電療器 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànliáo]
電療器 英文
electro medical a aratus
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 動 (醫治) cure; treat; recuperate
  • : 名詞1. (器具) implement; utensil; ware 2. (器官) organ 3. (度量; 才能) capacity; talent 4. (姓氏) a surname
  • 電療 : [醫學] electrotherapy; galvanism
  1. Medical devices. electrically generated alarm signals

  2. Copmany is mostly design, produce auto, autobike, all kinds of engine and family plastic mould. we own employee 166, the design production of engineer 36, mould artificer more than100, they have rich practice and inaugurate spirit. we based on the strategy of " quality frist, honor top ", the reasonable price, the best service, we sincerely welcome friends both domestic and abroad will contact us in business

    公司主要設計製造汽車摩托車,各類機車各類家以及保健醫材模具。公司一貫本著: 「質量第一,信譽至上」的經營理念,以合理的價格,卓越的品質,竭誠地為國內外的新老客戶服務。
  3. Optical fibers have replaced small electric lights in some medical instruments.

  4. Utrashort wave electrotherapy machine is an instrument which utilizes high frequency electric energy of ultrashort wave to act on human ' s organism for treatment

  5. Ultrashort wave electrotherapy machine is an instrument which utilizes high frequency electric energy of ultrashort wave to act on human ' s organism for treatment

  6. On the basis of safe and reliable principle, the product of dajia brasnd is adopted new technology & new process to ensure perfect product performance sructure and good looking and novel in appearance. the corp. nowadays is capable of producing dozens of series and several - dozen of varieties products, such as physical restoration instruments, biochemical equipments, medical machine and power supply devices. the products are well selling both at hoine and abroad, and earned highly commend from broad customersthe corp ' s spirit of ” honesty, diligence, factualism and opening up ” is embodied fully

  7. The wdzs1 series brakes is fricative braking device automatically set to working by a spring when a power - cut occurs. it ' s widely applicable in automatic door, stage apparatus, medical appliances, offics facility, etc., to secure a prompt and accurate braking effect

    Wdzs1系列微型磁失制動為通脫離(釋放) 、斷彈簧制動的摩擦式制動,廣泛應用於自動門、舞臺、醫械、辦公設備等機械傳動系統中,實現快速停車和準確定位。
  8. It adopts full stainless steel as its material with nice appearance and compact structure, it brings convenience for operating and can be applied for the cleaning of electric parts, mechanism, chrono parts, horologe parts, weather parts iatric machines parts, new material and glass etc

  9. Hot pack baker

  10. Management content : the company product mainly covers the microscope, the tool maker ' s microscope, the projecting apparatus, the sclerometer, the thickness gauge, the magnifying glass, the balance, the measuring instrument quantity meter, the mapping equipment, the metering equipment, to test the instrument, the electrochemistry instrument, the physical instrument, the analytic instrument, the biochemistry instrument, the non - destructive inspection, the medical instrument, the processing machinery and so on altogether 28 broad headings, 170 minor sort large - scale specialized precision instrument measuring appliance sale enterprises

    經營內容:公司產品主要涵蓋顯微鏡、工具顯微鏡、投影儀、硬度計、測厚儀、放大鏡、天平、量具量儀、測繪儀、測量儀、實驗儀化學儀、物理儀、分析儀、生化儀、無損檢測、醫械、加工機械等共28大類, 170餘個小類的大型專業精密儀儀表銷售企業。
  11. Part of the electronic apparatus, medical equipment, spare part production and maintenance of the automobile, motorcycle, engine, aeroplane, metal press piese, oil, pump glib, compressor part and spinneret and washing, filtration of core of chemical fibre industry

  12. Manufacturer of infrared moisture meters, optical instruments and electronic instrumentation for manufacturing processes

  13. I, ii, iii, medical equipment, electronic products, telecommunications equipment ; medical, pharmaceutical technology development and equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance ; the development of health food products ; computer software development and hardware sales ; network system integration, medical data system

  14. Component : cell phone casing and related products, mp3, mp4 envelope computer peripheral products, the gear, telephone household electrical appliances, medical equipment

    產品涉及:手機外殼及部品、 mp3 、 mp4外殼,腦周邊產品、齒輪、話機、日用、醫材等。
  15. Seraphim engineering co., electronic component distributor solution provider - medical care - cermax xenon

    幸賀股份有限公司,子零件經銷解決方案提供. -醫材- cermax氙燈
  16. Connector, touch proof, for electromedial application

  17. Especially applying hinge - based dual - cylinder control system to hauling ensures that the pressure imposed to the products is even and uniform so as to guarantee more stable hauling performance. it is widely used in the fields of architecture, traffic, and furniture, especially, in the production of hard pvc, pe, pp, ps, abs irregular materials products used in windows and doors

  18. We are mainly handling electric machine, chemical products ( except dangerous articles ) metal materials, building materials, decoration materials, motor parts, medical instruments electric appliaces, textile products, articles of daily use, facilities for environment protection and we also provide facilities of electric station reparing labour and services

    其主要經營范圍是機械及材、化工製品(除危險品) 、金屬材料、建築及裝潢材料、汽配、環保設備、醫械、家用、紡織品、百貨、站設備維修、勞務、服務等。
  19. The smuggled goods, including electrical appliances, computer accessories and medical equipment, are valued at about $ 9. 7 million

  20. Medical electrical equipment ; part 2 : particular requirements for the safety of capacitor discharge x - ray generators