過去的對價 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guòdeduìjià]
過去的對價 英文
executed consideration
  • : 過Ⅰ動詞[口語] (超越) go beyond the limit; undue; excessiveⅡ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 去動詞1. (用在動詞后, 表示動作離開說話人所在地) 2. (用在動詞后, 表示動作的繼續等)
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (回答) answer; reply 2 (對待; 對付) treat; cope with; counter 3 (朝; 向; 面對) be tr...
  • : 名詞1. (價格) price 2. (價值) value 3. [化學] (化合價) valence
  • 過去 : 過去in [of] the past; formerly; previously
  1. Based on past researches on interpersonal perception and d. c funder ' s realistic accuracy model, this research examined the characteristics of interpersonal perception in internet chatting, including accuracy of interpersonal perception ( self - other agreement ), meta - accuracy, moderators of accuracy and meta - accuracy, the differences among self - ratings, other - ratings and metaperception, and moderators of likability. 84 undergraduate and graduate students interacted in internet by oicq one to one for thirty minutes, then completed a self - edit internet chatting questionaire including ratings on cattell ' s 16 personality traits and so on. the results showed that : ( 1 ) in internet chatting, perceivers were able to judge targets ' s some personality traits with some extent accuracy

    本研究在人際知覺研究基礎上,以funder現實精確性模型為主要理論依據,以84位在校大學生和研究生為被試,以卡特爾16種人格特質為人格評特質,採用自編網上聊天調查問卷以及人格特質特徵量表,考察了網際網路網上聊天中人際知覺特點,其中主要包括網上聊天人際知覺精確性、元精確性、影響精確性和元精確性因素(性別、與性別相關刻板印象、知覺者和知覺人格特點、網上聊天內容真實程度、特質可觀察性、社會期望值以及只憑言語內容來推斷某種特質難易程度) 、自評和他評以及元知覺間相互差異、影響聊天者受喜歡程度因素。
  2. The past earnings requirements for under 28s and 28s and over are both broadly equivalent to the top decile earnings of all full time workers in the respective age groups

    28歲以下, 28歲和28歲以上申請人收入要求,都是廣義上等于各自年齡組全職工人全部統計收入。
  3. In past years, the research on medical service quality of china focused on its evaluate methods and theory of exchanging marketing, polybasic extending and creativity

  4. So, quetzalcoatl said that the man who never went to church was holy and was already a " church " himself. but the guy who went to church every day just went there. everyone respected the guy who went to church very much, thinking he was very holy, and spoke lowly about the guy who never went to church

  5. We must take care to reappraise the historical data we use to estimate the regression equation.

  6. A glimmer of factory means, because of higher times soon light dish slice situation for having the attestation problem, for small factory and speech, threshold and customer s threshold of its technique will more increasing, light dish slice big trend of property the big will more obviously, future even appearing reduce pricing the competition, and also can t such as the past cd - r the property eliminate of horrifying

    一線廠商表示,由於更高倍速光盤片有認證問題,于小廠而言,其技術門檻及客戶門檻將更提高,光盤片產業大者恆大趨勢將愈趨明顯,將來即使出現殺競爭情形,也不會如cd - r產業淘汰時慘烈
  7. In this paper, the author combines the theory analysis with the experiment research method, and discusses the seismic behaviours, 3d elaborate finite element analysis and simplified model analysis of a kind of multi - function tall building - " sub - shearwall supported by frame ", which is applied widely today. the main contents are as follows : in order to observe the failure process and the earthquake response of the complex structure, and to analysis the seismic behaviour of the structural system and structural members, a 1 / 20 cement mortor model of a complex tall - building which is about to be built was producted and the shaking table test of this model under 26 sorts of earthquake loads was made. using sap2000 finite element analysis program, a 3d analysis model was built in computer, and the elastic time - history analysis of the model was done

    本文採用理論分析和試驗研究相結合方法,研究了目前應用較多綜合性大廈? ?框支分區剪力墻高層商住樓抗震性能及空間精細分析和簡化分析方法,主要內容為以下幾方面:一擬建復雜高層建築結構,採用1 20比例空間整體模型,進行了26種工況下模擬地震振動臺試驗,觀察了結構破壞程和地震反應,分析了結構及構件抗震性能;建立了結構精細空間模型,利用sap2000n大型有限元分析程序結構進行了彈性時程分析;通有限元分析與試驗結果比,結構抗震性能和抗震能力做出綜合評,認為該結構由於轉換層上部掉部分樓板,既可滿足建築設計通風、採光等要求,又可達到協調結構轉換層上、下樓層抗側剛度效果,是一種較理想有多道抗震防線結構型式。
  8. Because of no matter whether are government organs or the business enterprises about the fores, the management about forest resources consistently are all only managing its scope, area, and the cumulation quantities of woods, and namely which manages the practicalities and amounts of forest, but the management about the value of forest is very little, especially for evenhanded value

  9. The essay deeply analyzes the elementary theory of the developing teacher - assess system and points out its intrinsic essence and basic principle, goes into the base in theory which consists of 5 respects and finally makes the comparison between the developing teacher assess and present - day teacher assess. the developing teacher assess system, with the purpose of the promotion, is a kind of formative evaluation which is based on the aim, stresses the process and the timely feedback. it does not consider the result of the assess as the base of prize or reproach. its direction is to face the future, its aim is to promote the all - round development of all staffs, its function is centered on the lead - in, inspiration, development, and its means is the formative teacher evaluation. it pays special attention to the desire of teachers and esteem the requirement of teachers as its motive and power of the assessment. however, the present teacher assess is the closed - ending one whose feature is mainly to stress the daily performance before the evaluation and accordingly judge whether they possess the conditions of being rewarded or reproached

    其方向? ?面未來,目? ?促進全體教師發展,功能? ?導向、激勵、發展為主,方式? ?形成性教師評制度,在啟動方式上注重教師自己成就期望,把教師需要當作評動機和力量。而現行教師評是終結性評,其特點主要是面向,特別注重教師在評工作表現,並根據教師工作表現,判斷他們是否已經具備獎勵或處罰條件。為了全面了解現行教師評制度存在問題,做到有放矢,本研究濟南市156名高中教師進行了調查,通分析反映出以下問題: 1 、大多數教師教師評認識不清,引不起全體教師共鳴,容易走場。
  10. The results show that : ( l ) adoption of the intermittent mean price instead of the point price at the end of the option will help to reduce the chances of profit - making manipulated by managers and to curb the manager ' s motive to control the stock price ; ( 2 ) generally speaking, stock price of mean price option is more incentive to the managers than that of the black - scholes ; ( 3 ) when the stock market slumps at the end of the option, mean price option will ensure a moderate insurance for the managers ; ( 4 ) when stock price slumps alone with the overall situation of the stock market in the intermittent option, mean price option. however, will be inefficient as an incentive. chapter four addresses the questions concerning the manager ' s manipulation of the stock price, and the increase of the option risks because of long - term slump of the stock market

    第三部分包括第三至五章,第三章針時點格容易被控制和時點波動性太大,增加了經理期權風險等問題,研究採用期權期內平均格替代期權期末時點格計算經理股票期權收益,構建了幾何型平均格期權定公式,並與black ? scholes期權定公式進行了定量比分析,結果表明: ( 1 )採用期權期內平均格替代期權期末時點格有利於降低經理通操縱股牟利機會,遏制經理操縱股動機; ( 2 )一般條件下,平均格期權股票經理激勵作用優于標準期權; ( 3 )當臨近期權期末股下跌時,平均格期權能為經理提供適度保險; ( 4 )當期權期內,股票受大市持續走弱影響而下跌時,平均格期權失了激勵作用。
  11. The evca notes “ remarkable improvements ” in the way french laws and taxes treat its members in the past four years

    歐洲創業投資協會( evca )于在四年裡法國其成員所實施法律和稅收政策給予「顯著進步」
  12. The euro rose about 4 percent against the dollar over the past two years

    兩年中,歐元美元上升了大約4 %
  13. Historical volatility is the actual measure of futures price movement from the past

  14. 1 ) if bank capital are forbidden thoroughly to get into stock market, it will bring low profit on monetary market, constrict the development of capital market and affect the transmission of monetary policy ; 2 ) vice versa, allowing bank capital to flow into stock market too early may also lead to unfavorable effects, such as endangering financial stability, disturbing financial order and constraining the development of economy

    ( 1 )限制銀行資金入市,造成了貨幣市場收益率低下,商業銀行、保險公司在貨幣市場上融出資金基本無利可圖,只好通各種途徑違規進入股市;使資本市場失資金支持,不僅造成市場流動性不足,還因缺乏基準利率參照而難以形成合理機制,制約了資本市場發展;影響貨幣政策傳導,貨幣市場與資本市場關聯性低,貨幣政策信號受阻,傳導路徑相單一,貨幣政策效應時滯加大。
  15. Speech coding systems are generally based on narrowband speech at present, but its frequency is restricted in 200hz ~ 3400hz and its sample rate is 8khz. with the development of the wideband speech, its bandwidth which is from 50hz to 7khz causes the quality of speech communication to approach in the feeling of face - to - face conversation, and makes the speech natural, expressive and comfortable. hence, it ’ s quite significant in researching on wideband speech coding system. in recent 20 years, the dsp and its software development kit has improved greatly, but the price has fallen sharply, thus it has more and more widespread applications now

    隨著當今世界飛速發展,寬帶語音越來越受到人們青睞,因為它50hz 7khz帶寬使得語音通訊質量接近於面面交流感覺,大大提高了語音自然度、表現力和舒適度。因此,開發研製基於寬帶語音編解碼系統具有十分重要意義。在短短二十年裡, dsp處理器性能得到很大改善,軟體和開發工具也得到相應發展,格卻大幅度地下降,從而得到越來越廣泛應用。
  16. The basic logical structure is as follows : part one deals with the relationship between public administration and government achievements which draws forth the discussion about the importance of public administrators " qualities. from this part much inspiration will be derived, especially for the investigation of such social phenomenon in china as " public affairs with non - admistration ; and administration of non - public affairs ". part two discusses the roles of adminstrators and administrative techniques by the way of studying relevant literature which shows that much research has been conducted before on the roles and techniques of administrators

  17. Onlineniqinc. starts its overseas business since 2000. based on the analyses of the history and current condition of domain registration industry as well as the reason why onlinenic performed poorly in overseas business, this thesis does a tows analyses for onlinenic, then comes up with a two - step strategy : first, to take full advantage of its core strength of low cost, such as selling domains to international market at low price, try to become top 10 in domain market share globally ; second, to promote some value - added services for better makeup

  18. Another is that past performance cannot be consideration for present promise

  19. For example, our assessment of leading grocery formats suggests that value formats, like supercenters, have more than doubled their grocery returns on invested capital over the last 10 years, making them comparable to best - in - class retailers

  20. The discuss and study to marketing managements of ec websites is the emphasis of this article, and the analyses are expanded through the four - ps managements such as product, price, place and promotions. main principles, strategies and methods of ec marketing management are discussed penetratingly based on the theory of marketing and the experience of related successful or failed companies, some new marketing viewpoints, innovation methods and developing trends are put forward finally. ( 4 ) the sales force management of ec websites

    本文從4p ' s角度,電子商務網站產品管理、格管理、渠道管理和促銷管理進行深入研究探討,並相關企業經驗教訓、當前現狀和未來趨勢作了分析和預測,結合crm理論,提出了營銷管理中主要原則,並相關問題提出了一些新觀點和方法: ( 4 )電子商務網站銷售管理。