薩看中了基奧尼來替代沒用的中場里奧?桑納,但球員的經紀人布魯諾.卡佩賈尼說: 「尤文圖斯不想賣基奧尼。
  13. He adapted well enough at celta vigo to attract mighty real madrid where two spanish titles, the champions league and a host of other trophies were won

  14. Bochum 5. 15 pm on saturday afternoon : the final minute of the round 29 clash is almost over, as chinedu ede, who had come on for marko pantelic after 73 minutes, received a pass from gilberto and advances on the vfl bochum keeper drobny, before calmly finishing to make the final score 3 - 1 to hertha

    波鴻,周六下午5點15分:第29輪比賽的終場哨聲即將吹響, 73分鐘后才替換科?潘特里奇上場的希內杜?埃德,接到吉伯托的傳球后晃過波鴻的門將德洛尼,冷靜將球射入網窩為赫將比分最終定格為3比1 !
  15. Juve are willing to offer ? 6 million and matteo paro for iaquinta. however, udinese president giampaolo pozzo is insisting claudio marchisio and michele paolucci are included in the bid

  16. Juve are willing to offer & pound ; 6 million and matteo paro for iaquinta. however, udinese president giampaolo pozzo is insisting claudio marchisio and michele paolucci are included in the bid

  17. After going behind within the first minute, bochum hitting a post and marko pantelic missing a penalty, things didn ' t seem to be going hertha ' s way

  18. El paso county sheriff terry maketa said there was " one gunman down " and " four deceased, possibly one wounded " in the incident in colorado springs

  19. Economy the poor man ' s mints ; extravagance the rich man ' s pitfall martin farquhar tupper

  20. It involved 959 prevalent cases of parkinsonism ( 767 with parkinson ' s disease ) and 1989 controls recruited in scotland, italy, sweden, romania and malta