e-commerce infrastructure 中文意思是什麼

e-commerce infrastructure 解釋
  • e : (pl E s e s )1 英文字母表第五字母。2 【音樂】E調,E音。3 E字形。4 〈美國〉(順序)第五等,(成...
  • commerce : n. 1. 商業;商務,貿易。2. 社交;(思想的)交流;交際,應酬。3. 〈古語〉性交。
  • infrastructure : n. 1. 基礎設施〈尤指社會、國家賴以生存和發展的,如道路、學校、電廠、交通、通訊系統等基本設施〉。2. 【軍事】永久性基地,永久性防禦設施。adj. -tural
  1. Active directory application mode adam is a new mode of the active directory directory service that is designed to meet the needs of line - of - business applications that require a dedicated lightweight directory access protocol ldap data store, e - commerce applications that require simple ldap authentication support, and enterprise environments that require an application directory that is separate from their network operating system infrastructure directory

    Active directory應用程序模式( adam )是active directory目錄服務的新模式,設計用於滿足以下應用程序或環境的需要:需要專用輕型目錄訪問協議( ldap )數據存儲的行業應用程序,需要簡單ldap身份驗證支持的電子商務應用程序,以及需要獨立於網路操作系統( nos )結構目錄的應用程序目錄的企業環境。
  2. The working group will provide a focused forum to examine how to develop and enhance the infrastructure to facilitate it and e - commerce development, and promote greater adoption of it and e - commerce among smes

  3. We are a seed and early stage private equity investment firm specializing in e - businesses and e - commerce enabling / infrastructure projects which either target the asian market and / or which have operations based in asia

  4. It is believed that e - commerce will very soon be a leading way of conducting business in hong kong. this dynamic business environment needs a highly developed supply chain infrastructure, which can involve very high costs and long lead time to set up. it therefore makes sound economic sense to buy in these services from a professional logistics service provider

  5. The net proceeds of the group s placing are estimated to be about hk $ 15 million based on the mid - point of the stated price range. the group intends to use hk $ 9. 3 million to develop and enhance the infrastructure of the e - commerce platform ; hk $ 3 million on marketing and brand building activities ; hk $ 2 million for r & d of internet appliances ; and the remaining balance as general working capital

  6. For a commercial e - commerce infrastructure, lack of security and versioning are quite simply showstoppers ? many potential e - commerce customers rejected corba for these reasons alone

    對于商用的電子商務基礎設施來說,缺乏安全和版本控制是相當簡單的暫停- -許多潛在的電子商務客戶僅僅因為這些原因拒絕使用corba 。
  7. E. projects of building of tourism infrastructure, of introducing new management and administrative ways, and operation and marketing methods including special permit operation, agency systems, e - commerce, chain supermarkets, etc ; projects of modern education, public health, culture and amusement, consultation, neighborhood services, and apartments administration, which contribute to improve the level of traditional service industries and to invigorate the tertiary industry

  8. In supporting the use of it in the community, encouraging progress has been made in hong kong s e - commerce infrastructure since the digital 21 strategy was first promulgated in 1998

  9. The paper presents a hierarchical framework of e - commerce, consisting of three meta - levels : infrastructure, services, and products and structures, which meta - levels, in turn, consist of seven functional levels

  10. These levels of e - commerce development, as well as of its analysis, range from the wide - area telecommunications infrastructure to electronic marketplaces and electronic hierarchies

  11. Diversinet is enabling mobile e - commerce ( m - commerce ) services with its wireless security infrastructure solutions

  12. This kind of cross - border co - operation to develop a widely recognised public key infrastructure ( pki ) system will enhance our position as a leading internet hub and help promote e - commerce in the region.

  13. This kind of cross - border co - operation to develop a widely recognised public key infrastructure ( pki ) system will enhance our position as a leading internet hub and help to promote e - commerce in the region.

    我深信,在大家合作之下,可以提高我們的國際地位,成為主要的網際網路中心,並且促進區內電子商貿的發展。 」
  14. Operates a comprehensive e - commerce infrastructure which consists of a reliable and secure payment system and an extensive public kiosk network - esd

  15. We have also successfully established e - commerce infrastructure in various sectors to support our economic growth. we have one of the world s most advanced financial information infrastructures in the region

  16. Firstly, as government is a provider of a large number of business services, efficient delivery of the e - government functions in the form of web services can greatly enhance the local e - commerce infrastructure

  17. Speaking at a forum on e - business interoperability and standardisation organised by the information technology services department and the university of hong kong s centre for e - commerce infrastructure development ( cecid ), mr wong said standardisation helped different organisations achieve interoperability and service integration by providing a common language to conduct business, transfer technology and manage quality

  18. " the open and common information infrastructure developed for the esd scheme provides a platform not only for the community to transact with the government on - line efficiently and securely, but also for the private sector to make use of in conducting e - commerce, " he said

  19. We have enacted the electronic transactions ordinance which follows the united nations commission on international trade law model law on e - commerce. the eto accords digital signatures and electronic records the same legal status as that of their paper - based counterparts. we have also developed a local public key infrastructure with the establishment of certification authority to support the conduct of secure electronic transactions

  20. Mr simon cheng kwok chung, ia international s deputy chairman and chief operation officer continued, " with our iod system solutions, content will be provided on specially formatted dvds, with authorisation required from our e - commerce platform via the internet. reliance on the internet can therefore be significantly reduced, giving us an advantage particularly in markets where broadband infrastructure are underdeveloped