kabul 中文意思是什麼

kabul 解釋
n. 名詞 喀布爾〈阿富汗首都〉。

  1. Thomas j. abercrombie, kabul, afghanistan 1967, as enclosed as her pets, an afghan woman secludes herself behind the traditional chadri as she balances caged goldfinches bought at market

    阿富汗,喀布爾, 1967年,托馬斯?亞柏克隆比,這位婦人將市場買來的金翅雀頂在頭上,一襲傳統的察都里袍圍住全身,把她圍得與籠中鳥一樣的禁閉。
  2. The beauty academy of kabul offers a rare glimpse into afghan women s lives and documents the moving and sometimes hilarious clash of cultures as women with very different experiences of life come to learn about one another over lipstick and curling irons

  3. They then began selling the output from their kabul shops

  4. The american flag flies again over our embassy in kabul

  5. Kabul is a different city

  6. Land transport company : khoshal mena, kabul : tel. ( 93 ) 20345 ; f. 1943

    陸上運輸公司:喀布爾; 1943年成立。
  7. Afghan international transport company : wazir akbar khan mena, pob 768, kabul

  8. Chechen groups even set up an " embassy " in kabul in early 2001

    第4屆洽談會的主題是「高新技術為人和社會服務」 。
  9. Ramadan means brisk sales for food vendors in kabul, afghanistan

  10. Kabul is of many problems

  11. Beauty academy of kabul

  12. Protesters also gathered outside the danish diplomatic post in kabul

  13. According to our family traditions, our ancestors moved from makkah to baghdad in iraq, then to kabul in afghanistan, and finally to

  14. An afghani beggar woman takes time for tea in the bleak surroundings of kabul

  15. Auxerre also expect to sell younes kabul, the central defender, to tottenham hotspur for ? 8million

  16. Earlier this year president karzai himself was on hand for the opening of a new $ 25 million coca - cola bottling plant outside kabul

  17. Another nato soldier from britain was killed in a car bombing on a road between kabul and jalalabad

  18. Saturday the un drug agency chief antonio maria costa told reporters in kabul that explosive growth in opium production is a major challenge to afghanistan ' s long - term stability

  19. An afghan drug addict injects his friend with heroin in an abandoned building in kabul september 30, 2007

  20. The american flag flies again over our embassy in kabul. terrorists who once occupied afghanistan now occupy cells at guantanamo bay