eager-beaver 中文意思是什麼

eager-beaver 解釋
adj. 形容詞 巴結上司的,討好賣乖的。

  • eager : adj. 1. 〈多用作述語〉渴望,極想,熱衷於 (after; about; for)。2. 熱切的,熱情洋溢的。3. 〈古語〉(寒氣等)凜冽的;酷烈的;(氣味等)濃烈的。adv. -ly
  • beaver : n 1 海貍,海獺。2 海貍皮;獺皮帽;禮帽,高帽;獺皮手套。3 【紡織;印染】海貍呢;海貍絨布。4 〈美...
  1. There ' s no job too big for this amputee, beaver carpenter. he ' s always eager to lend a helping limb and proves that you can do anything with the right attitude

  2. The man is an eager beaver.

  3. Calm down ! you ’ re such an eager beaver

  4. Does mr. b have a long - lasting attitude as an eager beaver

    ( b先生做事非常賣力,那是長久以來的態度嗎? )
  5. Our boss is an eager beaver

  6. Being an eager beaver, he sometimes is not well - liked by his colleagues

    (他做事異常賣力,有時不受同事喜歡。 )
  7. Ask young harry to do it - he ' s still an eager beaver and wants to impress by his willingness

    請年輕的亨利干吧? ?他仍然是個雄心勃勃的人,並總想用他的心甘情願引人注目。
  8. Ll : i am not quite the eager beaver that the new intern is - i ' ve been in the office a while