pacification 中文意思是什麼

pacification 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 平定;綏靖。
2. 媾和(條約),和約。

  1. Intermarriages for pacification in ancient china : its cultural influence

  2. These pacification operations continue to grow

  3. 209 is programmed for urban pacification, but that ' s just a start

  4. When one takes in anion, it is previous in exciting nerves, bettering sleep, pain relieving and pacification

  5. Pacification involves informing the occupied residents about the occupying nation & # 39s policies, and allaying their fears

  6. Cargo ex pacification extremely inferior now under survey we reserve right of claim airmail sealed sample

  7. The landlords imposed very heavy taxes and levies on the people ; the pacification guards of suichuan levied five toll charges along the seventy - li road from huangao to tsaolin, no farm produce being exempt

  8. Defenseless villages are bombarded from the air, the inhabitants driven out into the countryside, the cattle machine - gunned, the huts set on fire with incendiary bullets : this is called pacification

  9. We can use the mm5 model in definite time, definite area weather forecasting. we conclude that : : the moving route of this necw in its developing progress was direct - south along latitude, the cold air is rough, and just this made the rough vertical velocity ; the necw southern moving and conflicting with the west pacification sub - tropical high makes rough jet steam. the plenty south - west warm and wet air made by the jet stream gave the rainstorm demanded vapor ;. the rough vertical velocity by jet stream is a main reason in this rainstorm ; the mm5 model uses four - direction analysis data as its input, this avoids some errors occurred in observe and transfer, thus made the result more useful

    綜合分析認為: ( 1 ) 、這次冷渦在其發生發展過程中,其移動路徑是沿經圈直線南壓,攜帶的冷空氣勢力較強,形成槽后較強的垂直運動; ( 2 ) 、西太平洋副熱帶高壓偏北位置與東北冷渦南壓形成的急流軸,把源源不斷的西南暖濕氣流輸送到遼西地區,也就是急流軸的左前方位置,為這次暴雨的產生提供了充足的水汽來源; ( 3 ) 、低空急流不但為暴雨輸送水汽,其造成的較強的垂直環流也是產生強降水的一個主要原因; ( 4 ) 、 mm5模式以四維同化資料作為初始場,最大限度地避免了觀測誤差可能造成的積分不穩定,提高了模擬結果的參考價值。