nadir 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['neidiə, -də]
nadir 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 天底〈天體觀測者腳下正中點〉 (opp. zenith)。
2. 最下點,最低點。
3. 最低溫度。

  1. Modern campaign is physiological consider to make clear, the apogee of human body physical strength and nadir suffer airframe " biological clock " control, reach a peak in the dusk commonly

  2. In the, sandwichman, distributor of throwaways, nocturnal vagrant, insinuating sycophant, maimed sailor, blind stripling, superannuated bailiff s man, marfeast, lickplate, spoilsport, pickthank, eccentric public laughingstock seated on bench of public park under discarded perforated umbrella. destitution : the inmate of old man s house royal hospital, kilmainham, the inmate of simpson s hospital for reduced but respectable men permanently disabled by gout or want of sight. nadir of misery : the aged impotent disfranchised ratesupported moribund lunatic pauper

    行乞方面:欺詐成性的破產者,對每一英磅的欠款只有一先令四便士的微乎其微的償還能力者,廣告人,撒傳單的,夜間的流浪漢,巴結求寵的諂媚者,缺胳膊短腿的水手,雙目失明的青年,為法警跑腿的老朽318 ,宴會乞丐,舔盤子的,專掃人興的,馬屁精,撐著一把撿來的凈是窟窿的傘,坐在公園的長凳上,成為公眾笑料的怪人。
  3. Healthy maw is relatively fixed going up celiac, when the person stands, gastric nadir cannot exceed below hilum 2 horizontal strokes to point to ( point to ) of gastric small turn

    健康人的胃相對固定在上腹腔,當人站立時,胃的最低點不能超過臍下二橫指(指胃小彎) 。
  4. His fortune was at its nadir.

  5. The demand for this product will reach its nadir within two years.

  6. It felt as if we had traveled from nadir to zenith

  7. The episode may prove to have been the firm ' s nadir

  8. In 1995, the government ' s tax revenue as a share of gdp reached a nadir of 9. 9 %

    1995年,政府稅收在gdp份額中的比例跌到9 . 9 %的最低點。
  9. At the nadir of

  10. The market ' s nadir at the end of last year says mr. li, was defined by what it did not do : react to favorable news

  11. Temperature rises when reaching highest peak, reaching is oviposit period is gotten on for ; when dropping to the nadir, temperature drops is menses

  12. The us currency has fallen 4. 5 per cent against the euro this year and 4 per cent against sterling, hitting a new 26 - year nadir against the pound last week

    今年迄今,美元兌歐元和英鎊匯率已分別下跌4 . 5 %和4 % ,美元兌英鎊匯率甚至在上周觸及了26年來最低水平。
  13. On the contrary, an object reaches its lowest position when passing through the semi - circle which includes the nadir and the nearest celestial pole, and this phenomenon is called lower culmination

  14. When the persian king nadir shah 1688 - 1747 ce invaded and captured delhi in 1739, many people, including urdu writers, left delhi and settled in lucknow, which soon developed as the new hub of urdu literature

    當波斯國王nadir shah 1688 - 1747 1739年侵略了和奪取了德里,許多人,包括urdu作家,左德里和安定了在lucknow ,很快顯現出作為urdu文學新插孔。
  15. Through identifying better and apperceiving earlier organizational politics behaviors, in order to reduce all sorts of kickbacks to nadir, in our research according to ferris organizational politics perception model, combining the practice of key disciplines of the university, based on integrated, scientific, objective, precise, measurable principle, we construct cause and effect model of knowledge - intensive organizational politics perception

  16. For instance, the nadir that the body absorbs oxygen tolerance is in afternoon 6 : 00 ; the heart beats and the adjustment of blood pressure is in afternoon 5 : 00 to 6 : 00 between most evenly, and body smell, touch, vision also be in afternoon 5 : 00 to 7 : 00 between the most sensitive

    比如,身體吸收氧氣量的最低點在下午6 : 00 ;心臟跳動和血壓的調節在下午5 : 00到6 : 00之間最平衡,而身體嗅覺、觸覺、視覺等也在下午5 : 00到7 : 00之間最敏感。
  17. Chief ali mohammad 1721 - 48 of rohilla tribe, a pakhtun tribe from afghanistan, were allies of nadir shah and was awarded bareilly and surrounding territories

    首要阿里mohammad 1721 - 48 rohilla部落,一個pakhtun部落從阿富汗,是最低點shah盟友和被授予了bareilly和周圍的疆土。
  18. 2. a series of algorithm and program for tangent correction, radiant correction have been developed, the tangent distortion and the difference between limb radiance and sub - airplane point ( nadir ) radiance was corrected well

  19. In terms of performance, the group starts at a level slightly below the sum of the individuals ' levels and then drops abruptly to its nadir until it climbs during norming to a new level of performing which is ( hopefully ) well above the start

    表現在曲線上,最初團隊水準略微低於團隊中個人水準的總合,然後在震蕩階段跌落最低點,在經歷規范到表現階段之後就會有所突破(希望是這樣) 。