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  • e : (pl E s e s )1 英文字母表第五字母。2 【音樂】E調,E音。3 E字形。4 〈美國〉(順序)第五等,(成...
  • commerce : n. 1. 商業;商務,貿易。2. 社交;(思想的)交流;交際,應酬。3. 〈古語〉性交。
  • industry : n. 1. 勤勞,勤奮,刻苦。2. 工業,產業,實業,事業。3. 〈集合詞〉資方。4. 有組織的勞動,經常的工作[努力]。
  1. The maturity of stream media and cdn technologies will surely give a revolutionary impetus to broadband content and even to the entire broadband industry. they will provide end users with internet - based information services such as multimedia news release, on - line direct broadcast, network - based advertisement, e - commerce, vod, distance education, remote medicine, internet - based radio station and videoconferencing, and yield a comfortable profit to the value chain of the broadband industry, including operators, icps and isps. 2

  2. This group of industry leaders includes key partners of the logistics industry such as asia airfreight terminal, cathay pacific, dimerco, dhl, hong kong air cargo terminals limited, and kerry logistics ; supply chain partners such as bossini and sml group ; technology solutions providers such as automated systems ( hk ) ltd., nec, oracle, supply chain and logistics technology holdings limited and sun microsystems of california limited ; standards organization, hong kong article numbering association and e - commerce service provider, tradelink

    這些業界精英包括物流業界的伴,如亞洲空運中心、國泰航空、中菲行空運(香港)有限公司、 dhl 、香港空運貨站和嘉里物流;供應鏈伴如堡獅龍和sml商標國際有限公司;技術支援供應商如自動系統(香港)有限公司、 nec 、甲骨文、供應鏈及物流科技控股有限公司和美國太陽電腦公司;標準機構如香港貨品編碼協會;電子服務機構如貿易通。
  3. Chapter two " impacts of china ' s accession to wto on retail industry " analyzes : the influence of accession to wto on domestic retail industry ; pressure from international business capital due to its advantages of capital strength, scale and advanced business pattern ; competition pressure from low profit criterion of supermarket business ; pressure from the management advantage of international business groups. chapter three " development strategy for retail industry after china ' s accession to wto " studies the development strategy for china ' s retail industry after accession to wto : formulating relevant laws and policies for foreign capital introduction as soon as possible ( asap ) ; working out plans for establishment of large - scale supermarket network asap ; developing multiple business patterns with mainstay business as the focus ; developing chain store business to bring about scale efficiency ; accelerating of modern enterprise institutional reform ; promoting scientific management level of retail enterprises ; setting up scientific and overall marketing concept, further strengthening sense of market orientation ; attaching greater importance on resources of talented persons and commodities ; making full use of information technologies, implementing e - commerce mode in retail enterprises ; actively exploring northwest china and developing new market

  4. At the ceremony held at cyberport today, officiating guests mr. henry tang, secretary for commerce, industry and technology, mr. john e. strickland, chairman of the board of the hong kong cyberport management company ltd, and mr. jack so, group managing director and deputy chairman - designate of pccw, celebrated with over one hundred guests the remarkable progress of the cyberport project

  5. Good luck industry co. ltd, nanjing at ecthai. com - an e - commerce gateway in thailand

    南京祥兆工貿有限公司泰國電子商務途徑ecthai . com
  6. Application of e - commerce the third industry of shanxi province

  7. Tianjin senlong industry co., ltd. at ecthai. com - an e - commerce gateway in thailand

    天津森隆實業有限公司泰國電子商務途徑ecthai . com
  8. As a participant in the it industry, tvh is not insulated from the global slow - down in the development of e - business and its e - commerce enabling operations have inevitably been affected

  9. To tie in with the tremendous growth of e - commerce and the dynamic role of hongkong post being played in the industry, the organizers chose the theme of " together in the new e - world " for 2001 and hong kong as the hosting city

    鑒于全球電子商貿蓬勃發展,香港郵政在這方面積極進取,主辦機構特別把今次會議的主題定為"共闖電子新世紀" ,並選定香港為主辦城市。
  10. In the light of present hotel e - commerce construction status and the macro - environment of china, chapter five proposes a stage - by - stage hotel e - commerce development strategy, after the comparison of the three entry approaches to the hotel e - commerce, it points out that hotels of china should make use of the good opportunity of the national golden tour project, join the tour hotel net positively and build up their own e - commerce. this will not only improve the inside flow and management of hotels, improve the service quality and working efficiency, but also can realize a global marketing and online reservation through the destination marketing system. it will enhance the whole competition level of the chinese hotel industry

  11. 4. stephen timms mp is minister of state for e - commerce in the department of trade and industry, a position he has held since may 2002

  12. Kingpets industry trade co., ltd at ecthai. com - an e - commerce gateway in thailand

    寧波貝王寵物用品有限公司泰國電子商務途徑ecthai . com
  13. Anping changxing industry co., ltd at ecthai. com - an e - commerce gateway in thailand

    安平昌興實業有限責任公司泰國電子商務途徑ecthai . com
  14. Industry : tourism, banking, e - commerce, cement, oil refining and transshipment

  15. Mobile e - commerce is no long an extension of fixed e - commerce, but an independent area of developing and applying technology. it is also a new industry with its own unique feature and inherent characteristics from both mobile communication and internet

  16. M - commerce is no long an extension of fixed electronic commerce ( e - commerce ), but an independent area of developing and applying technology. it is also a new industry with its own unique feature and inherent characteristics from both mobile communication and internet

  17. Online retailers collectively made a profit last year for the first time as sales jumped a better - than - expected 51 %, in a sign of continued resilience in e - commerce, an industry survey found

    一項行業調查發現,去年網上銷售躍升,達到了遠好於預期的51 %的增幅,所有在線零售商首次獲利。這意味電子商務處于持續回彈的態勢。
  18. E - commerce : a positive change for the printing industry

  19. Components technologies greatly enhance software development and will certainly become dominant trend of the e - commerce industry

  20. Recently gdt inc. has completed the next major by establishing agreements to provide security and data services to a number of new companies to form the next level of the e - commerce industry