集中制 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhōngzhì]
集中制 英文
  • : gatherassemblecollect
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (製造) make; manufacture 2 (擬訂; 規定) draw up; establish 3 (用強力約束; 限定; 管束...
  • 集中 : concentratecentralizefocusamassgroupmassingput togather
  1. Multimedia video central control system ( mvccs ) is designed and manufactured for multimedia classroom and assembly room

  2. 5. the sub - committee considered a paper on aspects of argentina s currency board system, which focused in particular on the core of that system, the dollarisation of banks clearing balances

  3. The overall idea is that the system of robotic manipulators is decomposed as two parts : one is nominal system with perfect knowledge of dynamic model and the other is system with uncertainties. ctc is used to control nominal system. for uncertainties system, we utilize the regressor of robotic system or bounding function on uncertainties to design

  4. Distributed control system ( dcs ), with the characteristic of centralization of its management and the distribution of its functions, burthen and malfunction, is widely used in the process of modern industry

    分散式控系統( dcs ) ,由於其功能分散、負荷分散、故障分散、管理和易於擴展的特點得到廣泛的應用。
  5. Research in the field has focused on understanding the mechanisms used by these cancer cells to become " castration resistant "

  6. Its discipline and functioning are based on the doctrine of democratic centralism.

  7. The thrust of american government organization in the past two generations has been toward greater centralization within a hierarchical model.

  8. The article depending on the investigation and research of jin xin chemical industry group and the analysis of the group " s external and internal environment, concludes the group " s strengths and weaknesses, defines the opportunities and threats or constraints that exits in the external environment, and on these grounds bring upped that the company ' s development target, established the group " s general strategy, according to the national chemistry industry " tenth five year period " the programming of " entering some industries and exiting from the other, doing something and not doing the other ", make sured the " chemical combination and the chemical engineering coexistence, and gradually push forward the related diversification, and build the type chemical combination conglomerate the group " of strategy direction, defines " to accelerate the internal industrial structure adjust and optimizing the product construction " which is the importance of the strategy, and established " the low cost target be in the leading and concentrate the strategy ", and formulate the group " s framework of total development strategy

    文章在調查研究金信化工有限公司基本情況,分析外部環境和內部條件的基礎上,總結了金信的優勢與劣勢,剖析了企業面臨的機遇和挑戰,並據此提出了公司的發展目標,定了企業整體發展戰略,按照國家化學工業「十五」規劃確定的「有所為有所不為」 、 「有進有退」的原則,確定了「化肥化工並舉,逐步推進相關多元化,打造綜合型化肥聯合企業團」的戰略方向,明確了「加快內部產業結構調整和產品結構優化」的戰略重點,定了「低成本領先的目標戰略」 ,形成了金信公司的整體發展戰略框架。文章理論與實際相結合,把戰略管理理論應用於企業戰略研究實踐,對金信公司的產品結構調整、技術改造、內部改革、企業管理和未來的長期穩定發展具有一定的指導意義。
  9. The electricity generation companies " cost and generation capacity also influences the effects of exercising market power ; and 4 ) for the guangdong electricity market, the imbalance in the electricity ' s supply - demand relationship, the highly concentrated market and the game and collusive incline of electricity generation companies may create potentially significant market power

    ( 4 )由於電力供需不平衡、市場高度,以及發電企業博弈和共謀的傾向,廣東電力市場具有相當大的潛在的市場力,因此,應及時定抑市場力的措施。
  10. Because of the huge memory space and rapd calculation speed that compuer possesses, we can manage the ekisted drawings central1y and search them rapidiy in conclusion, the high quality and low price product wtth the help of applytng the cad technology will not only satisfy the requiremen of the market but also help factory amer apply the compeer technology in the process of production ( for example, haher production managemen0 we has applied thes systetn in extuion embranchmen factory and obtained favorable effect wich reveds tha thes system has widely applytng prospect and uti1ity value

  11. Associated some complex principles and the organization phenomenon theory, this indeed was a very interesting example : “ the complanation, non - centralized organizational structure can find the extremely good compromise between the conflict restriction factor

    聯想到最近正在研究的一些關于復雜性原理和自組織現象的理論,這的確是個很有意思的實例: 「平面化的、非化的組織結構能夠在互相沖突的約因素之間找到非常好的妥協。 」
  12. Associated some complex principles and the organization phenomenon theory, this indeed was a very interesting example : “ the complanation, the non - centralized organizational structure can conflict mutually between the restriction factor and find the extremely good compromise

    聯想到最近正在研究的一些關于復雜性原理和自組織現象的理論,這的確是個很有意思的實例: 「平面化的、非化的組織結構能夠在互相沖突的約因素之間找到非常好的妥協。 」
  13. Concentrative control and automatic protection can realize more higher automation degree

  14. The matrix of time and space for development of hydrogen energy system in china will instruct this work comprehensively, scientifically and objectively ; for beijing case and from all the aspects of energy, environment and economy, the best plan of hydrogen energy system about fuel cell vehicles is : hydrogen is produced by natural gas steam reforming in the central factory, then transported to the refueling stations in the hydrogen tube trailer by the trucks, and filled to the fcb using hydrogen gas

    這一工作應在燃料電池汽車氫能系統發展時空矩陣的指導下有計劃、有步驟地完成;燃料電池汽車在我國最早實現商業化的時間是2008年(奧運會) ,地點是北京,車型是燃料電池公共汽車。針對這一案例,綜合考慮燃料電池汽車氫能系統「從井口到車輪」全生命周期的能源利用效率、環境影響和經濟性指標,最佳的方案是:在集中制氫廠採用天然氣蒸汽重整氫,用汽車將裝有氫氣的高壓氣瓶輸運到氫氣加註站,加註給以氫氣為燃料的燃料電池公共汽車。
  15. The ultimate aim of the cash control is to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the cash income and expense, and the policy corresponding to which should be the cash management centralism exercised by western countries but not the unitarianism adopted by many state - owned company in china

  16. Centralized station accountancy

  17. If it is found feasible, stage 2 will focus on the detailed implementation arrangements

  18. New train of thought on the reform of the international finance organizations ' vote - centralizing system

  19. A policy server creates security policy for every client in the system, and distributes it using a new kind of x. 509 attribute certificates with policy rule set item in it

    設計由策略服務器集中制定這些用戶安全策略,並傳輸攜帶策略規則合的x . 509v4的屬性證書完成策略的安全分發。
  20. Manual configuration of large amount of distributed firewalls, as the access control enforcement points, can not meet the global security requirements in the open and dynamic environment, and make such burden to the administrator ; a variety of multiple clients may need different restricted access rules according to their requirements of quite different security levels, and these rules need to be generated centralized