industry 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['indəstri]
industry 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 勤勞,勤奮,刻苦。
2. 工業,產業,實業,事業。
3. 〈集合詞〉資方。
4. 有組織的勞動,經常的工作[努力]。

  1. It was restaurant industry graven topic that that of that of from input / output angle said, how advance restaurant kernel ability to compete, with the purpose of advance business economic benefit, as soon as possible brought return, accelerating demonetization end, abaft experience know clearly near twenty year stodgy state look forward to reform mechanism, our state hotel industry be around by babyhood trend maturity, by seller ' s market trend buyer ' s market, such transit should make part rational consumer enjoy to good value for money, too brought ought to part superficial restaurant taste to inevitable ; the government owned restaurant at multinational restaurant bloc and civilian battalion restaurant enterprise " dual impact down, calendar by know clearly reform of monetary system cum bank commercialization, market open cum solution control, market cum competitive mechanism three phase, owing to planned economy belated issues, structure irrationality wrought a matter of and overlapping investment wrought a matter of wait threefold cause, make government owned restaurant at market competition middle gradualness forfeiture competitive edge, in progression appearance hot water, how advance government owned hotel competitive power a matter of, toward me state tourism possess strong operation significance, hunan lotus hotel namely same family pole tool on government owned three stars level hotel behalf of the for the last years, by way of hotel industry occupy quite specific gravity

  2. Equipment for the agricultural foodstuffs industry. hide strippers in abattoirs with winding of the skin on a drum. integral safety

  3. Products put on the market, has attracted much attention and recognition as lead muzu, sauna, ablution and other recreational products industry trends

  4. At the background of more aboil competition, more low industry profit and more short distribution channel, the existence & development situation of mobile phone dealers especially the cdma mobile phone dealers becomes more noticeable

  5. Tourism resource is the matter bases for development of tourism industry, with the expanding of tourism industry, tourist manifold, the trend of tourist ' s requirements become to be obvious diversification and individuation. especially today, the tourism industry becomes very aboil, and the tourism market is changing to buyer ' s marke from seller ' s market, no other than impolderring tourism resource deeply, the tourist ' s needs can be satisfied, and the tourism industry can persist in progress

  6. On the basis of synthesizing accentual fruit about ecological industry park, we discussed present issues, reasons and measurement of the ecological industry park in shanghai in this paper

  7. Influence of acceding to wto upon natural gas industry in china

  8. Wto accession, west great development and medical industry

  9. B substance function the pure product is achromaticity oil liquid. if it contained impurity then showed yellow and palm in industry

  10. Acid washed quartz sand for use in industry

  11. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, perfumery, leather and chemical industry ; as compound cyclizing agent in organic synthesis, acidifier and dehydrant ; as substitute of ortho - phosphoric acid

  12. The accused have promoted a cult of personality, and brought about the establishment of a cottage industry of consultants, trainers, and sundry acolytes to interpret their abstruse musings

  13. Strong business acumen in semiconductor industry

  14. Start brand of dense product china, world brand, add luster for chinese economy and auto industry, we are certain have adamantine belief and through the joint efforts, our ideal can come true certainly

  15. The ceremony was witnessed by ms adeline wong, principal assistant secretary, information technology and broadcasting bureau of the hong kong special administrative region government and mr xu zhibiao, director of guangdong information industry department

  16. The ceremony was witnessed by ms adeline wong, principal assistant secretary, information technology and broadcasting bureau of the hong kong special administrative region government and mr. xu zhibiao, director of guangdong information industry department

  17. High accuracy through survey at adits of main and auxiliary shafts in tashan coalmine of datong coal industry group

  18. The arrangement of light industry in the province needs adjustment.

  19. Professional of this adumbrative more blame communication will swarm into communication industry

  20. State socialism advocates state control of industry.