過程計算系統 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guòchéngsuàntǒng]
過程計算系統 英文
proce computing system
  • : 過Ⅰ動詞[口語] (超越) go beyond the limit; undue; excessiveⅡ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1 (規章; 法式) rule; regulation 2 (進度; 程序) order; procedure 3 (路途; 一段路) journe...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算) count; compute; calculate; number 2 (設想; 打算) plan; plot Ⅱ名詞1 (測量或計算...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算數目) calculate; reckon; compute; figure 2 (計算進去) include; count 3 (謀劃;計...
  • : 系動詞(打結; 扣) tie; fasten; do up; button up
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事物間連續的關系) interconnected system 2 (衣服等的筒狀部分) any tube shaped part of ...
  • 過程 : process; procedure; transversion; plication; course
  • 計算 : 1 (求得未知數) count; compute; calculate; reckon; enumerate 2 (考慮; 籌劃) consideration; pla...
  • 系統 : 1. (按一定關系組成的同類事物) system 2. (有條理的;有系統的) systematic
  1. All the diathermanous processes of the measurement and control platform are analyzed from the angle of thermal science. we compute the design parameter of the thermoelectric refrigerator, present the measures of improving or weakening the corresponding diathermanous processes, which is the theoretical basis of the next design

  2. Building up the math - model of transient for the all hinge of riverbed power station with the kaplan turbine, building a simulation software for this kind of system and calculate the transient which take into account the effect of the ground swell on the riverbed. this program also can calculate the different kind of the kaplan turbine

  3. Application of computer monitor system in monitoring dense medium coal separation process of laowuji washery

  4. At last, considering the running trait of hydraulic turbine in true power stations, combining the complex pipe line system, generating electri city, discharge flood all use of pan shi tou reservoir compute the unsteady transition process

  5. In the brief introduction to geographical information system ( gis ), this dissertation proves that by combining reliable management with gis technology, presents a method which built the power structure model and math calculation model by using spatial data in a good interface between computer and user. this dissertation makes a number of target for calculating the distribution system, mainly aimed at circumstances which have an effect on power station repair, switch breaker, type of t connection, and double lines supply via the usage of system reliability calculation. at the same time, it provides the projected estimatio n when power station or transmission line will be added into the power system, and furnishes the theoretical information that the professional needs for power structure programming, design and equipment management

    建立輸變電設施管理信息( mis ) ,真實地反映出油田電網輸變電設施的運行管理現狀,為網路可靠性提供可靠的依據;在簡述地理信息( gis )技術的基礎上,論證了可靠性管理與電力gis技術結合的可能性,創立了在簡潔的人機圖形界面下利用空間數據建立網路結構模型及可靠性模型的方法;通建立網路可靠性,進行了及變電所檢修影響、切換開關、 t接點及雙回線供電情況下的可靠性指標分析,對油田電網及變電所(線路)的改(擴)建方案、增強性措施及接入的可靠性給予了工評估,為電網規劃、設及日常的設備管理提供分析決策依據。
  6. Fist ly, use mass equivalent method to predigest the original rotor system. secondly, use transfer matrix arithmetic to have finished the relative program to calculate the critical speed of flexible multi - tray rotor bearing system by matlab language. thirdly. finish program the unbalance response using riccati - transfer matrix arithmetic and finity buck arithmetic. fourthly, answer to the high vibration of uncontroled system when cross the critical speed, come out to adopt changing clearance damper bearing to control the viberation

  7. The study has completed the design of two - phase inverter and made up of the two - phase inverter - motor system for experimental use it is a variable frequency adjustable speed system with a open - loop control of rotational speed, which consists of voltage - controlled oscillator circulating assign device inverter circuit and two - phase induction motor a accurate mathematical model is set based on the whole system, and simulator program of dynamic and steady condition is established, which is used to calculate the dynamic and steady performance by kron and symmetrical coordinate converter by simulator calculation and experimental research with specific parameter of the system, a comparison is made between predicted and experimental characteristics, experimental measurements are shown to compare closely with corresponding theoretical result it is compared with some variable frequency adjus table speed system comprising inverter and single - phase induction motor from the system efficiency torque pulsation and the effect of two - phase inverter capacitance based on the conclusion, harmonic cancellation pulse width modulation control of a two - phase inverter - fed induction - motor drive system is researched, which cancelled the low harmonic and improve the system performance

  8. Based on the theory of valve stroking, the mathematical models and their numerical methods of valve stroking in specified time with pressure constraint are proposed for the hydraulic pipe - turbine system in pumped storage plants, the models and their solving methods are also proposed for the complex hydraulic pipe - turbine systems with the practical programmes under the conditions of hydraulic transients

  9. Related topics include first principle based and genetic programming ( gp ) based modeling of refining process, predictive control, predictive inferential control, etc. main contents in the dissertation include : 1. based on the analyses of current status in the research of modeling and control of pulp refining process, some opening problems for developing its computer control system are pointed out

    研究領域包括打漿的機理建模、基於遺傳編的打漿建模、預測控制、預測推斷控制等。本文主要研究內容: 1在綜述了打漿機理模型和打漿實時控制研究現狀的基礎上,指出了開發打漿機控制所需解決的幾個主要問題。
  10. With the engineering thermophysics subject as a main theory basis, the boiler, the steam turbine, the internal combustion engine and the other new, being developed power machinery and system as the research object, the application of engineering thermodynamics , heat transfer, computer system control theory, environmental science, microelectronics technology, energy - saving technology and other knowledge , study the process and the basic law of fuels chemical energy and liquid kinetic energy to converse to the power securely and efficiently and low ( or no ) impurely ; study the energy conversion process systems and technology of equipment automatic control ; study the producing mechanism and emission control technology of combustion pollutants ; study energy - saving technologies and the development of new energy technologies

  11. You will have the responsibility for all the planning and engineering for the site electrical power supply ( hv , lv ) systems and its varied electrical networks and equipments , with a particular emphasis on uninterrupted power to highly - sensitive manufacturing component , computer environments and instruments and controls

  12. A model for prediction of the temperature and carbon content of liquid steel at the end of blowing and optimization of process has been established based on lgmis and pzlgps. a decision - making support sub - system for quality control of bof process, which can be embedded into the decision - making support system for steel making process at panzhihua iron and steel corporation, has been planning and designed. the optimizing process variables for quality control of steel making process at panzhihua iron and steel corporation has been achieved according to the model and process data from lgmis and system of process computer of converters

    在提釩煉鋼廠信息管理( lgmis )和轉爐( pzlgps )的基礎上,研究了適宜的煉鋼質量控制模型方法,構建了轉爐終點預測和工藝優化的黑箱模型;設了在攀鋼生產管理輔助決策支持lg - idss的框架下進行轉爐質量控制專用輔助決策子;採用轉爐煉鋼質量控制模型以及攀鋼lgmis和轉爐機中的轉爐冶煉數據進行了,確定了滿足煉鋼質量控制要求的轉爐煉鋼優化工藝參數。
  13. Making reference to the anqing changjiang river highway bridge construction and the construction control, firstly, this paper studies the philosophy of the cable - stayed bridge construction control simulation analysis systematically, and pays much attention to the theory of simulating the construction process : backward analysis and forward analysis. then on the basis of introducing the construction process of the anqing changjiang river highway bridge, analysis the construction course fully, and analysis comparatively the result of each girder segment construction simulation, and study the variation philosophy of the line style of large cable - stayed bridge during construction

  14. 6. the key technologies for the implementation of pulp refining process control system are studied

  15. Cement producing process computer simulation system ( cppcss ) is a highlight of 211 engineering in wuhan university of technology. the raw - material system computer simulation described in this paper is one of the subsystems of it

    本文所研究的為武漢理工大學「 211工」學科重點建設項目? ?水泥生產機模擬( cppcss )的子課題之一:水泥生料生產模擬
  16. The study is a horizontal subject from sanwei company of hebei province, the title is the computer control system of compound pipes industrial process

  17. A method is proposed for the parameter identification of the viscoelastic internal dampers of the multirotor systems in this paper. the multi - rotor system is regarded as a composite structure. the impedance matching method in the substructure method for structural dynamic analysis is used for the dynamic calculation of the structure. the augmented lagrange method is applied to the iteration calculations of the characteristic determinant of eigenvalve equation of the system. and then the results of parameter identification can be obtained. upon the dynamic characteristics of the system, the method can reveal the influence of the gyroscopic moments of force precisely. in process of the analysis, the various properties of multi - rotor systems are made the best use of, so the measure of the modes parameters is avoided, the calculation is simplified. in addition, an efficient method is proposed to establish a dynamic model of multirotor systems with viscoelastic internal dampers. the calculating results are consistent with the experimental results satisfactorily

  18. Based on the theory model of quantum computing and the quantum computing technique in existence, we have proposed the cooperating architecture of quantum computer. in this architecture, it uses the classic processor as its control unit, and use the quantum arithmetic logical unit and quantum memory unit as its co - process unit

  19. Data processing - vocabulary - part 21 : interfaces between process computer systems and technical processes

  20. Description of interface between process computing system and technical process