running down 中文意思是什麼

running down 解釋
  • running : adj 1 跑的,邊跑邊走的;流動的,流體的;【機械工程】操作中的;現在的,現行的;【植物;植物學】纖...
  • down : adv (downmost)1 向下(面);下,降;在下(面)。 come down 下來;下(樓)來;(雨等)落下。 The...
  1. David ought to give up running down his assistants.

  2. They ' re running down hollywood blvd

  3. It was too easy to entertain the friendlier images : damon blasting home runs, running down fly balls and diving into the whirlpool sans uniform

    欣賞這些畫面才夠? :大門穿洋基制服,在芬威球場煙火秀,全壘打、安打滿天飛。
  4. "good-night, alexandra, " she called back in a strained voice, running down the gravel walk.

  5. " good - night, alexandra, " she called back in a strained voice, running down the gravel walk

    「晚安,亞歷山德拉, 」她扭回頭用極不自然的聲調說,順著礫石路跑去。
  6. The farm labour force is running down steadily

  7. We saw him running down the road stark naked.

  8. " there probably will be a tear or two running down my cheek, " harlan told the post last night from his home in lincoln, neb. " i ' ll just say a little prayer and thank god

    張老爹在家中接受記者訪問: 」我得知這個消息忍不住流淚了,我祈禱並感謝上帝.上天真是太眷顧我了! 」
  9. Now, in the reaction, he was running down like an overwound clock.

  10. The perspiration was running down my back.

  11. My lord, the teardrop running down your cheek is mine

    蟑螂: 「我的主人,從你臉頰上滾落的是我的眼淚。 」
  12. Ex : don ' t expect his support when things are dangerous, he has a yellow streak running down his back

  13. He has a yellow streak running down his back and is not a good person to expect to support you when things become difficult

  14. The coal industry is running down as coal supplies are used up

  15. It would have melted the heart of a stone to hear her singing these ditties, whenever she worked apart from the rest of the girls in this cold dry time ; the tears running down her cheeks all the while at the thought that perhaps he would not, after all, come to hear her, and the simple silly words of the songs resounding in painful mockery of the aching heart of the singer

  16. The farm labor force is running down steadily

  17. You grow a beard because it stops beer that ' ' s running down your chin

  18. On the exclamation of the doctor and the cry of the father, the servants all fled with muttered imprecations ; they were heard running down the stairs and through the long passages, then there was a rush in the court, afterwards all was still ; they had, one and all, deserted the accursed house

  19. When it was over, i was surprised to see this macho guy, the size of an oak tree, just standing there holding tiny, with tears running down his beard

  20. The tears were running down her cheeks.