詳細調查 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiángdiàozhā]
詳細調查 英文
close investigation
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(詳細) detailed; minute Ⅱ名詞(詳細情況) details; particulars Ⅲ動詞1 (說明; 細說) tel...
  • : 形容詞1 (條狀物橫剖面小) thin; slender 2 (顆粒小) in small particles; fine 3 (音量小) thin ...
  • 調 : Ⅰ動詞1 (配合得均勻合適) harmonize; suit well; fit in perfectly 2 (使配合得均勻合適) mix; adju...
  • : 查名詞1. [植物學] (山查) hawthorn; haw2. (姓氏) a surname
  • 詳細 : detailed; minute; circumstantial; explicit
  • 調查 : 1 (為了解情況進行考察) investigate; examine; inquire into; look into; survey; (try to) learn ...
  1. Based on the detailed investigation, the distribution of cracks in capping beam of the abutment of huaihe river bridge on the national road 107 is presented, the causes leading to the cracks are thoroughly analyzed, and the construction scheme and methods for remedy of the cracks in the abutment are described as well

  2. Furthermore, on the basis of consultancies, inquiries and evaluations from multiple sources, the model for predicting soil and water loss in dandong - zhuanghe highway construction is developed. moreover, considering the characteristics of the highway, the covering area of the project is divided into three parts such as main body area, soil - fetching area and soil - spoiling area. for these three preventive areas, the perfect precaution measures for preventing and curing the soil and water loss during the road construction in which a number of vegetal cover measures are taken

  3. The civil aviation department ( cad ) has conducted a detailed investigation into the air traffic control ( atc ) incident of january 22, 2000, which involved two civil aircraft operating within the hong kong flight information region ( fir ) at approximately 110 nautical miles east of hong kong

  4. This thesis is a research about the condition of farmers " accepting the new technology during 2000 to 2002, based on the questionnaire and talking from farmers of three villages, cunrui of huailai county, taohua of yuxian county and sanhao of zhangbei county, which each has a different level of income

    本文以冀西北地區農產為研究對象,採用問卷和訪談兩種形式,對懷來縣存瑞鄉、蔚縣桃花鎮和張北縣三號鄉等3個不同收入水平的鄉村2000 ? 2002年農戶接受農業新技術情況進行了詳細調查
  5. The report, which was based on a detailed survey of more than 600 different food programs, says that last year, demand for emergency food rose by more than 20 percent in new york state

  6. The office of public prosecutor is the supervising body, therefore, we expect to track that law enforcement bodies in details, to investigate concert each case of irradiation on the victims

  7. The deputy director - general of civil aviation, mr norman lo said today ( august 27 ) that a detailed investigation is being conducted into the cause of an aircraft accident involving a government flying service ( gfs ) ec155 b1 helicopter with registration b - hrx, which occurred last night at pak kung au, near tung chung road on lantau island

    民航處副處長羅崇文今日(八月二十七日)表示,該處正就昨晚于大嶼山東涌路伯公坳附近發生的一宗涉及飛行服務隊海豚直升機,登記標簽為b - hrx的飛機意外展開詳細調查
  8. Based on its detailed investigation, this paper analyzes the main problems existed in the scenic spot management system of naxi river nowadays, and raises several strategies to ameliorate the management system

  9. In fact, a new study from the international tropical timber organisation ( itto ), an offshoot of the united nations, claims to be the first exhaustive survey of tropical - forest management ever undertaken

    事實上,國際熱帶木材組織( itto ) ? ?聯合國的一個分支機構? ?的一項最新研究對熱帶森林的長期管理進行了首次詳細調查
  10. Following investigation into complaints that vegetable retailers and hawkers at hop choi street and tin kwong hui vegetable wholesale market at nam sang wai, yuen long have been extorted by a triad gang, officers from district anti - triad squad ( dats ) of yuen long district with the assistance of yuen long district crime headquarters mounted an operation in a bid to eradicate the illegal activities

  11. Based on the investigation and analysis on the design structure, factual structure, damage, drainage, traffic volume, construction of cement concrete pavement in zhengzhou, this paper finds out the defect on design, construction and maintenance of cement concrete pavement, and discusses the main reasons which cause it to damage in theory and practice

  12. Based on a thorough investigation of the engineering geological condition for the reservoir region of the huizhou pumped storage power station, the in - situ trial pit water injection test, boring water injection test, and water pressure test were performed to study the permeability of rock and soil mass

  13. That ' s because b2b purchases undergo much more scrutiny throughout all phases of the buying cycle - and in those phases the same person may perform multiple searches, each with a different intent

  14. In order to model the portland cement concrete ( pcc ) pavement performance, about 200 pavement sections with typical environment and maintenance level were selected from four districts of guangdong province, and then an investigation was made on their pavement structure pattern, distress, traffic volume and wheel path lane coefficient

  15. ( 2 ) study on the mechanics mechanism of the calamity caused by the cave of the highway : based on the investigation in detail along the line of the highway in shan - gan loess plateau, the distribution law, the classification and characteristic of hazard of highway cave are presented ; the calamity mechanism of highway cave opposite side slope and road bed is discussed, especially the mechanism of collapsing of the hidden cave in road bed. propose " the effect of hidden corrosion ", etc. 10 kinds send to mechanism of collapsing. based on the principle of limit balance, the formula of the critical treating thickness of hidden cave is put forward as follows : according to different stratum, different size and depth, the calculation of the critical thickness of the hidden cave of roadbed has been carried on

    ( 2 )公路洞穴的致災力學機理研究:在對陜甘黃土高原區公路沿線黃土洞穴詳細調查基礎上,研究了公路洞穴分佈規律、危害分類及致災特點;公路洞穴對邊坡及路基的致災機理,重點是路基暗穴致塌機理,並提出了「潛蝕效應」等十種致塌機制;利用極限平衡原理導出路基暗穴臨界處理厚度計算公式如下:針對不同地區不同地層,對不同尺寸和埋深的暗穴,進行了路基暗穴臨界處理厚度的計算。
  16. - let ' s get on it. - full interrogation

    -我們過后再做. -詳細調查
  17. Let ' s get on it. - full interrogation

    我們過后再做. -詳細調查
  18. Ok, we will make an investigation

  19. Detailed survey results in pdf format

  20. But it seems scrutiny of the cia ' s activities in europe is unlikely to dwindle