magnetization 中文意思是什麼

magnetization 解釋
n. 名詞 磁化(強度);起磁。

  1. An ambient field aids the magnetization from the exciting current.

  2. Consider the magnetization of a single core in the absence of an ambient field now.

  3. Save - energy equipment for burning oil by magnetization

  4. Circumferential magnetization method

  5. The tem shows lots of nano silica particles circumfuse on the surface of the micro fe particles after the micro fe coated by silica. the sem analysis shows the same result. the vsm shows the micro fe particles have almost no remnant magnetism and coesive. the saturation magnetization decrease with the feed content of teos remenant magnetization and coesive are little

  6. They also have higher saturation magnetization, lower coercive force, exhibit superparamagnetization, and they are good sofy magnetic materials. fe - co alloy was spherical, coalescence of small particles

    含cu合金中除了fe - ni - cu 、 ni - cu合金的晶型完整外,其餘的合金都為非晶態。
  7. Above the curie temperature there is no spontaneous magnetization.

  8. The magnetization process consists of many small discontinuous flux changes.

  9. Realizing method of magnetization curve on dc electromotor

  10. Taking several different spin - state q for examples, we demonstrate the evolving pictures which are straightly made by numerical solutions of the magnetization and the equal time spin - pair correlation and the relaxation functions

    以q = 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 8為例,我們對磁化強度和等時自旋對關聯時間演化方程做了數值計算。
  11. Vibrating samples magnetometer ( vsm ) testing implied that yig were of ferrimagnetism, and cerium substitution had effects on saturation magnetization ( ms ), residual magnetization ( mr ) and coercive force ( hc )

    Vsm測試結果表明yig屬于亞鐵磁性物質, ce離子的摻雜對飽和磁化強度( ms ) 、剩餘磁化強度( mr ) 、矯頑力( hc )都有一定的影響。
  12. Preparation and magnetization of spinel ferrites

  13. The wave of magnetic induction density will bring distortion with the raising of excitating voltage while measuring the magnetization characteristic

  14. The angle is multiplied by the intensity of magnetization of the surface.

  15. In strong fields the magnetization usually changes by rotation of the direction of magnetization.

  16. Magnetization magneto - microwave plasma etching system

  17. Magnetization of the magnetic leakage detection technology

  18. The primary exploration of magnetization flotation desulphurization

  19. The magnetic mechanical engineering technology is a new high - level technology in the current world, which uses the permanent magnetism materials to engage in the research, development and production of the permanent magnetism effect parts, including the magnetization parts, magnetism - droved machinery, magnetoelectricity machinery and so on

  20. Multiferroelectric magnetoelectri materials have a spontaneous polarization that can be reoriented by an applied electric field, a spontaneous magnetization that can be reoriented by an applied magnetic field. these materials have been exploited as transducer, waveguides, switches, phase inverters, modulators, etc. which also find a lot of technological applications in radioelectronics, optoelectronics, microwave electronics in instrumentation