passive display 中文意思是什麼

passive display 解釋
  • passive : adj (opp active)1 被動的;守勢的。2 不抵抗的;默從的;消極的。3 【語法】被動語態的;被動式的 (...
  • display : vt 1 顯示;展示,表現出。2 展覽,展出,陳列(商品等);展開(旗幟等),攤開(地圖等)。3 誇示,誇...
  1. Color organic thin film electroluminescence and passive matrix display

  2. The largest it electronics exhibition in china - emex opens on oct. 18, 2006, and walsin technology corporation along with member companies from the passive system alliance, winbond electronics corp, hannstar display and touch - micro system will be jointly exhibiting at the expo

  3. Supported by a project, this thesis presents the technology about passive sonar display and signal detection in design of the sonar display console

  4. The geochemical examination of the sandstones and mudstones from the xikang group has led us to conclude that the debris are derived mostly from the surficial rocks and their overlying deposits on the xikang - yunnan ancient land, and tectonic settings display the transition from the passive continental margin to active continental margin and finally to archipelago

  5. The especial mechanism of signal transmission over internet induces some problems, for instance, time - varying communication delay, dropout and synchronization. firstly, this paper presents some primary problems and related control schemes for internet based telerobotic systems, for example, supervisory control, predictive display control, event based control and passive control, and so on

  6. Liquid crystal and solid state display devices. passive matrix monochrome lcd modules. blank detail specification

  7. With diversified teaching display, the center is divided into four major passive exhibition areas to introduce the development history of tap water and various water resources. there are also active games like multi - media interactive facilities, audio - visual facilities, bubble machine, water saving millionaire, etc, as well as experiment demonstration at the water fun corner, so as to tell you the preciousness of tap water

  8. Liquid crystal and solid - state display devices - part 2 - 1 : passive matrix monochrome lcd modules - blank detail specification

    液晶和固體顯示器.第2 - 1部分:無源矩陣單色液晶顯示模件.空白詳細規范
  9. Liquid crystal and solid - state display devices - part 2 - 1 : passive matrix monochrome lcd modules ; blank detail specification iec 61747 - 2 - 1 : 1998 ; german version en 61747 - 2 - 1 : 2001

    液晶和固體顯示器.第2 - 1部分:無源矩陣單色液晶顯示模