pack cloth 中文意思是什麼

pack cloth 解釋

  • pack : vt 安插[挑選]自己人充任(委員等);拉攏,收買。 pack a committee 糾集自己人充實委員會。pack cards...
  • cloth : n pl cloths 〈用於 kinds of cloth之意〉, 〈用於 pieces of cloth〈之意〉)1 織物,布類,毛織品,...
  1. Coating machine ( whether two - sided gyro wheel scribble, is it scribble two, flatten to blow the form and two, two hot to dissolve and react the trough the polishing form ) surface processing and manufacturing is antibiotic, defends, waterproof, ventilative to used in not weaving cotton cloth, pack and prevent germs to infect and isolate and use the cloth in food, medical treatment

    塗布機(雙面滾輪塗、單面刮塗二次、壓平及拋光單面二次、兩座熱溶反應槽)用於不織布表面加工製造抗菌、防? 、防水、透氣,食品、醫療包裝和預防病菌傳染隔離用布。
  2. Out wash cloth or a paste of one teaspoon water and three teaspoons baking soda. treat a bee or wasp sting with an ice pack a few cubes in a plastic bag wrapped in a clean cloth for 20minutes which will bring down pain and swelling

  3. I ' ll have to pack the chair out with some more cloth before recovering it

  4. The factory is the one that specially manufactures hydraulic baling presses in china. its products are widely applied in various trades and professions to pack soft fiber materials and iron filings, ( such as cotton fiber, linen, wool, margin of paper, dress, cloth, waste, plastics, separated rubbish, wheat straw, chrysanthemum leaves and so on ), bringing favorable conveniences and considerable economic benefit to custimers for storing and transporting materials

    我廠是國內液壓包裝機械的專業生產廠家,產品廣泛應用於各行業的軟纖維物質的打包和鐵屑的打包(如:棉纖維、亞麻、羊毛、紙邊、服裝、布匹、毛巾、費舊塑料、分撿垃圾、麥草、菊葉等) ,給客戶物資的倉儲和運輸帶來很大的方便和可觀的經濟效益。
  5. Hunan is not only a drunkard who nurture such liquor " genius ", but more importantly : here is 10 : 04, liuyang river the most successful example of the market ; small confused cents, the jiannan, the wine liquor gangsters, the world had a barrel was in hunan, the hunan them or fame, or in lake south score some achievements ; hunan is now the top three luzhou laojiao group of the regional market, luzhou laojiao its unique " pack tactics " make good " exercise, " a lot ; now such as ica, zhijiang these vanguard of the country are also in hunan have cloth ; province strong enterprise the liquor is hua ze xiang pits large groups flourish under the tree gradually

    湖南不僅曾經孕育出了酒鬼這樣的酒業「怪傑」 ,更重要的:這里是金六福、瀏陽河最成功的樣板市場;小糊塗仙、金劍南、酒中酒霸、一桶天下曾經都在湖南叱吒風雲,他們或在湖南一舉成名、或在湖南成就一番事業;現在湖南又是瀘州老窖集團排在前三位的區域市場,瀘州老窖把其特有的「群狼戰術」好好地「演練」了一番;如今諸如郎酒、枝江這些全國化的急先鋒們也都在湖南有布點;省內強勢企業湘窖酒業正在華澤集團的大樹下逐漸茁壯。
  6. Kzb series automatic strapping machine tades polyethylene pleatic band ad the strapping material and is used for commericial. postal. railway, bank, food medical, publications issuing etc. industries to pack and strap cartons, wood boxes, paper packages. wicker cases and cloth pack agers