用心聽我 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yòngxīntīng]
用心聽我 英文
hear me now
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (使用) use; employ; apply 2 (多用於否定: 需要) need 3 (敬辭: 吃; 喝) eat; drink Ⅱ名...
  • : 動詞1 (用耳朵接受聲音) hear; listen 2 (聽從; 接受) obey; accept; heed 3 (治理; 判斷) superv...
  • : Ⅰ代詞1. (稱自己) i; my; me 2. (指稱我們) we; our; us 3. (""我、你"" 對舉, 表示泛指) 4. (自己) self Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 用心 : 1. (集中注意力) diligently; attentively; with concentrated attention 2. (居心) motive; intention
  1. Now, mine continually rove away ; when i should be listening to miss scatcherd, and collecting all she says with assiduity, often i lose the very sound of her voice ; i fall into a sort of dream

  2. Yet, by your gracious patience, i will a round unvarnish ' d tale deliver of my whole course of love ; what drugs, what charms, what conjuration and what mighty magic, for such proceeding i am charged withal, i won his daughter

  3. When their general heard the firing and the shouts in the rear he had grasped at the instant that something awful was happening to his regiment ; and the thought that he, an exemplary officer, who had served so many years without ever having been guilty of the slightest shortcoming, might be held responsible by his superiors for negligence or lack of discipline, so affected him that, instantly oblivious of the insubordinate cavalry colonel and his dignity as a general, utterly oblivious even of danger and of the instinct of self - preservation, he clutched at the crupper of his saddle, and spurring his horse, galloped off to the regiment under a perfect hail of bullets that luckily missed him

  4. I believed, too, that i had never listening so attentively.

  5. Meanwhile, emmanuel in a broken voice said to the count, " oh, count, how could you, hearing us so often speak of our unknown benefactor, seeing us pay such homage of gratitude and adoration to his memory, - how could you continue so long without discovering yourself to us

    這時,艾曼紐哽咽的聲音對伯爵說: 「噢,伯爵,您怎麼能這樣忍呢?您常們談起們的恩人,常常看見們這樣感激他,崇拜他,您怎麼忍們隱瞞真相呢?
  6. I have a dream. i hope i can speak good english. the foreign language corner will give me total confidence, and i love the foreign language corner

  7. As i listen to them, i can visualize their parents, striving to teach excellence

  8. Then i have to actually pretend that i give a shit

  9. You who smile so gently, softly whisper, my heart will hear it, not my ears

  10. We have to know how, we have to not let the busy schedule of this transient existence blind us, deafen us, or do our heart so that we don t see, we don t hear, we don t know with the real eyes, the real ears, the real knowledge

  11. Because of her strong karmic connection to all sentient beings in samsara, buddha tara tilts towards us in her great compassion to listen to our prayers, grant us our virtuous wishes and protect us as a mother would for her child

    綠度母與們所居住的娑婆世界有著強烈的因緣因此?微微側身們的祈願且應允們最虔誠的每個愿。 ?如母般的細保護們其翡翠般的綠光不斷地給予們加持。
  12. Pierre did not obey, but with uneasy short - sighted eyes looked about him, and suddenly doubt came over him. where am i

    皮埃爾沒有從,他慌意亂的近視眼睛環顧四周,裏忽然感到懷疑: 「在哪兒?
  13. That day, master spoke in both english and chinese. i can only remember that the whole audience was laughing and very happy during the lecture. however, i was pondering whether this master would accept me as her disciple

  14. Moreover he said to me, son of man, all my words that i will speak to you take into your heart and hear with your ears

    10 ?又對說,人子阿,對你所說的一切話,你要裏領受,聞。
  15. I was one of those at the birendra international conference center of kathmandu, the capital of nepal who listened enthusiastically and attentively to the words of the venerable master ching hai. her talk was truly inspiring and targeted at world peace and the welfare of humankind. i sincerely wish that other people would also have the opportunity to listen to her words of wisdom

    ? ? ?是在尼泊爾首都加德滿都伯仁達拉國際會議中師父講經的觀眾之一,當師父講經時,大家都十分地專注、,您的開示啟迪人,並以促進世界和平及人類幸福為宗旨,真誠希望其他人也都能有機會聆到您充滿智慧的話語。
  16. " customer is the highest one " is our management aim, we listen to the customer s suggestion diligently, and we do our utmost to satisfy the customer s demand. safety in production, pioneer and invent " is the criterion of each employee of our company, untiring pursuit, technological innovation, management innovation, promote the development of products upgrading and trade with all strength

    「顧客至上」是們的經營宗旨,客戶的意見,,客戶的要求,們竭力滿足。 「安全生產,開拓創新」是們公司每個員工的準則,不懈的追求,技術創新,管理創新,全力推動產品升級和行業的發展。
  17. But at the time i became speechless, didn ' t know where to start, and couldn ' t find suitable words to describe what i saw, what i knew … seemed that the most beautiful languages couldn ' t describe the beautiful and special landscape ; after a period of time, when i could partially dictated it, but couldn ' t express it in writing, because it is half similar with publicly recognized logic, i even worried about that would cause unnecessary misunderstanding, when i cautiously wrote down some so - called essays, the people listening to my story seemed half understand, they just felt fresh, described by the academic term is “ quite creative ”

    但那時候,卻張口舌,不知道從那兒說起,竟然找不到合適的詞匯描繪看到的、知道的… …好象再美的語言也不能描述這個美麗奇特的景色;當經過一段時間,能夠部分口述它的時候,卻也很難文字邏輯地表達出來,因為它和現實公認的所知道的邏輯既相同也不同,甚至很擔引起不必要的誤會;等翼翼地寫出一些所謂的論文一類的東西的時候,講「故事」的人們好象似明白又不明白,他們都覺得新鮮,學術界的說法是「很有新意」 。
  18. Prof. robert mckeown leads the chicos group. he is a nice guy. he is a good listener

  19. On the other hand, english is a type of language. we should not ignore listening and speaking. let ' s read and speak all the english material loudly, to practice our mouth and remember them

  20. She wants to be heard and wants to help those of us who have forgotten that giving of oneself is very fulfilling