uigur 中文意思是什麼

uigur 解釋
n. 名詞 ,adj. 形容詞 (pl. Uigur(s))1. 維吾爾(族)人(的)。
2. 維吾爾語(的)。

  1. The pges abundance patterns of residual mantle rock with a peleo - subduction background is characterized by pd, pt depletion and ir, ru relatively enrichment, while the basalt and basic dyke by the processing of partial melt in the same background take an opposite feature of pd, pt enrichment and ir, ru depletion. the existence of fluid in the subduction zone increases the degree of partial melt on the one hand, and on the other, activates the activity of pd, pt compare to ir, ru, and thus reduces the pd ir and pt ru in residual mantle rock. the pges patterns for basalt and basic dyke from two carboniferous volcano zones to south qoltag and north turpan - hami basin, xinjing uigur autonomous region, take a shape of gentle positive inclined curve with lower pt and pd differentiation and lower pges. all these features are obviously different from that of basic dyke and basalt from typical ophiolite and therefore the author believe that their fluid - rich paleo - subduction zone environment can be ruled out

    古俯沖帶背景下的殘餘地幔巖的pges配分以pd , pt明顯虧損和ir , ru相對富集為特徵,而部分熔融產物的玄武巖和基性巖脈則呈現相反的ir , ru明顯虧損和pd , pt相對富集特徵。俯沖帶中流體的參與一方面增加了部分熔融程度,有利於pd , pt從原始地幔進入熔融相另一方面,流體的作用使得pd , pt相對于ir , ru遷移活動性效率提高,造成地幔巖中
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