s-band 中文意思是什麼

s-band 解釋
S 波段〈一種無線電超高頻波段〉。

  • s :
  • band : n 1 帶,繩;帶形物;箍;箍條;嵌條;鑲邊;鋸條; 〈pl 〉 (法官等的)寬領帶。2 束縛,羈絆;義務;...
  1. Design of the electron gun for s - band high power twt

  2. His vocation : micky rooney s band

  3. As it happens, nikonov's band is a brave and venturesome one.

  4. The carrier wave is modulated directly by the baseband signal at several frequency point in l band and s band. firstly, this paper clarifies the theory of i / q modulation, elaborates evm and acpl, and analyzes the effect of amplitude and phase unbalance and dc offset on evm. secondly we review the basic principle of phase locked loop and it ’ s composing parts, including the basic conception and design method of pll frequency synthesizer, especially introduce the charge pump pll frequency synthesizer in detail

    首先,在闡述i / q正交調制基本原理的基礎上,通過對誤差矢量和鄰近通道功率泄漏的詳細分析,定性、定量地討論了各種非理想電路因素(如相位不平衡、幅度不平衡、直流偏差等)對調制器性能的影響;其次,介紹了鎖相環的工作原理和基本組成部分,包括鎖相環的設計和環路濾波器的設計,特別詳述了電荷泵鎖相頻率源;第三,介紹了採用直接調制技術模擬衛星信號的射頻前端的設計;最後,對整個直接射頻調制系統進行測試,結果基本上達到了課題要求。
  5. Hydrogen, fluorin, carbon and oxygen are familiar elements in ps confirmed by different experiments. porous silicon can radiate strong near infrared, visible and near ultraviolet light, but whole s band is most interested in

    經過陽極化處理后得到的多孔硅能發射較強的近紅外、可見和近紫外光,而人們最關注的是ps在整個可見光波段( sband )的發光。
  6. General specification for unified s - band ground tracking telemetry and command system

  7. Investigation on s - band long pulse relativistic klystron amplifier

  8. Based on research and experiments, we effectively improved the s - band tt & c transponder for satellite in such dimensions : with sensitivity up to - 92dbm ; dynamic range wider than 55db ; capture bandwidth of the receiver wider than 500khz ; capture time reduced to 22ms

    通過論文工作,成功地改進了川于衛星的s波段測控通信一體機,跟蹤和捕獲接收靈敏度都能達到一92dbm ,動態范圍55db以上,接收機的捕捉帶寬大於500khz ,捕捉時問減小到22ms 。
  9. Range zero values analysis of ship - based unified s band system

  10. Design considerations of the high power s - band rka are described, by using electron beams of voltage - 600kv, current - 5000a, and the numerical simulations for three kinds of the rka output structures are given. the three kinds of the output strctures are single - gap standing - wave ( sw ) cavity, traveling - wave ( tw ) output structure, and two output structures ( single - gap + traveling - wave structure ). under conditions of using two output structures, the results show that the instantaneous peak power obtained from sw output cavity and tw output structure is respectively 2. 4gw and 2. 1gw, the both power average of 0. 96gw and 0. 93gw, i. e. the s - band rka of two output structures generates peak output power of 1. 89gw at a frequency of 2. 85ghz

    從數值模擬中得到雙輸出結構的微波功率輸出結果為:駐波輸出的瞬時功率為2 . 4gw (周期平均為0 . 96gw ) ;行波輸出結構輸出瞬時功率為2 . 1gw (周期平均0 . 93gw ) ,就獲得了頻率為2 . 85ghz的微波輸出。本文簡要的描述了電磁軟體( magic )對速調管輸出腔體進行了模擬,並對相應的模擬方法進行了評述。
  11. Three - dimensional simulation of a broadband high - power cw s - band coupled - cavity traveling - wave tube

  12. Isolators, s - band, microstrip, type gw9040, detail specification for

  13. The paper analyzed an s - band single ridged waveguide antenna used for near field measure by fdtd method and microwave transmition line theory

  14. Citizen ' s band

  15. An s band " ssa + cfa " chain is experimentally studied in this paper

  16. Morning after the bazaar dance when may s band played ponchielli s dance of the hours

  17. The first chapter, introduce the rf receiver ’ s devolop and current situation. the second chapter, introduce the effect of the exterior environment to the rf receiver. the third chapter introduce some different structure and the design parameters of each structures. the parameters of the rf receiver are introduce in fourth chapter. the fifth chapter design a s band rf receiver. this s band rf receiver use a structure of superheterodyne module

    第五章,介紹了一種s波段射頻接收前端的設計,基於分析的結果對一種射頻接收機的低噪放大、下變頻、鎖相環( pll )頻率合成器、中頻agc電路進行了設計,並在第六章完成了接收機各組件及總體的測試。
  18. Normal micro - strip antenna is widely used for its low profit weight and volume, but it ' s band - width is a little poor

  19. It emphases on the system of signal pulse signal channels, and sets forth the methods of realizing 、 way of demodulation 、 advantage and disadvantage. afterwards, the paper introduces how to design a “ s band remote measuring receiver ”

  20. There are three power transistor which have been widely used in s band now : bipolar junction transistor ( bjt ), gaas metal - oxide semiconductor field effect transistor ( gaas mosfet ) and lateral diffuse metal - oxide semiconductor field effect transistor ( ldmos fet ). thanks to the advantages, such as, wide frequency, easy power supply, good stability, the ldmos fet has used in the motion telecommunication

    目前在s波段人們常用的放大器有雙極性晶體管( bjt ) 、砷化鎵場效應晶體管( gaasmosfet ) 、邊緣擴散場效應晶體管( ldmosfet )等,由於ldmosfet具有頻帶寬、供電方便、穩定可靠等優勢,目前已經廣泛用於移動通信3g的研究。