agreeably 中文意思是什麼

agreeably 解釋
adv. 動詞 副詞 1. 歡然,欣然。
2. 依照,一致,一樣。

  1. He felt refreshed and agreeably tired.

  2. Everything however passed off agreeably.

  3. The real war has caught him up agreeably.

  4. Peter nodded agreeably to max, the head waiter.

  5. And so aileen's days were passing agreeably enough.

  6. Ethelbert was most agreeably occupied in the furthest corner of the room.

  7. Mr. will ladislaw's sense of the ludicrous lit up his features very agreeably.

  8. Philosophy's queerest arguments tickle agreeably our sense of subtlety and ingenuity.

  9. He had been really a very good husband to me, and we lived very agreeably together.

  10. I am now most agreeably affected by two letters, which i have lately seen from lausanne, upon your subject.

  11. The honourable gerald ward a. d. c., agreeably surprised, made haste to reply. at ponsonby s corner a jaded white flagon h. halted and four tallhatted white flagons halted behind him, e. l. y. s., while outriders pranced past and carriages

    在龐森比書店的拐角處,精疲力竭的白色大肚酒瓶h站住了,四個戴高帽子的白色大肚酒瓶e . l . ys 215 ,也在他身後停下腳步。
  12. This melancholy neither hindered her from enjoying herself nor hindered young men from spending their time very agreeably in her society. every guest who visited at the house paid his tribute to the melancholy temper of the hostess, and then proceeded to enjoy himself in society gossip, dancing, intellectual games, or

  13. All moscow was acquainted with the rostovs ; the old count had plenty of money that year, because all his estates had been mortgaged, and so nikolenka, who kept his own racehorse, and wore the most fashionable riding - breeches of a special cut, unlike any yet seen in moscow, and the most fashionable boots, with extremely pointed toes, and little silver spurs, was able to pass his time very agreeably

  14. Although in feminine society anatole habitually took up the attitude of a man weary of the attentions of women, his vanity was agreeably flattered by the spectacle of the effect he produced on these three women

  15. Captain ramballe of the 13th light brigade, decorated for the affair of the 7th september, he introduced himself, an irrepressible smile of complacency lurking under his moustache. will you tell me now to whom i have the honour of speaking so agreeably, instead of remaining in the ambulance with that madmans ball in my body

    「 capitaine ramballe du 13me lger , decor pour laffaire du sept 」他自我介紹說,臉上堆起的滿意得不得了的笑容,使鬍髭下的嘴唇撮成一團。
  16. He agreeably consented to my wishes

  17. Ilagin lifted his beaver cap higher than ever to natasha, and, smiling agreeably, said that the countess was indeed a diana both in her passion for the chase and her beauty, of which he had heard so much

  18. Mr. will ladislaw ' s sense of the ludicrous lit up his features very agreeably

  19. Euan may hate the shallowness of pr ? or he may find it looks agreeably straight compared with politics and is a considerably easier and more pleasant way of earning a crust than being prime minister, say

  20. The introduction was followed up on his side by a happy readiness of conversation - a readiness at the same time perfectly correct and unassuming ; and the whole party were still standing and talking together very agreeably, when the sound of horses drew their notice, and darcy and bingley were seen riding down the street