in tones of 中文意思是什麼

in tones of 解釋
有深淺不同的. . . 色的
  • in : adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  1. Experimental study of flow - induced tones of nose cones in high - speed flows

  2. We can solve the question of the source of the tune sandhi on the character " one " through the comparison with the tones of " rhyme and rhythm of the central plains " and the interchangeability in modem pekingese, and find a position for this kind of interchangeability in the orders of tone sandhi

  3. There was a tiny, priggish, warning voice in my ears which in the tones of collins told me it was seemly to hold back.

  4. Around 5000 business enterprises supply more than 38 million tones of cane to 28 sugar mills, about 94 % grown in the state of queensland

    (在澳大利亞)每年大約有5000家甘蔗種植農場向28家製糖企業提供超過3800萬噸甘蔗,其中大約有94 %的甘蔗是在昆士蘭州種植的。
  5. Later editions continued as follows when the sands are all dry, he is gay as a lark, and will talk in contemptuous tones of the shark, but, when the tide rises and sharks are around, his voice has a timid and tremulous sound

    它洋洋得意地同鯊魚攀談,但是當潮水上漲,鯊魚把它包圍,它的聲音就變得膽怯而又抖顫! 」
  6. Then she became serious again and in the outraged tones of a respectable woman

  7. Though the compilation of ci xi took ci lu as the original version, supplied a deficiency and gleaning for ci l, qin yan had more innovation at the system, it lay out the ci poems in order of era, the ci tones and bodies it accepted surpassed the former in scale, it indeed exceeded and ci lu ad shi yu yu pu, which was a great collection of illustrative plates for ci classical poetry

    摘要《詞系》的編寫雖以《詞律》為藍本,並為《詞律》拾遺補缺、糾謬駁訛,但秦?于體例多有新創, 「專以時代為序」 ,所收詞調、詞體規模遠勝前人,甚至超過了《詞律》與《欽定詞譜》 ,是一部空前的大型詞譜。
  8. The two brothers stood over the dead rat and spoke in tones of awed admiration.

  9. Studies over the recent 10 years on the content, methods and theoretical foundation of the teaching of tones of chinese as a foreign language are not confined to the phonetics of chinese per se, but draw on advances in psychology, cultural studies and second language acquisition

  10. I intend to place my tapestry on top of these and run the tones of forgiveness and understanding, pale pink and pale violet, through and between all the lineages, releasing all related karma that i am able to release in this moment, as i understand and transcend the underlying thought forms and patterning

  11. In order to do this in full, all tones of creation must be present

  12. When he reached the middle of the room he stood still and murmured, in tones of indescribable sadness -

  13. The vengeance, as custodian of the drum, could have wakened him up and had the same speech out of him as before the bastille fell, or old foulon was seized ; not so with the hoarse tones of the men and women in saint antoine s bosom

  14. The semantic primes and the tone - mismatch primes differed in tones of the first, the second, or both syllables

  15. That is probably why when i do my grocery shopping in the supermarket, i always find tones of beautiful red tomatoes

  16. It spoke in tones of warning.

  17. This room is furnished in tones of brown

  18. " on dumbledore ' s. ” she began, in tones of outrage

    「聽從鄧布利多的? ? 」她怒不可遏地說。
  19. He exclaimed in tones of ironic resentment

  20. " on dumbledore ' s. ” she began, in tones of outrage

    「聽從鄧布利多的? ? 」她怒不可遏地說。