病組織 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bìngzhī]
病組織 英文
diseased tissues
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (疾病; 失去健康的狀態) illness; sickness; disease; malum; nosema; malady; morbus; vitium...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由不多的人員組成的單位) group 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(組織) organize; form Ⅲ量詞(...
  • : 動詞(編織) knit; weave
  • 組織 : 1 (組織系統) organization; organized system 2 (組成) organize; form 3 [紡織] weave 4 [醫學] [...
  1. The pathology characteristic that liver fiber changes is collect there are many fibre hyperplasia and deposit inside abbacy and liver flocculus, but have not form the interval inside flocculus, liver cirrhosis has false flocculus to form, central vein area and collect abbacy occurrence interval, the normal structure of liver is destroyed, liver fiber changes further progress to be liver cirrhosis namely

  2. To hypertension precaution should take integrated step, begin the conduct propaganda that is an object with numerous people to teach, perfect and necessary organization protects a system, because the hair cause of disease that makes masses understands high blood pressure is worth limits normally with blood pressure, carry appropriate weight, notice physical training, adjust a behavior and mental insecurity position, abstemious smoke wine, eat fresh and vegetable fruit more, of the natrium in controlling food and cholesterol absorb

  3. The chinese university sequencing data will be submitted electronically to the who working group on aetiology of sars

  4. Not only the neurons but also the as in the rat brain play a very important role in the process of the peripheral nociceptive stimulation ; ? he newly - found eda may be the functional intercommunication ultrastructure between neurons and as, through which the as could modulate the neurons in the pain signal processing ; @ as might play an active and important role for modulation of pain through a new pathway from the peripheral afferent nerve to the as, then to neurons via electron - dense areas forming the glia - neuron s ignaling network

  5. Typical pathological changes is leprosy granulation swollen namely leprosy is nodal, by composition of place of afterbirth of large and small of connective tissue of embedded leprosy bacili, there is epithelial appearance cell, oar cell to reach fiber cell all round

  6. The hsp70 mrna level in the hepatopancreas of agonal shrimps infected with wssv by feeding was lower remarkably than that of normal shrimps, while no rule of hsp70 transcription was discovered in muscles of shrimps infected with vibrio anguillavium and wssv for different hours by injection

  7. The chickens and chicken embryos were inoculated with variant serotype isolate e of infectious bursal disease virus using cloacal, nosal routes or via the allantoic cavity route, and the histopathological features of the bursa of fabricius of the ibdv _ infected chickens at various intervals of time were systematically investigated

  8. Entamoeba histolytica is also called amoeba dysenteriae, and lives mainly in the colon of humans. under certain conditions, it can penetrate the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream, causing amebic dysentery and various types of amebiasis infection with amebae

  9. One case was treated with antihistamine and low dose steroid and the other was treated with supportive treatment

  10. Protocol of histopathological diagnosis for bovine spongiform encephalopathy

  11. According to the national gaucher foundation, 2500 americans suffer from gaucher disease

    根據國際戈謝病組織統計, 2500美國人患有戈謝
  12. A well - organized group of hemophiliacs, the committee of ten thousand, lobbied for the government to produce the report, and led the public fight for compensation

  13. Rabbits have proved susceptible to intracerebral inoculation of infected tissue.

  14. To strengthen the networking with aids organisations in mainland china

  15. Nonprofit community aids foundation focusing on the treatment, care, education and prevention of hiv aids

  16. With a sensitivity 10 times of rt - pcr ' s and a detection limit of 4. 49fg positive plasmid or 20 positive plasmid molecules

    衛w惑病組織,絕對靈敏度為4 49fg陽性質粒或20個左右陽性質粒分子。
  17. Last year, the agency known as the un aids ( unaids ) estimated that thirty - nine and one - half million people were living with hiv

  18. Also un aids ( unaids ) says it now believes the number of new hiv cases per year which ( reached ) the high in the lab ( late ) 1990s are ( at ) more than 3 million

    聯合國愛滋病組織同樣表示它相信每年關于新型的愛滋毒案例的數字,該數字曾經於90年代晚期達到一個高的記錄? ?超過3百萬人。
  19. It is known that cells display the abnormal response of autophagy in undergoing the stress, apoptosis, cell death and many diseases. two forms of rat microtubule - associated protein 1 light chain 3 ( mapllc3 ) exist and serve as a subunit of the microtubule - associated protein 1 and an essential constituent of autophagosome membranes, respectively

    已經在細胞的脅迫反應,細胞的凋亡和死亡以及很多疾病組織中都發現了自噬囊泡異常的現象,大鼠微管相關蛋白輕鏈3 ( mapllc3 )蛋白是第一個在哺乳動物細胞中鑒定的定位在自噬體膜上的蛋白。
  20. Conclusion these findings support that the increase of telomerase activity may be linked to the pathogenesis of psoriasis and that the telomerase activity can be detected not only in malignant tumors but also in nonmalignant skin diseases