photoelectric devices 中文意思是什麼

photoelectric devices 解釋
  1. On the base of studying imaging theory of lens, the imaging theory of laser confocal scanning microscopy was analyzed in detail in this paper, and the advancement of that the optical fiber was applied to the system was described ; on the base of completed the demonstration for whole project, the experiment scheme was designed ; the relationship between the main parameters of key devices and the resolution was deduced, and the requirements of coupling efficiency and vignetting effects to optical system was analyzed ; the design of optical system and the planar scanning controlling circuit was completed ; a new method was put forward to resolved the inherent non - liner scanning problem of the galvanometer scanner by using software liner controlling in circuit design, and the perfect planar scanning was realized ; at last the low noise, high multiple and non - distortion amplify circuit of photoelectric detector was completed

  2. 1. photoelectric auto tracing and error correction devices

  3. This machine adopts a non - contact measurement method. all kinds of inspection devices such as photoelectric switch, laser measuring sensors and super voice wave measuring sensors etc are used in the measurement progress

  4. The conventional quadrants sensors mainly have 4 or 8 quadrants, which are not integrated with the signal processing circuits in one chip but are soldered with the discrete signal processing circuits. in this way, it ' s difficult to realize the micromation and system optimization of the devices. in addition, there are few number of photoelectric sensor parts in conventional quadrants sensors, which limits the targets information got from the conventional quadrants sensors

  5. In this thesis, the structure, preparation method and basic properties of embedded nano - composite materials and photo luminescence of nanocrystalline silicon have been summarized. research of photoelectric devices using several kinds of silicon - based nano - materials has also been presented

  6. We also prepared some photoelectric devices and explore the mechanisms of photovoltaic conversion and electroluminescence

  7. Ccd ( charge coupled devices ) is a semiconductor photoelectric device with particular performance, which is applied widely in some fields such as camera and industry measurement and so on recently

    Ccd (電荷耦合器件)是一種性能獨特的半導體光電器件,近年來在攝像、工業檢測等科技領域里得到了廣泛的應用。
  8. Due to their good electric conduction and luminescence, people investigate mainly preparation of photoelectric devices and luminescent diodes in these years. less studies on nonlinear optical properties were reported

  9. Abstract : a robot slide sensor based on photoelectric devices is introduced in this paper. the sensor is mounted on a soft - grabbing control system. the experimental results are also presented

  10. Charge coupled devices ( ccd ) is a photoelectric device with high performance, which is widely applied in many areas, including astronomical imaging, entertainment and manufacturing, etc. the geometrical measure with ccd has an advantage on achieving high accuracy, dynamic detection and non - contact measurement

    電荷耦合器件( ccd )是一種高性能的半導體光電器件,近年來在天文攝像、消費電子、工業檢測等領域里得到了廣泛的應用。將ccd技術應用於幾何量測量可以實現高精度、在線動態檢測和非接觸測量等要求。
  11. But the power electronic devices in pwm power amplifier are working in the on - off state, easily producing the over - voltage and over - current phenomena. under tht condition the power electronic devices are bearing higher dv / dt, di / dt and more energy losses, influencing itself capability and life - span. at the same time, the dv / dt, di / dt also cause the severe electromagnetism disturbances, such as the disturbances in the photoelectric theodolite will make the other systems working improperly

    然而在pwm功率放大器的主迴路中電力電子器件工作在開關狀態,易產生過壓、過流現象,器件承受較高dv dt 、 di dt並產生較大的損耗,影響器件本身的性能和壽命,同時dv dt 、 di dt還會產生嚴重的電磁干擾,如在光學測量設備中,這種干擾將會影響其它系統正常運行。
  12. The star calibration system, which is one of methods to calibrate precision and adjust tolerance of tracing and measuring devices in fields, has been widely applied to high precision tracing and measuring devices such as photoelectric theodolites, radars, etc. combining with many researching fields such as astronomy, computer control technology, communication, science engineering algorithm, etc, star calibration software have characteristics of large size, long development period, etc, but their inherent coherence and constant establish the base of abstract and reuse

  13. The procedure to obtain the precise sum from the mechanical, photoelectric, electromagnetic or electronic input or probing devices