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馬薩拉 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [動物學] (哺乳動物) horse 2 (象棋棋子) horse one of the pieces in chinese chess3 (姓...
  • : 名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 拉構詞成分。
  • 馬薩 : felipe massa
  1. At the time of the discovery russell hulse ( right ) was a graduate student and joseph taylor ( left ) was his supervisor at the university of massachusetts, amherst

  2. Question 4 : in which country did appaloosa, palomino, and pinto horses originate and gain popularity

    問題4 :阿帕盧、帕米諾和品脫的原產地和獲得流行的國家是何國?
  3. This ancient university town north - west of madrid was first conquered by the carthaginians in the 3rd century b. c

  4. In india it is one of the main ingredients of curry and garam masala spice blends, as well as chutneys

  5. Give me a hand, and we ' ll get sarah right into my hummer

  6. Salah al - obaidi, a spokesman for the mahdi army ' s leader, remains unapologetic. " although we did not accept the way our people did it, we do agree with the principle, " says obaidi

  7. The beheaded roman venus in greek marble dating back to the ii century after christ was found on last friday during archaeological excavation work near the church of san giovanni al boeo in marsala, sicily

  8. Jane felix - browne, a 51 - year - old grandmother from moulton, a village in northwestern england, told the associated press last week that she met omar bin laden, 27, while riding a horse near egypt ' s great pyramid and that they married on april 24

  9. The track in saratoga is all polished up.

  10. This sparked a flurry of speculation about the identity of the milestone person, and newspapers from kalamazoo, michigan to tucson, arizona and saratoga, new york, nominated babies born in their areas as the one

    這一消息引起有關這個「里程碑嬰兒」身份的各種猜測,從密歇根州的卡祖、亞利桑那州的圖森到紐約州的托加,各地的報紙都對在各自地區當天出生的嬰兒進行了"提名" 。
  11. This was interesting, as although ferrari were quickest in all the speed traps, and felipe massa set the fastest lap, the team were still unable to beat renault

  12. The spaniard made the most of his opportunity when torrential rain and car failures combined to leave him in a straight fight with ferrari ' s felipe massa

  13. Across the street from manila ' s main north harbor port, visayan forum runs an emergency shelter where rescued children stay for several days while social workers attempt to locate their parents

  14. One victim hoping for justice is 17 - year - old menchu, who has been staying for more than a year at a visayan forum safe house in manila waiting for the case of the men who allegedly trafficked her to come to trial

  15. The two defendants, omar khadr, a canadian accused of killing an american soldier, and salim hamdan, osama bin laden ' s yemeni - born former driver, had ? like most other guant namo detainees ? been categorised simply as “ enemy combatants ”

    此次的兩名被告,被控殺死一名美國士兵的加拿大人奧爾?卡德和奧?本?登的前任司機,出生在葉門的利姆?哈姆丹,則像其他大多數被關押在關塔納摩的囚犯一樣,只屬于「敵方戰斗人員」 。
  16. A congressionally mandated panel concluded in september that bush is seen in the arab world as a greater threat than al - qaeda leader osama bin laden

  17. Also known as the maharlika highway, the road network runs from manila to laoag city via cagayan valley in northern luzon and from manila to davao in mindanao via bicol in southern luzon and samar and leyte in eastern visayas

    以M A H A R L I K A命名的高速公路向北從至L A O A G市,並有從經呂宋南部的B I C O L地區與維亞的魚壘迪到棉蘭老的達澳市的公路網。
  18. Time magazine has named its man of the year ( ex - new york mayor rudolph giuliani ), the united states has its villain of the new century ( osama bin laden ) and now the american dialect society is getting ready to vote on its word or phrase of the year

    《時代》雜志評選出了2001年美國風雲人物- -前紐約市長朱利安尼,美國鎖定了新世紀的頭號敵人- -奧?本?登,如今美國方言協會也不甘寂寞,正準備進行2001年度美國流行詞語的評選。
  19. Real produced a storming, if ultimately futile, 4 - 0 victory over real zaragoza in the king ' s cup on tuesday after losing the first leg 6 - 1, and they will take that spirit into this weekend ' s match against alaves. " we ' ve proved that we are a competitive team and we are now more united too, " brazilian full back roberto carlos told marca on thursday

    在西班牙國王杯中,皇在同隊次回合的交鋒中,以疾風暴雨般地進攻4 : 0大勝對手,雖然這一比分並沒有最終幫助他們擺脫被淘汰出局命運,但比賽中球員們表現出來的置之死地而後生的勇氣和精神,將成為激勵球隊在本周末聯賽中擊敗阿維斯隊的寶貴財富。
  20. Revision # 4 due. small group workshops. assignment 5 presented. view mississippi masala ? ( we ' ll schedule a time together. ) handout

    21繳交修改作品# 4 。小組工作坊。規定作業5 。觀看密西西比馬薩拉(我們會一起安排時間) 。講義。