field attributes 中文意思是什麼

field attributes 解釋
  • field : n 菲爾德〈姓氏〉。n 1 原野,曠野;(海、空、冰雪等的)茫茫一片。2 田地,牧場;割草場;〈pl 〉〈集...
  • attributes : 屬性特徵
  1. In the attributes dialog box, enter the following url in the action field

    在attributes對話框中,請在action欄位中輸入以下url :
  2. A variable field in a class is similar to a global or function variable, except that it is scoped to the class and it can have various attributes governing its visibility and usage

  3. Attributes that control the visibility and behavior of the field

  4. Field properties are the named attributes of table fields

  5. Secondly, based on the improved algorithmic of computing the multi - fractals spectrum of seismic records, aiming at the given seismic data, we extract some character parameters of multi - fractals. following that, we select the useful parameters. finally, we fulfill the successful forecast of single geodesic and the whole area of upside layer of aotaoxi in some oil field based on oil attributes of the wells we have known, using the method of grey pattern identification, and get good comments from some experts of the same vocation

  6. The attribute field clearly takes up less space in the instance than the element field, so soap messages with xmls containing attributes would be smaller and, therefore, take less time to transport

  7. Lines 6 through 23 define the attributes of the class and the appropriate field elements

  8. Under the condition that the lower - layer elements and their dominating upper - layer elements are considered as the condition attributes and the decision attributes separately, the following problems are studied : refining of assessment index system, acquirement of index weight and the constructing of judgment matrix based on the reduction and the attribute importance theory in rough sets, which achieve the sufficiency use of field knowledge for analytical hierarchy process and decision support of the hierarchy problems for rough sets

  9. With the development of modern permanent magnet ( pm ) machine to high speed, high efficiency, high power density and micromation, the limitation of traditional rare earth pm machine is exhibited, such as higher ripple - free torque, higher losses, lower open - circuit magnetic field, etc. halbach motor, a new type permanent magnet motor, first proposed by american scholar klause halbach, has been studied very widely. halbach motor has higher magnetic field, usually as 1. 4 times as that of traditional rare earth permanent magnet machine, which attributes to higher power density

    Halbach永磁電機是由美國學者klausehalbach提出后一直被廣泛研究的一種新型永磁電機,和普通永磁電機相比其優越性有:氣隙磁密比一般永磁電機可增大40 ,從而可有效提高電機的功率密度;固有的正弦分佈磁場,可為電機設計和加工帶來便利,降低成本;自屏蔽效應,轉子可不再需要為磁路提供閉合迴路,這為轉子的選材提供了較大的空間。
  10. Gis is a powerful tool which can process spatial maps and related attributes, and has been widely applied to many professional fields, this paper mainly discusses some applications of gis in transportation field

  11. By object - oriented technic, the main matter, constructing, expression, class frame of field common data model ( fcdm ) and constructing technics liking entity definition, attributes, constraint rules. the object state transform rule and object based on conceptual cluster - role mechanism ( ccrm ) are importantly proposed

    作者用面向對象技術給出了領域公共數據模型fcdm ( fieldscommondatamodel )的主要內容、建立與表達、類結構組織和實體定義、屬性、約束規則等構築技術,並重點介紹了對象狀態轉換規則和對象聚類機制及其特點。
  12. Contains an ordered list of fields attributes and roles and field folders for the entity

  13. This is the same as filestatus 3 with an additional field showing the size of the extended attributes

  14. The method not only can describe process attributes according to dynamic rules, but also can make full use of field running and analysis data in order to identify structural parameters

  15. The traditional simplification methods could n ' t adapt to transitional state due to the lack of ability on transitional features. in order to keep the transitional details together with the fidelity and briefness, both the geometric attributes and transitional modulus are considered during the th - distance - based threshold estimation, and the ring - splitting algorithm is successfully realized with the definition of the voxel - effected - field. the multiple - step method for multi - resolution expression of transitional state is put forward

  16. Common reflection surface ( crs ) stack, which depends on three attributes of the seismic wave - field, is a seismic imaging method independent of the macro - model