pharmaceutical sales 中文意思是什麼

pharmaceutical sales 解釋
  • pharmaceutical : adj. 1. 制藥(學)上的。2. 藥劑師的。3. 應用藥物的。n. 藥物。adv. -ly
  • sales : (銷售收入):因銷售商品而向顧客收取的款項,包括現銷和賒銷。
  1. Company owing to thorough but original comprehension of chinese market, constellate the chinese and foreign marketing essence, from create a set of marketing mode of " a half of supermarket tread " of. the marketing mode of the usage " a half of supermarket tread ", the company turns to circulate the realm in the agriculture from zero starts, only use ten years to become the flagship of the profession for the development, once bring about numerous sale storms in the industry, drive for the miracle of the chinese and foreign marketing history. a manager of the company sale sung spring scenes the sir is a chinese agriculture to turn the experienced marketing expert of market, serving as the united states at the same time, new zealand etc. the country well - known several marketing advisers of pharmaceutical factory of company and domestic and the market sales plan the person

  2. For optek sales, candidate must be familiar with beer brewery industry. other industries like petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar and biotechnology industries will be an added advantage

  3. Sanofi ' s move reflects the rapidly growing importance of china in the pharmaceutical landscape - - as a centre for basic research, clinical trials, production and future sales

  4. Pavay gene pharmaceutical co. ltd is an high - tech enterprise specialized in genetic medicine ' s research and development, production and sales

  5. I, ii, iii, medical equipment, electronic products, telecommunications equipment ; medical, pharmaceutical technology development and equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance ; the development of health food products ; computer software development and hardware sales ; network system integration, medical data system

  6. Under the environment in which market economy is maturing and market competition gets intensified, most of the state - owned medical and pharmaceutical circulation enterprises failed to adjust their operation strategies according to the fast - changing markets. therefore, these companies reported decrease in their profit despite increase in their sales volume

  7. May anxiously expect the ideal sales promotion of institution product, souvenir and gift as heavy section such as every important market, supermarket, finance, telecommunication, petroleum, electric power, aviation, railroad, cigarette factory, brewery, pharmaceutical factory as a result

  8. A pharmaceutical salesman plugs into his car stereo the new cassette from the company sales training center

  9. Focusing on developing the medicine and modern traditional chinese medicine industries, the group has formed a clearly defined medicine and chinese medicine development platform straddling shanghai and hong kong. it owns more than 40 pharmaceutical manufacturing, sales and research organizations locally and abroad, and is aiming at becoming one of the biggest medical enterprise groups in china

  10. Deregulation is progressing in this sector through the revision of the pharmaceutical affairs law, which no longer requires sales permits for marketing general medical devices that pose the lowest - level risks in vitro diagnostic devices, x - ray films, etc.

  11. Having about 10, 000 sets of advanced manufacturing machines and analytical instruments, 7000 cubic meters fermentation tonnage and brand - new gmp approved workshops for solid and liquor finished dosage forms and apis, producing more than 350 varieties and specifications of all kinds of medical products, adding to complete quality analysis and quality assurance system, nationwide sales net work and fast - growing international business, topfond is playing a more and more important role in chinese pharmaceutical industry and in the world as well

    公司擁有國內外先進生產設備、分析儀器近萬臺(套) , 7000立方米的抗生素發酵噸位,嶄新的針劑、片劑及原料藥gmp車間,生產350多個不同規格類型的產品,具有完善的質量檢驗和質量保證系統,銷售網路覆蓋全國,並積極向全球拓展,所有這些都表明天方在中國乃至全球醫藥行業正在起著越來越重要的作用。
  12. At the final part of the paper, implementing suggestions are proposed on agent management, enhancing the use of the sale expenditure, approving and control, improving the management of return product carry out elimination system for sales team, and research and development for medicine. it will give some reference for yantai zhongya pharmaceutical company

  13. The business scope of the company shall be the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery and relevant equipment and spare parts, development of relevant technologies and sales of self - produced products

  14. Liye pharmaceutical always lays its focus on quality of its products and has established a practical and effective quality assurance system, which has brought wide and high reputation to the products of liye that are widely accepted by the market for stable quality, good price and remarkable efficacy, such as chaxinnamin pian with extremely high share of market and weiyou pian of gold prize for top sales in 2001

  15. The synthesis of enantiomerically pure compounds is becoming increasingly important for research and development in chemistry and biochemistry, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, as chiral drugs now represent close to one - third of all pharmaceutical sales of world wide

  16. Success stories from nj s technology business incubators - j - star research, which operates from the enterprise development center incubator in newark, specializes in custom chemical synthesis for large pharmaceutical companies. they entered the incubator with only the 2 principals and 0 in sales and graduated with eleven technical people and 2 million in sales

    他們在newark培訓中心的實驗室最初只有1800平方英尺,現已擴展到10000平方英尺,在"畢業"后,他們便成為世界級的超級"化學實驗室" ,接受培訓的是兩位主要的負責人,剛開始時他們的年收入為0 ,接受培訓之後,他們公司有了11位技術人員和200萬美元的年收入。
  17. As the first developer and manufacturer of norfloxacin eye drops, ciprofloxacin eye drops and artificial tears, liye pharmaceutical is determined to be a celebrated listed company with 3 years efforts relying on brand - new business idea, normative marketing management and high performance sales network

  18. According to the empirical results, we find the characteristic of pharmaceutical manufacture and sales representative have significant positive effects on the trust, the trust of institutional buyer and the trust of sales representative have positive effects on each other, and the trust of institutional buyer and the trust of sales representative have significant positive effects on relation continuity

  19. Pharmaceutical development ( excluding pharmaceuticals production, marketing ), food production sales

    藥業研製(不含藥品生產、銷售) ,食品生產銷售。
  20. Pharmacy is an industry which have high tech, more devotion and high return. along with the drug management being more and more criterion and being combined with international, and being up against enormous medicine market, it is concerned by each pharmaceutical industry that how to sell their product in the permitted area by policy. however up to now, there are no any mode and theory about prescription drug marketing to be used for reference, so pharmaceutical company need a series of marketing strategy theory to instruct prescription drug sales