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  1. Computation of glaze ice accretion on airfoil

  2. Numerically simulating of ice accretion on airfoil

  3. The wake survey cannot be used to measure the drag of stalled airfoil or of airfoils with flaps down.

  4. As design studies progressed it was found that several airfoil shapes could be used to satisfy the new performance criteria.

  5. The tutorial begins with a simple four - segment airfoil

  6. Simulation of flow around an airfoil by the lattice boltzmann method

  7. Numerical analysis of low - reynolds - number flow over airfoil

  8. Secondly, the paper introduces the balanceable condition of airfoil steady fw. its middle part adopts geodesic fw and fw angle is a0. its both ends adopt nongeodesic fw and fw angle is variable

    然後,本文介紹了機翼實現穩定fw的平衡條件,機翼中間段採用測地線fw ,纏繞角為定值_ n ;機翼兩端用非測地線fw ,纏繞角為一變量。
  9. Three kinds of trapezoid, delta and airfoil shaped vortex generators are designed based on traditional, sub boundary layer and micro - vortex generators conceptual design, to study the influence of the shape, height, aspect ratio, chordwise position, spanwise position and direction angles of vortex generators on boundary layer separation control

    ( 5 )綜合分析研究了渦流發生器的工作原理和設計原則。根據國內外資料,研究了渦流發生器形狀、高度、展弦比、尖削比、弦向位置、展向位置和方位角等因素對附面層分離控制效果的影響。
  10. The hawk 4 gyroplane is supported in the air by a horizontally mounted airfoil similar to that of a helicopter but unpowered

  11. The web version of the code allows for the prescription of the inviscid velocity distribution about the airfoil

  12. In order to verify the accuracy, credence and effectiveness of the unstructured overset grid algorithm, steady and unsteady flow field of naca0012 airfoil are simulated. the unsteady flow field is caused by the oscillation of the airfoil. the two computational results are both compatible well with the experimental data

  13. Numerical simulation of rime ice accretion process on airfoil

  14. The wing is modeled structurally by vibrational modes, which are used as amplitude of motion by a finite element analysis. conservative full - potential equation and three dimensional unsteady euler equation are used to compute the unsteady transonic flows around airfoil and wings under simple harmonic motion

  15. Proceed from the angle of energy and taking considerations on interference factor and drag of airfoil profile, a kind of new typed calculation method on the design of vane air foil was put forward according to the vortex aerodynamics model of the rotor of wind turbines with horizontal axis

  16. A airfoil blade is one of the most important workpiece in aircraft ' s engines. in aircraft ' s engines, it takes the key pole of energy transfer

  17. A better numerical simulation of ice accretion on airfoil

  18. Prediction of rime ice accretion and resulting effect on airfoil performance

  19. Many test cases are calculated to verify the above study. the cases are either real or standard testing models, including multi - element airfoil, wing - body configuration, cone / cylinder missile model and 3 - d high - lift systems, etc. the results of present calculation are in good agreement with experiment data, and show flexibility and accuracy of the approaches. base on the cartesian grids, this thesis has targeted the development and integration of many algorithms and techniques such as adaptive refinement, omni - tree data structure, hybrid grid method, etc. an analysis software and research methods are designed and developed for the steady - unsteady and viscous - inviscid flow complex systems and configuration

    7 .運用上述研究成果和結論,進行了大量算例的實驗驗證,外形范圍包括多種標模與型號,涉及多段翼型、 m6機翼、細長體模型、翼身組合體、兩段機翼增升標模、帶縫翼和襟翼的三段增升翼身組合體等復雜外形,計算結果均與實驗吻合良好,充分說明了本文發展的各種演算法、流場求解、網格生成方法的正確性和魯棒性。
  20. Using method of oil - flow visualization techniques and measuring pressure distribution along airfoil chordwise and spanwise studies have been down for sidewall boundary - layer displacement effect in two - dimensional wind tunnel. three different chord models were tested in two different wind tunnel. in order to clarify the sidewall effects and study method of sidewall suction theory and sidewall interference correction method to remove effects of sidewall on model. the results of oil - flow test show that selection rational suction wary can obtain better testing results. by investigations on effects of the sidewall boundary layer suction and application of a sidewall interference correction method

    為了很好地解決多機場航班隊列的擁塞問題,在將進場容量、離場容量與機場容量作為統一整體的情況下,充分考慮了機場間的網路效應,詳細研究了多機場航班隊列的優化問題,建立了多機場開放式非實時流量管理的數學模型,通過選取適當的決策變量,使其為線性0 - 1整數規劃模型,實現了中心流量集中管理.與其它演算法不同,本文提出的啟發式隱枚舉演算法能很好地解決此類問題,對某機場網路系統的模擬結果證明了所建模型、優化演算法及相應軟體的有效性和可靠性