uit 中文意思是什麼

uit 解釋
〈Afrik. 〉 外的 (= out)。

  1. Part two introduces the theory of panel data. the basic form of panel data is : yi t = it + xi t it + uit, i = 1, 2, …, n ; t = 1, 2, …, t panel data is used for describing the instance of swatch in a collectivity in some time, and observing every unit in swatch multi - scale. basing on the different hypothesis of ui, panel data has fixed effect model and random effect model, if ui is a unit constant ( corresponding to the dummy variable of

    基於分析結果,本文給出了改革我國公司治理結構的若干建議: ( 1 )股權性質方面,培育有效的國家股持股主體; ( 2 )股權結構方面,逐漸調整股權結構,減少第一大股東持股比例,增加除第一大股東以外的大股東的股權集中度; ( 3 )董事會方面,採取奇數型董事會規模,並完善獨立董事的生成機制; ( 4 )激勵制度方面,應加大董事及總經理的持股比例。
  2. Verwarm de oven voor op 175 c ( hetelucht 160 c ). bestuif het werkblad licht met bloem en rol het deeg met deegroller uit tot een lap van 1 / 2 cm dik

    烤箱預熱至170度(熱氣烤箱160度) 。在案板上布上麵粉,然後把面團用搟麵杖搟成0 . 5厘米厚的圓片。
  3. So, the analysis to enterprise economic environment is the major premise of forming enterprise operational strategies, and also is the base of practicing operational strategies successfully. enterprise must constantly analyze and evaluate the economic environment, thus it can adjust management tactics in time to purs uit existence and develop in the intense competence

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  5. Uit unit investment trust

  6. It seminar on june joint school iit uit fruitful sharing day date : 2 - 3 june 2001

    六月份資訊科技月會-聯校iit uit成果分享日
  7. Transmission and multiplexing. optical interfaces for equipment and systems relating to the synchronous digital hierarchy uit - t recommandation g. 957 modified

  8. Uit het querschiesser shk trends onderzoek, gedaan in duitsland in 2005, kwam heimeier als beste tevoorschijn in de categorie favoriet onder vakmensen. deze uitkomst is gebaseerd op topscores op de gebieden kwaliteit, leveringsservice, retourbeleid en onderdelen

  9. The developed liguang series of photographic light adopts cad design, which paved way for new circ - uit, high reliability , and with the assistance of apron lamp, impor - ting capacitance which results in liguang is popular with public customers for high quality and novel style thereof

  10. Micro communication element architecture was based on virtual circuit and we did some research work on it. and based on it, we construct the idea of two - time - handshake - virtual - circuit - create and six - time - handshake - virtual - circ uit - free for the first time and analysed it carefully. we came to a conclusion that it ’ s correct and proper for service unit based architecture