電導組 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diàndǎo]
電導組 英文
conductivity group
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 動詞1. (引導) lead; guide 2. (傳導) transmit; conduct 3. (開導) instruct; teach; give guidance to
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由不多的人員組成的單位) group 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(組織) organize; form Ⅲ量詞(...
  1. The rolling axletree in the power plants may split during the long time running

  2. First, a simple discussion for the mechanism about electrostatic atomization of the liquids has been given ; then the paper theoretically analyzed waving course, liquid drop producing course, and the liquid drop diffusing course in electrostatics atomization process., gave an analysis about the methods about carrying charges to the liquid drop, and analyzed that liquid with high electrical conductivity can be carried charges and atomized by electric field, while the isolated liquid with low electrical conductivity can be charged fully with the soakage electrode and inducing charge methods. at last the paper designed and configured the experimental equipment, conducted the atomization experiment to the three liquid medium - kerosene, emulsifier and alcohol under the same environment, handled the experimental results, then summarized the relationship between liquid electrostatic atomization effect and liquid surface tension, electronic conductivity and viscosity, along with the influence of voltage to electrostatic atomization and so on, found out the liquid atomization rule in high voltage electrostatic field

  3. The le - an oil field is located on the southern slope of dong - ying sag. there are two sets of ek basalt in its western block. depending on the drilling, the logging and the seismic date, tha ek basalt has the characteristics of high resistancs, the low sound wave defferance and faradic conductance, the smooth curve of self potential

    樂安油田位於東營窪陷南斜坡上,其西區發育了兩套孔店玄武巖,根據鉆井、測井、地震資料,孔店玄武巖具有阻率高、聲波時差值和感應率值低、自然位曲線平直的特點,地震波呈板狀強反射;沉積期該區有有二次火山活動,玄武巖平面分佈比較穩定,噴發方式為「裂隙式噴溢」 ,火山口分別位於草12和草31井附近。
  4. In experiment, the dsc technique was used to analyze the effect of electric fields on the precipitate kinetic of al - li alloy solutionized with electric fields. the energy spectrum, tem and sem techniques are employed to investigate the elements solution, precipitates, fracture character, conductivity and vickers hardness. also, the solidification of al - cu eutectic alloy was conducted with the influence of electric fields

    在實驗上,利用dsc熱分析技術,分析了場作用對al - li合金相析出動力學的影響;採用能譜成份檢測,透射鏡和掃描鏡等多種微觀檢測手段,對鋁合金的析出相,斷裂特徵、合金率和維氏硬度等性能在場作用下的變化進行了系統的研究,並觀察了al - cu共晶合金在場作用下的凝固織。
  5. The factors limiting the frequency band of the wide - band amplifier are introduced. through analyzing the effects of the intrinsic parameters and parasitical on the frequency characteristics, a method of improving fr of mosfet by using short channel device and making mosfet work at the saturation region through raising vgs is put forward ; the effects of different kinds of circuit configurations on the frequency characteristics and the junction voltage on the voltage pattern circuit, current pattern circuit and frequency characteristics are analyzed. according to the linear theory of transconductance which is applied in the bit circuit, the current pattern amplifier circuit, current transfer circuit and output circuit which consist of mosfet and the wide - band amplifier composed of them are put forward

  6. The adulterated edible oil could be determined by detecting the regular physicochemical indexes, metal ion content, conductivity, sdbs content, afb1, volatile material, fatty acid composition, cholesterol, ir and uv characteristic absorption

    通過對油脂的常規理化指標、金屬離子含量、率、十二烷基苯磺酸鈉( sdbs ) 、黃麴黴毒素、揮發性物質、脂肪酸成、膽固醇、紅外及紫外特徵吸收等指標進行定性定量分析,可以鑒別食用油是否摻偽。
  7. The experiments of artificial samples with conducting rock grains show that the model may be applied in clay - free porous rocks with conducting rock grains, with a condition of formation water conductivity being larger than rock grain conductivity

  8. The microstructure in this system shows randomly oriented fine plate - shaped grains with multi - layered structure. the fine grains randomly oriented ( strong grain boundary scattering ) and pores in these sintered samples could decrease the electrical conductivity. however, on the other hand, the fine grains randomly oriented and pores could lead to a dramatic decrease in the thermal conductivity

  9. Lead - free solder and conducting resin packaging technology involved in lead - free packaging are analyzed. the technological differences between the traditional tin - lead welding and lead - free welding are also described. finally, some technical difficulties in promoting lead - free packaging technology are presented

  10. The sort, material composite, structure properties and conduction mechanisms of eca ( electrical conductive adhesive ) were discussed in this paper. then three types of ega specimens were designed and made, on which temperature cycles test from - 55 ? to + 125 ? and thermal aging at + 125 ? were carried out. changes of the adhesive strength, eca ' s bulk resistance and contact resistance under the environment stress were summarized and a detailed evaluation on these specimens was given

    本文在全面闡述膠的分類成、物理結構、機理的基礎上,設計並製作了三批膠樣品,通過對樣品進行長時間的- 55 ? ? + 125溫度循環和125高溫存儲試驗,總結了膠粘接強度、體阻和接觸阻在環境應力下的變化規律,對三類樣品的長期可靠性做出了全面的評價,並結合阻率和「穿流閾值」的計算機模擬,給出了提高膠可靠性和率的建議,介紹了國內外在高率高可靠性膠研製方面的一些最新進展。
  11. The gpss have one output and two inputs which are speed error and its derivative. selecting triangular function as fuzzy variable ' s membership function, mamdani max - min synthetic method as fuzzy inference method and centroid method as denazification method, fuzzy control rules are given according to the control expectation of governor and the experience of operating staff

    這種模糊gpss採用二輸入單輸出結構,以機轉速誤差及其數為輸入量,以三角形函數作為模糊量的隸屬函數,根據水穩定控制要求和操作人員的經驗制定控制規則,以mamdani的max - min合成法和重心法分別作為模糊推理方法和清晰化方法。
  12. A dvordme standard international civil aviation organisation ( icao ) radio navigational aid that provides bearing and distance information to aircraft and to define air traffic control routes for en - route, terminal and instrument approachdeparture procedures

  13. Doppler very high frequency omni - directional range and distance measuring equipment ( dvordme ) system standard icao radio navigational aids used to provide bearing and distance information to aircraft and to define air traffic control routes for en - route, terminal and instrument approachdeparture procedures

  14. My research paper can be divided into five parts : i. practical mathematical models have been derived and equations are also derived ( includes field excitation system, governing system ), which are used in generator three phases short circuit and by adding large loading. ii. simulation of the generator ' s shunt - wound run

    實用數學模型的推(包括勵磁系統和調速系統) ,並由此推出了用於發機三相突然短路和突加異步機大負載模擬的差分方程;並進行了突卸負載、突加負載時調速系統的模擬過程; 2
  15. Meso - tetra ( 4 - acyloxyphenyl ) pophyrin was prepared by usual procedure from acyl chloride and meso - tetra ( 4 - hydroxyphenyl ) porphyrin in benzene and obtained in 86. 4 % yield. treatment of the free base with zinc chloride in dimethyl formamide ( dmf ) - dichloromethane ( ch2cl2 ) yielded corresponding zinc porphyrin complex. the spectral data ( uv - visjr / h - nmr ) and elemental analysis are in agreement with the assigned structures

    在合成工作基礎上,採用紫外可見光譜( uv - vis ) 、紅外光聲光譜( ftir - pas ) 、核磁共振氫譜( ~ 1hnmr ) 、元素分析、摩爾等手段研究了卟啉及金屬卟啉材料的成及結構。
  16. Hic has been the important technical channel for realizing the small - scale, multi - functional, high - performance, highly reliable military electric equipment, for hic make good use of high - integration, high - speed and other characters of sic, and formed a new - generation advanced microelectronic assembly technique

    混合集成路( hic )充分利用半體集成路( sic )高集成度、高速等特點,形成新一代高級的微裝技術,並已成為實現軍用子裝備小型化、多功能化、高性能化、高可靠性的重要技術途徑。
  17. The questions the researcher concerned are which system will be chosen and how to obtain the good lithium ionic conductor materials, which is the basic departure of the paper. the addition of second phase in composite can change the interface structure and the conduction mechanism, improve the matrix conductivity and other function such as the sintering, crisping and so on, so the research of composites are an interesting field of the ionic conductors. the synthesis of lithium ionic conductor is often by solid state reaction, but this method needs high temperature and leads to the volatility of lithium which not only causes the drift of the compounds but gets the no well - distributed materials

  18. Guide for installation technology of bulb turbine hydrogenerator unit

  19. Technical guide for the nondestructive testing of turbine - generator rotor bores

  20. However, a thorough understanding of the properties and mechanisms of these materials is still lacking. in this paper, we discuss the properties observed in two kinds of half - metallic granular systems, powders and polycrystalline materials and propose two models to explain the experimental results