facade 中文意思是什麼

facade 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 【建築】正面。
2. 外表,外觀;虛偽,浮面,(掩飾真相的)門面。
n. 名詞 1. 【建築】正面。
2. 外表,外觀;虛偽,浮面,(掩飾真相的)門面。

  1. His inner tensions and some of his insecurities persist behind a deceptively casual facade of geniality, self - deprecation, easy humor and aphoristic conversational skill

  2. The palace was a little less than it sounded, a narrow palladian facade, mossy steps, a dark archway of rusticated stone.

  3. One of the projecting towers in the facade contain the baptistery that, clad entirely in locally made tiles, rises to the full height of the tower

  4. Facade relationship between cmp and session facade bean

  5. This grey building with its doric - style columns and facade was built in 1864 and stands as testimony to hong kongs colonial heritage

  6. The only wizarding hospital we know of, st. mungo ' s is located behind the facade of purge and dowse, ltd. in london

  7. In our experience facade detailed design by the curtain wall industry follows a pattern in which an overall system design is worked out in sufficient detail to permit the contractor to then subdivide the shop drawing work in to rational, compartmentalized, separate packages which permit incremental review and approval by the architect

  8. Simulates and analyses the velocity and temperature fields inside the external respiration double skin facade of a building

  9. The results show that the external respiration double skin facade has a superior energy efficiency potential and is one of the ecological building envelops

  10. Compares the heating and cooling energy consumption of buildings applying external respiration double skin facade with that of buildings applying four single glazing curtain walls

  11. I tried to erect a facade of imperviousness and self-confidence.

  12. Throughout her life she has hidden her insecurities behind a facade of, at times, overweening self-confidence.

  13. She sat where she could watch the light glowing on the mellow facade of the old palace and syrinxes peeping between the reeds.

  14. In his striving for wealth, power, or sexual satisfaction, he reverts to his true animal nature, and the facade of civilization falls away.

  15. Aspect to the facade s exception when an exception fired

  16. Provide a facade interface for enterprise web services

  17. The session facade might look something like this

  18. Research, hunting, business. couid oniy be a facade

  19. To determine the messages passed to the facade

  20. I am what you see, i don ' t have a facade