sticking potential 中文意思是什麼

sticking potential 解釋
  • sticking : adj. 黏的,膠黏的。
  • potential : adj 1 可能的;【語法】可能語氣的。2 潛在的;有潛勢的;【物理學】位的,勢的。3 〈罕用語〉有力的。n...
  1. The undeveloped market of rights of control can not neglect our country ’ s rights of control. during stock market reformed continuously, the problem of rights of control become sticking out day and day. now for chinese stock market being in the reform of shareholder structure, there is also potential change in rights of control, that is, during the reform of shareholder, for companies on the market, rights of control flow potenyially. because of people ’ s anticipation of liqudity of rights of control, this kind of anticipation will be reflected on its pricing of capital