陳日新 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chénxīn]
陳日新 英文
chen rixin
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (安放; 擺設) lay out; put on display2 (敘說) state; explain Ⅱ形容詞(時間久的; 舊的) ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (太陽) sun 2 (白天) daytime; day 3 (一晝夜; 天) day 4 (泛指某一段時間) time 5 (日...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (剛出現的或剛經驗到的) new; fresh; novel; up to date 2 (沒有用過的) unused; new 3 (...
  • 日新 : hiyoshi
  1. At present, the competition of oil industry is very fury, so reducing the cost of exploitation of oil is imperative under the situation. but the oil drillers of our country are relatively old, and the control mode drops behind, which result in the long period of making hole and high ratio of aiguille attaint, which is the main restrict factor of reducing the cost of oil exploitation

  2. The polyester fibre of resisting bacterium is one without which people can t live in modern times, but how to restrain the bacterium propagating excessively and keep people in health is a most important goal that fabrics and clothing industry are striving for. fibre of resisting bacterium can kill the bacterium effectively with the ratio of more than 99 % and it can restrain microbes. the polyester fibre of resisting ultraviolet radiation is also widely used. with the decreasing of ozonospheres in the atmosphere, there are more ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight which do harm to our skin, especially for those men working outdoors, it is more important to think about the way to lessen the harm. the polyester of burning - resisting has attracted more attention at home and abroad and burning - resisting textiles has been advanced definitely by law in many countries. our nation has also made strict claims in some special areas, such as fabrics in vehiciles and vessels, decorative fabrics in hotels. the everlasting burning - resisting fibres and textiles are badly needed. infrared ray fibre is also a new functional one that can absorb and reflect infrared ray after being processed physically. it s functions include physical therapy wet - ejecting and bacterium - restraining. this warm - preserving material can absorb the emitting heat from our bodies, at the same time it can also absorb and reflect the needed 4 - 14 urn wavelength ultraviolet radiation and accelerate netaboiism. fibre of resisting infrared ray is important in military areas

    抗菌纖維具有永久的抗菌性,對金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌殺菌率大於99 ,能有效抑制細菌繁殖,起到抗菌防臭作用;抗紫外線聚酯纖維的用途也是異常廣泛的,隨著大氣層中臭氧層的漸稀薄,光中的紫外線益增加,對人體皮膚形成極大危害,尤其對于長期從事野外工作的人,因此設法減少紫外線對人體的傷害顯得尤為重要;阻燃聚酯纖維則是一種倍受國內外人士密切關注的纖維,紡織品阻燃在許多國家已有明確法令規定,我國也逐漸在某些特殊使用范圍做嚴格要求,如車船內用紡織品,高級賓館的內裝飾織物等,而且具持久性阻燃性的纖維和織物是現在更為需要的,真可謂用途非常廣泛;遠紅外纖維也是一種經過物理改性后具有吸收並反射遠紅外線的型功能性纖維,是一種具有優良理療功能、熱效應功能和排濕透氣抑菌功能的型紡織材料及保溫材料,能吸收人體自身向外散發的熱量,吸收並反射回人體最需要的4 14 m波長的遠紅外線,促進人體的代謝;抗紅外線纖維,則在軍事上有著重要的作用。
  3. From left : smartone - vodafone marketing division customer relationship development general manager shirley chung, shkp head of corporate communications may lau, sing tao daily chief executive officer and chief editor siu sai wo, sing tao news corporation limited chief executive officer lo wing hung, hong yip vice chairman and chief executive alkin kwong and kai shing director patrick lam, at the prize presentation ceremony

  4. Through unceasing innovation, zhonglu bowling equipment manufacture co., ltd. was qualified as iso9002 quality management system in may, 1999 which is the only one in the same line in china till now

  5. Shkp is a diamond sponsor of the event and is publicizing it in its residential estates and shopping malls. shkp executive director michael wong named the top athletes event ambassadors : chan king yin 2006 windsurfing gold medalist, doha, daniel lee chi wo 2006 men s triathlon silver medalist, doha, ma kwok po 2006 gold medalist, windsurfing world junior youth championships, ho siu lun 2006 cycling bronze medalist, busan, former member of hong kong olympic windsurfing team ken wong and chung kin man, one of hong kong people to conquer the north and south poles and reach the highest points on the seven continents

  6. Also officiating at today s ceremony were the director of civil engineering and development, mr tsao tak - kiang ; chairman of sha tin district council, mr wai kwok - hung ; project manager of new territories east development office of cedd, mr chan kwei - sang ; shatin district officer ( acting ), miss tse wing - yee ; chief executive of maunsell consultants asia ltd, mr tony shum ; chairman and president of china harbour engineering co ( group ), dr liu huai - yau and general manager of the overseas of china harbour engineering co ( group ), dr hu jian - hua

  7. People have had a lot of study and gained some theories or modes in the protective design for urban historical environment. they are the theory of organic order of eliel. saarinen, the mode of collage city of rowe. colin, the theory of urban imago of kevin. lvnch, japanese theory of metabolism city and intergrowth city, the theory of site spirit of norberg. schulz, the mode of analogous city of a. rossi and the theory of pattern language of c. alexander

  8. The student services centre has arranged various enriching programmes for the participants, highlighted with an introduction by president chen on lingnans liberal arts mission and the student - oriented approach to education, and mrs. president, rosie chen on better english pronunciation, and a host of seminars delivered by other speakers on financial management, campus life, protection of intellectual property, and love and dating, etc. dr. maureen tam, director of the teaching and learning centre, lectures about plagiarism, while renowned movie actor mr. simon yam tat - wah shares his tips on personal image building and grooming, to help students build a proper image

  9. This season, we are presenting a series of activities to celebrate the museum s 45th anniversary, among which is a display about the old stories of the museum where you can revisit the path that we have strolled along with the people of hong kong

  10. Many new methods are introduced into the credit risk evaluation area and a lot of quantitative techniques have put into the market

  11. Energy is required for basic metabolic functions of the body such as heartbeat, breathing and regulation of body temperature as well as our daily physical activities

  12. Speech by the chief secretary for administration, mrs anson chan, at the reception for aircraft accident rescue staff at government house on september 14, 1999

  13. Vincent chen and may zhan will leave on [ june 30 ]

  14. Certain it is that, some fifteen or twenty years after the settlement of the town, the wooden jail was already marked with weather - stains and other indications of age, which gave a yet darker aspect to its beetle - browed and gloomy front. the rust on the ponderous iron - work of its oaken door looked more antique than any thing else in the new world

  15. The head of hong kong ' s roman catholic diocese joseph zen says the vatican should put diplomatic talks with china on hold because of beijing ' s appointment of bishops without approval from the holy see

  16. Developments such as increased globalization of markets, increased competition, innovations in financial products and the advent of new technology will have major implications for the sector and it is essential that we should be proactive in addressing these challenges

  17. On june 14 last year, a judge of the district court in new mexico ordered that chan be surrendered

  18. Phoebe cecilia cheung is the daughter of two kung fu masters yuen qiu yuen wah and started learning martial arts from the kung fu academy on top.

  19. The director of health, dr margaret chan, in her daily briefing on sars, spoke of the importance of environmental disinfection by the residents that led to a zero report of cases in the two housing estates in the past three weeks

  20. Today, consumers are no longer satisfied with only voice communication, but demand for more services. this pushes the development of mobile terminal technology and the functions of the mobile terminals are becoming richer