pack ice 中文意思是什麼

pack ice 解釋

  • pack : vt 安插[挑選]自己人充任(委員等);拉攏,收買。 pack a committee 糾集自己人充實委員會。pack cards...
  • ice : n 1 冰,冰塊。2 〈英國〉冰淇淋,冰淇淋 (= ice cream); 〈美國〉冰涼飲料[點心]。3 冰狀物,糖衣。...
  1. There ' s no ice pack, bern ! - so get anything frozen

    沒有冰袋嗎,伯妮! -找些別的冰凍的吧
  2. - there ' s no ice pack, bern ! - so get anything frozen

    -沒有冰袋嗎,伯妮! -找些別的冰凍的吧
  3. The ship was nosing a way through the ice pack

  4. I just shovel the ice pack right down there

  5. Do not apply ice pack directly to the wound to avoid further tissue damage

  6. One of lewis ' s entourage applies an ice pack to a mouse over his left eye

  7. Alaska ' s walrus, especially breeding females, in summer and fall are usually found on the arctic ice pack

    阿拉斯加地區的海象? ?尤其是正處于繁殖期的雌海象,在夏秋季節通常活躍在北極的大片浮冰上。
  8. When using ice packs, wrap the ice pack with a towel before applying it to the skin. never use ice packs for more than 15 minutes

  9. Very open pack ice

  10. Very close pack ice

  11. Close pack ice

  12. Animals adapt to changing conditions, which might mean a shift in population patterns to areas where pack ice is morerobust year - round

  13. Almost nothing grows on their land ; their animals graze on desert bushes ; the people mine ingots of salt from what looks like shimmering pack ice

  14. Adelie penguins live on the antarctic continent and on many small, surrounding coastal islands. they spend the winter offshore in the seas surrounding the antarctic pack ice

  15. “ telltale signs are everywhere ? from the unexpected persistence and thickness of pack ice in the waters around iceland to the southward migration of a warmth - loving creature like the armadillo from the midwest

  16. Here the pack-ice had narrowed the strait to only eight miles mostly surrounded in dense mist.

  17. Out wash cloth or a paste of one teaspoon water and three teaspoons baking soda. treat a bee or wasp sting with an ice pack a few cubes in a plastic bag wrapped in a clean cloth for 20minutes which will bring down pain and swelling

  18. Cold therapy is a type of physiotherapy with direct application of a cold pack or ice water immersion over an affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes, usually 2 to 3 times a day

  19. Starting in july, several thousand walrus abandoned the ice pack for gathering spots known as haulouts between barrow and cape lisburne, a 300 - mile stretch of alaska coastline

  20. Bathing in tubs with warm water helps ease anal pain. applying ice pack can also help relieve pain and swelling in severe case