流轉頭 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [liúzhuǎntóu]
流轉頭 英文
flow rotor
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • 轉頭 : swivel
  1. When rain - cooled downdrafts hit warm air near the ground, a low hanging revolving cloud forms beneath the cell , a tornado is imminent

    當雨冷凝形成的下降氣遭遇地表暖氣時- - - - 「超級風胞」下方一股低空旋的雲團便已形成,龍卷風就要讓我們大難臨了。
  2. Our main products are micro barometer low pressure gauge low pressure capsule gauge vacuum pressure with low pressure gauge pressure gauge with electrical contact shock - proof electric contact gauge stainless steel pressure gauge dry and glycerin filled pressure gauge normal pressure gauge freon pressure gauge oxygen - acetylene pressure gauge stainless steel vacuum pressure gauges series diaphragm seal pressure gauge diaphragm pressure gauge with electrical contact pp diaphragm seal pressure gauge shock - proof pressure gauge with electrical contact diaphragm seal pressure gauge explosion - proof electric contact pressure gauge minitype pressure gauge accurate pressure gauge test pressure gauges as well as pressure gauge switch pressure separator tube pressure gauge radiator double - metal thermometer all the products can meet both national and international stands,

  3. That was his most perfect idea of heaven s happiness : mine was rocking in a rustling green tree, with a west wind blowing, and bright white clouds flitting rapidly above ; and not only larks, but throstles, and blackbirds, and linnets, and cuckoos pouring out music on every side, and the moors seen at a distance, broken into cool dusky dells ; but close by great swells of long grass undulating in waves to the breeze ; and woods and sounding water, and the whole world awake and wild with joy

  4. The workers covered the broken bone with a very thick plaster cast, which i believe would not keep it from moving on gracefully

  5. I heard the whoop again ; it was behind me yet, but in a different place ; it kept coming, and kept changing its place, and i kept answering, till by and by it was in front of me again, and i knowed the current had swung the canoe s head down - stream, and i was all right if that was jim and not some other raftsman hollering

  6. The rotary gear reducer is driven by a dc motor through a gearbox to pro - vide bi - directional drill bit rotation

  7. To provide necessary data for design bypass pipe, an enlargement to bi liu river reservoir, the following problems have been studied by hydraulic model and theoretical analysis : the energy losses in water head of the bypass pipe system and of the flow - control valve and their scale effects, measurement and calculation of the discharge of the bypass pipe system during the bypass pipe system operation with and without the new water power station, the hydraulic characteristics of the water tunnel and draw - off pipe, the flow rate of the aqueduct bridge and the draw - off pipe and the water elevation of the flow in the aqueduct bridge during the old water power station operation with and without the new water power station

  8. By constructing the geometrical model of a certain underground single arm type pantograph and applying the translation of pantograph - head balancing bar and the perpendicular displacement of pantograph in the direction of the movement of locomotive while raising pantograph as the objective which must satisfy the demands of locomotive ' s stable current collection, this paper applied the multi - objective optimization based on the genetic algorithms to design the pantograph mechanism

  9. Tour the zion national park where you can feast your eyes on all kinds of sentinel rocks, and other spectacular sights created by mother nature. proceed to bryce canyon national park where a variety of rock shapes and textures can be found. at an elevation of 8000 feet you will experience a wonderful view of the forest of rocks left standing after millions of years of erosion

  10. The roto - jet pump is a new kind of very low specific speed pump which is developed in recent years. it is always used in carbin black, food production, chemical industry and deep well mining system to supply the steady outflow with low flux and high pressure

  11. We can burn the currency speculator, but the investor in need of cash to cover positions elsewhere has turned to our highly - liquid market to find it

  12. Promax tension ind corp has long sold and manufactured a variety of custo mized air shafts / air chucks / safety chucks, edge position control systems / epc, powder / air / disk brakes and clutches, ac / dc motor control systems, re - winding / un - winding systems, tension control systems, web inspection systems, automatic color register systems, servo - vector control systems, mmi interface and supervisory control and data acquisition ( scada ) systems and others such as slitting, winding, laminating, extruding, coating, and gravure printing machines, even other auxiliary devices etc. for webs such as paper, films, rubber, textiles and foils

    本公司長久以來已經從事製造及銷售有關紙類,薄膜,膠片,紡織品,橡膠等薄片卷材的捲筒物控制糸統周邊設備,諸如氣漲軸,氣漲/安全夾,邊緣追蹤器裝置,磁粉/氣壓/碟式煞車器及離合器,交直矩馬達控制系統,收放料車動系統,張力控制裝置,印刷機靜態觀測器,自動套色控制裝置,伺服向量控制系統,人機介面及監控系統及其他有關印刷,貼合,分條,復? ,塗布,上膠,押出,淋膜等產業機械
  13. Northeast faults control the spread of the anhui riverway, and eastwest faults resulted in the widening of the river and the occurrence of nodes, then the stream raised and the riverway turn into goose pattern braided river. northwest faults and northsouth faults influence the evolvement of partial riverway, for example, the northwest lujiang - zhongming fault influence the evolvement of tongning shoals, and the northsouth faults passing through zongyang - digang make the riverway ' s direction from north - east to north - south

  14. The results are obtained as follows : we analyze the features of kinematics and dynamic of the crusher. the improvement on the crusher structure design is made in the following aspects : involutes beat board, adjust mechanism on the back protect board and sieve plate, distributaries system, sieve plat, crusher space, rotor, hammer. furthermore, strength check is carried out

  15. The above problems and difficulties could be solved through the following perspectives : attaching great importance to the development of the non - public sectors of the forest economy ; quickening the system innovation and forestry legislation ; cultivating market of living trees ; establishing organizations for evaluating forest resources ; improving the circulating services ; expanding channels of financing ; encouraging the qualified non - public sectors of the forest enterprise to become listed companies ; allowing forest to be mortgaged as assets, guiding the social investment in forestry with the economic leverage ; developing leading enterprises and implementing the operation model of " companies, bases and farmer households " ; and improving the socialized forestry service systems

  16. When the message call is forwarded to the transport sink at the end of the chain, the transport sink writes the headers to the stream and forwards the stream to the transport sink on the server using the transport protocol dictated by the channel

  17. The numerical simulation and experimental research made on the characteristics of the clearance cavitations in kaplan turbine are described herein ; in which the analysis mainly is concentrated on the characteristics of leakage - vortex caused by the flow of the clearance between blade tip and blade chamber, that occurs at the front - pressure side of the blade, and the intensity of the secondary - flow - vortex ; furthermore, the relationship in between the leakage - vortex, secondary flow vortex, cavitations and erosion are analyzed as well

  18. If they s tuh be fresh ortherings - just when aw gettin used tuh two maisters, if aw mun hev a mistress set o er my heead, it s loike time tuh be flitting

  19. We have cooperated with my agent abroad to open up new service of air ocean combined transport and our hub is in dubai and inchon, we offer ocean transport as feeder shipment, air transport as mother shipment to reduce the shipping cost and save the time for our valued customer.

  20. Based on the above analysis, we conclude with some advice on the policy reform. we may further decrease the acreages of grains, accelerate the renovation process of new crop breeds and implement standard agricultural management in order to optimize the agricultural structure in zhejiang province