face down 中文意思是什麼

face down 解釋
adv. 動詞 副詞 面朝下地。
2. n. 名詞 〈美口〉= face off. 3. 攤牌。

  • face : n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • down : adv (downmost)1 向下(面);下,降;在下(面)。 come down 下來;下(樓)來;(雨等)落下。 The...
  1. We must face down every aggressor.

  2. He put the cards face down on the table.

  3. The man who had been gored lay face down in the trampled mud.

  4. I finished shaving and put my face down into the bowl and washed it with cold water.

  5. Here, face down. then jerry walks out and says

  6. Do you want me to start face up or face down

  7. - spread your arms and iegs. - no, you iie face down

    ? ?把胳膊腿分開? ?不,你才趴下
  8. Spread your arms and iegs. - no, you iie face down

    ? ?把胳膊腿分開? ?不,你才趴下
  9. He set his face down this toward madison square, for the homing instinct survives even when the home is a park bench

  10. Then they ' ll find me face down in a puddle of blue toilet water

  11. Spread your arms and legs. - no, you lie face down

    ? ?把胳膊腿分開? ?不,你才趴下
  12. Face down bonding face bonding

  13. Suoha fact, the rule is very simple, that is at stake each in accordance with the licensing thrown out before the end, then each piece of card, the first card face down card is distributed, in addition to their own. there is no way other people see, in addition to the four licenses are necessary for everyone to see on the face card

  14. Never again, however, would an american president face down israel as eisenhower had done at suez

  15. But one image seen around the globe, of the battered body of a young monk, face down in a ditch, said it all

  16. The t2 - t11 superior facets face up, back, and slightly laterally ; the inferior facets face down, forward, and slightly medially. this shape enables slight rotation in the thoracic spine

    胸2 ~ 11的上關節突的關節面朝向後上方並輕度外旋,而下關節突的節面朝向前下方並輕度內旋。這樣胸椎可以輕度的旋轉。
  17. The corpse lay face down in a pool of blood

  18. Arrange the mushrooms, face down, in a big soup bowl in the shape of a crescent moon, arrange the oily gluten on the other side, put the bamboo shoots in the middle, add bamboo shoot soup, salt and msg, steam for 10 minutes

    鍋留底油,放姜絲和配料,加鹽味精料酒鮮湯燒開后勾芡,倒入「蝦仁」 ,顛兩下裝盤,用眼紅櫻桃圍邊即成。
  19. Standard tray : 500 sheets face down

    標準接收盤: 500張正面朝下
  20. Books are for use , not for show ; you should own no book that you are afraid to mark up , or afraid to place on the table , wide open and face down