證券系統 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhèngquàntǒng]
證券系統 英文
securities system
  • : Ⅰ動詞(證明) prove; verify; demonstrate Ⅱ名詞1 (證據) evidence; proof; testimony; witness 2 (...
  • : 系動詞(打結; 扣) tie; fasten; do up; button up
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事物間連續的關系) interconnected system 2 (衣服等的筒狀部分) any tube shaped part of ...
  • 證券 : bond; security; negotiable securities
  • 系統 : 1. (按一定關系組成的同類事物) system 2. (有條理的;有系統的) systematic
  1. The agiotage adopts the service mode that " the passway is made " at the beginning of market development, such traditional operation mode has caused the tradesman of the behavior in securities trader ' s seller ' s market, weakness that this kind of traditional, regular, single operation mode caused securities trader ' s profit to be with single mode too at the same time, the income curve correlate with height of general trend of market development, exist and deviate from with investors " interests too on the value orientations

    本文通過探索我國經紀業務的發展歷史和趨勢,得出最根本的結論是營業部轉型是必然,變「坐商」為「行商」 ,由「單一通道服務」向「綜合理財營銷服務」變革是轉型的核心所在。東北江陰營業部作為傳服務模式的代表,本文詳細闡述了營業部結合自身實際應該採取的轉型策略及轉型后營銷策略,為指導營業部經營機制改革提供了的解決方案。
  2. First, this section resorts various valuation model and hold that it would be better to classify the valuation into traditional method, binominal tree method and option - adjusted spread method. according to the sequence, this article introduce three valuation model respectively and point out which aspect these method improves on in different phases and their applicable conditions

  3. With the theory of resource allocation as the tool of analysis, this article preserts a systematic analysis of the resource allocation of chinese security market by the method of contradistinction

  4. The investors " systematic behavioral deflections and demagogue behavioral deflections will cause the over - reaction and under - reaction of the securities " price, on the base of which the active investment strategies appear

  5. So we consider five financial indexes includes stock b / p, e / p, current stock size, current stock stru and financial levge by the international tradition, then descriptive statistical test method and cross section statistical test method proved that b / p and current stock size have marked effect on the securities yield besides coefficient b. in the third chapter, the article fut forward a risk factor model, estimates yield sequences of every risk factor by weight regression, and then estimates each risk factor coefficient of different stock by time sequence regression, at last we can reckon the portfolio risk o2p and yield rp which consists n stocks

    結合國際慣例,文章考慮了股票的凈值市價比( b p ) ,市盈率倒數( e p ) ,流通規模( size ) ,流通比例( stru )和財務杠桿( levge )等五個財務指標,應用描述性計檢驗和橫截面計檢驗等多種方法,結果表明,除數以外,凈值市價比( b p )和流通規模( size )對收益率部有重要的影響。在論文的第三章,提出了一個基於多因素的風險因子模型,並用加權回歸和時間序列回歸等方法估計出了不同的各風險因子數(類似於單指數模型中的數) ,據此,即可衡量出一個包括n只股票的組合的風險_ p ~ 2和收益率r _ p 。
  6. This article based on local and foreign scholar ' s studies on earnings announcement and value / glamour stock, creates and uses the variable of different p / e to define the relative level of market, and chooses earnings announcement as the even for analyzing the market response to good and bad earnings announcement

  7. From the angle of investors and the market, the counter eliminating market of gresham ' s law ( the bad money will drive out good ) will be formed, because a large number of listed companies abuse the earnings management systematically and lastingly, which, together with the ineffective supervision, will pose a direct threat to the existence and development of the chinese market

  8. In view of present scattered and incompact research of the field in mainland, while systemic and meticulous research is also necessary for the development of legislation and economy demands, during the course of property legislation and asset securitization, i choose the issue of the accessory character and independent character of mortgage as the subject of my thesis

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  10. The regulations construction is the foundation of the regular operation of the securities transaction system. it is the indication of the negative entropy flow for maintaining the opening of securities system. furthermore, it is the base point of the article researching the legal misrepresentation - balancing regulations system

  11. Bonds borrowed through the securities lending system of an over - the - counter securities market

  12. As collateral to borrow securities through the securities lending system of an over - the - counter securities market

  13. In the fourth chapter of this thesis, the author shows the outcome of the whole designing, namely all the application table of dalian telecom e - business system, and introduces the network organization and the system function of the ctca service disposal point system, the e - tax system, the e - security system, the web business office system of telecom and the e - ticket system in de tail

  14. In the past portfolio modeling work, the single index model has been used continually, which is based on the suppose that securities yield is simple correlation with market portfolio ( or coefficient ft used to describe securities market risk ), but if above suppose is true and if the investment portfolio is effective

  15. Although we have made a little progress in predicting stock market based on neural network, which is just tentative and elementary, we need further research

  16. The technology is not only safe and trustiness, but also easy to integrate with other identifying technology. moreover, we discuss the encryption of data. at last this papers show us a system of stock jobbing using bank book

  17. As collateral to borrow securities from the securities lending system of a securities exchange

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  19. As collateral for securities borrowing through the securities lending system of the tsec

  20. Securities borrowed through the securities lending system of a securities exchange