fab 中文意思是什麼

fab 解釋
FAB = Foreign Affairs Bureau 外事局。
adj. 形容詞 〈口語〉驚人的,極好的,難以置信的〈fabulous 的縮略〉。

  1. A novel calix [ 4 ] arene - based fluorescent chemosensor bearing 2 - aminopyridine moiety and naphthalenic fluorphore was synthesized, and the chemical structure of the product was identified by ft - ir, ms - fab, nmr and elemental analyses

    摘要以杯[ 4 ]芳烴為平臺、氨基吡啶基團為識別位點、蔡環為熒光基團,合成了一類新型熒光化學傳感器。
  2. Expression of human fab antibody against keratin in e. coli and its renaturation

  3. In the insect community of lichee orchard, the main dominant phytophagous insects are the olethreutes leucaspis meyrick, thalassodes quadraria guen6e, conopomorpha sinensis bradley, tessaratoma papillosa ( drury ), aceria litchii ( kiefer ), dasineura sp., xylebonts fornicatus eichhoff, prodenia litvara fabricius, empoasca flavescens ( fab. )

  4. Site - specific mutagenesis of murine anti - human tnf - fab gene and its expression in e. coli

  5. Diving ves. . neoprene p. . canvas fab.

  6. - thunderbird 3 is about to initiate separation. - fab

  7. ' i ' ll call vladivostok, see if they need help. ' - fab, dad. sleep tight

  8. - ' i ' ll call vladivostok, see if they need help. ' - fab, dad. sleep tight

  9. To capitalize on their incredible popularity, the fab four were made the stars of a comedy film, a hard days night, which, surprisingly, earned good reviews and, not surprisingly, spawned a hit soundtrack album

  10. Research advances on rhynchophorus ferrugineus fab

  11. One of the reasons for that is ibm s new top - of - the - line fab in fishkill, new york

  12. The fishkill fab is so up - to - date that it is capable of producing chips with all of the latest acronyms, from copper cmos technology to silicon - on - insulator and low - k dielectrics - all on 300mm wafers

    Fishkill工廠如此先進,可以生產幾乎所有最新的晶元:從銅cmos xs到絕緣硅、硅鍺合金以及low - k絕緣體,所有這些都可以在300mm的晶片上生產。
  13. In may 2003, our fab 1 was one of the two recipients of the " top fab of the year for 2003 " by semiconductor international, a leading publication in the semiconductor industry

    中芯國際一廠於2003年5月榮獲"半導體國際"雜志頒發的" 2003年度最佳半導體廠"獎項。
  14. Fast stom bombardment, fab

  15. - ' they ' re trapped on an inspection platform. ' - ' fab. we ' ll take it from here. '

  16. ' they ' re trapped on an inspection platform. ' - ' fab. we ' ll take it from here. '

  17. Thunderbird 3 is about to initiate separation. - fab

  18. Concerns caused by radio programme so fab

  19. Letter dated 17 june 2006 from broadcasting authority on hong kong commercial broadcasting company limited s contravention of the radio code of practice on programme standards in relation to its radio programme " so fab " english version only

  20. Application and simulation of kanban for cleaning - furnace dispatching in wafer fab