fabian 中文意思是什麼

fabian 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 古羅馬大將費邊 (Fabius) 式的,使敵人疲於奔命的,以逸待勞的,持久的 〈cf. Fabius〉. 2. 費邊社(社員)的。
n. 名詞 費邊社社員;費邊主義者。
n. 名詞 -ism 費邊主義;持久戰術。
-ist1. n. 名詞 費邊主義者。
2. adj. 形容詞 費邊主義的。

  1. 1951 pr fabian lagerkvist sweden 1952 franois mauriac france

  2. Fabian is the lead singer and songwriter of los pelados

  3. Fredrik is the bass player of los pelados, and brother of fabian

  4. Nobel : literature : pr fabian lagerkvist

  5. Fabian first started writing music, on a piano, when he was ten years old

  6. His contact with fabian thought, in part, prompted him to formulate his principle of social well - being

  7. Bernard shaw, sidney webb and the theory of fabian socialism ", 1959, proceedings of american philosphical society.

    蕭伯納、悉尼、韋菲比社會主義理論" , 1959年,美國訴訟哲學社會
  8. George bernard shaw was born on july 26th in dublin, a noted socialist who took a leading role in the fabian society

  9. At 21, he has already cemented a starting role for his club, and is touted as fabian carini ' s successor in the uruguayan national team

  10. And after having to settle for second best so often in individual events at worlds he took the all - around gold ahead of title - holder tomita and germany ' s fabian hambuechen

  11. Bremen is seeking a replacement for fabian ernst, another german international who is leaving at the end of the season as a free agent to join schalke

  12. The scientists, karl grosschmidt of the medical university of vienna and fabian kanz of the austrian archaeological institute, used special x - ray scans and microscopic analysis to investigate the gladiators " deaths