集合環 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huán]
集合環 英文
manifold ring
  • : gatherassemblecollect
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (環子) ring; hoop 2 (環節) link 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(圍繞) surround; encircle;...
  • 集合 : 1 (聚集) gather; assemble; muster; call together 2 [數學] [自動化] [計算機] assemblage; set; co...
  1. Assembly place : cenotaph at central

  2. We hold that the integrate effect consists of two parts : 1 + 1 > 2 and a + b = c, in terms of math : here x1, x2, . . . , xn : integrate units s : functions of new system what features an integrated system are subjective initiative, non - linear function, dynamic connection, sub - system uncertainty, selective competition. the basic factors of integration are integrate context, integrate units, integrate interface and environment, which form the integration condition respectively the basic integrate patterns covers point - to - point, pipeline and hub

    首先,深入探討了成的內涵,即成是指為了實現某一目標,在一定的境中,若干成單元動態地成一個泛邊界狀態的有機整體的過程,指出成效應的數學解釋除了1 + 1 2外,還應該包括: a + b = c ,即若以x _ 1 , x _ 2 , … … , x _ n代表成單元, s代表成后新系統的總功能,那麼其特徵有:主體行為性、功能非線性、關系動態性、單元泛化性、選擇競爭性;成的基本要素包括成背景、成單元、成界面和境等四要素;基本模式有點到點模式、管線型模式和線器型模式;基本條件有成背景條件、成單元條件、成界面條件和境條件。
  3. After analysising the theory and characteristics of the corba and mobile agent technologies, the paper brings forward firstly a kind of mobile agent architecture - coma, and gives the solution to coma ' s asynchronous transfer, concurrent control, naming, location and intelligence mechanism in detail. furthermore, aiming at making up the flaws of the application servers based on corba in distributed group environment and solving the problem of object ' s remotion on the corba server, the paper proposes a kind of corba architecture based on mobile agent - maorb, discusses naming and transparent transfer of mobile agent in a maorb system in detail, and gives a reasonable improvement method

    本文在分析了corba和移動agent這兩種分散式技術的運行原理及其特點之後,首先提出一種應用於協同境下的移動agent體系結構coma ,並詳細給出了coma的異步遷移、並發控制、命名和尋址,智能化機制這幾個關鍵技術的解決方法。進而,為了彌補單純的利用corba技術來構建分散式境中應用服務器的不足,解決corba服務端對象的可移動性問題,本文又提出了一種基於coma的corba體系結構maorb ,詳細討論了maorb系統中移動agent的命名和透明遷移以及corba和coma的結度問題,並給出了理的解決方案。
  4. The main principles of this new approach are : 1 ) find out the track line segments for vertices of one polygon to another polygon ' s edges ; 2 ) get the enclosing polygon and internal clockwise loops that was formed by the track line segments, finally the result polygons are the final nfps

    該演算法的基本原理是: 1 )求解多邊形頂點相對于另一多邊形的軌跡線; 2 )求解軌跡線所形成的外包多邊形和內部順時針,得到的多邊形即為臨界多邊形。
  5. 1 codd e f. providing olap on - line analytical processing touser - analysts : an it mandate. technical report, e. f. codd andassociates, 1993

    文獻3利用前綴和技術提出了單機境下多維數據的輔助存儲結構prefix cube簡稱pc 。
  6. The set of desirable criteria and rules is required to be justified with different context of the application

  7. The. net compact framework data provider for sql server mobile is a collection of classes that is used in the managed development environment to provide smart devices access to sql server mobile databases

    用於sql server mobile的. net compact framework數據提供程序是類的,該在託管開發境中用於提供對sql server mobile數據庫的智能設備訪問。使用
  8. Of xml nodes ; a grove is a collection of trees in computer science terms, a directed acyclic graph, and xslt is an example of a host language for xpath that takes advantage of this distinction to allow xpath to process the contents of multiple source documents courtesy of the xslt

    ,林是樹(在計算機科學中指的是有向無圖)的, xslt是一種xpath宿主語言,它利用了這一差別來允許xpath處理多個源文檔的內容(得益於xslt函數
  9. In chapter 4, a simulation approach is presented, which combines the outdoor radio propagation model, the eigen - driven patterns of handset diversity antenna with two feed ports and combining schemes of receiving signals, to investigate the performance of a dual antenna handset under co - channel interference ( cci ) and multi - path fading environment

  10. The expectable results and the meaning of research - the habitations are an aggregate of all kinds of social intercourse spaces. to satisfy the trend of various needs, we should realize the complexity by using the " principle of simplicity "

    預期的結論和研究的意義? ?居住空間境實質是各種居住生活社會交往空間的,為滿足居民多元化需求的現狀和趨勢,應採用「簡單原則」進行居住空間境的構建,來實現對復雜性的物化。
  11. To save data from a collection of objects, loop through the collection of objects for example, a for - next loop and send the values for each object to the database using one of the tableadapter s dbdirect methods

    若要保存對象中的數據,請循通過對象(例如, for - next循) ,然後使用tableadapter的dbdirect方法之一將每個對象的值發送到數據庫中。
  12. To save data from a collection of objects, loop through the collection of objects for example, using a for - next loop and send the values for each object to the database using the tableadapter s dbdirect methods

    若要保存對象中的數據,請循訪問該對象(例如,使用for - next循) ,然後使用tableadapter的dbdirect方法將每個對象的值發送到數據庫中。
  13. The basic elements of a control system using a digital computer consist of the data - gathering devices which perform analog - to - digital conversion on data form the system which is to be controlled ; the digital computer itself, which performs calculations on the data supplied and makes the necessary decisions ; and the means of communication with, or control over, certain of the elements in the external environment

  14. Lastly, the land disposition model was set up at dahe town, hebei province, including town development direction decision, town land scale decision, town land structure optimum. taking use of fuzzy aggregate principle, choosing ground load - bearing capacity, quality of taken up land, groundwater level, economic land use, infrastructure building cost, radiation capability, transport, life environment, town form as evaluation element, the town development direction decision model at dahe town were set up

  15. At last, we get all the information which is need in capp system. then we can go further to finish information description about capp in integration environment and realize information integration and share between cad and capp system

  16. Learn more about db2 business intelligence software that helps you build an " information on demand " environment, combining data mining and multi - dimensional data access with advanced statistical and analytical functions in a real - time integrated environment. developerworks information management zone

  17. Due to the usage of ti - alloy in the collector ring, the system has good anti - corrosiveness. a testing system presented in the paper has been successfully used on board, and the measuring precision is satisfied

  18. Organizing the reporting environment by adding new folders to store collections of reports

  19. The socialization of civil compensation for environmental liability in the field of environmental torts is an appropriate adjustment or supplement to the traditional civil liability system for compensation based on the social standard, i. e., while maintaining relief function of traditional civil liability for compensation, the losses caused by environmental torts are to be shared or absorbed by the social organization of specific individuals or unspecific assembly through construction of

  20. So as to one collective operation, we will stratify the network and produce a multilevel topology tree by ra exploiting knowledge concerning the structure of a multilevel network. then we take advantage of the differences on communication cost at every level in the network multilevel topology tree to minimize communication across slower channels ( e. g., a wide - area network )