cruising 中文意思是什麼

cruising 解釋
  1. A cruiser is cruising in the baltic sea

  2. Fountaine - pajot is the world ' s number one builder of cruising catamarans

  3. Seems like yesterday, i was cruising down chico way

  4. We will continue to look out for opportunities to invest in megaships which are custom designed for freestyle cruising, a concept we innovated in contemporary cruising, " continued dato lim kok thay

  5. College fjord cruising

  6. Boats on water, cruising in royal garden, green water, green trees, and you feel surprised by a sudden piece of red, just like kermes on fairy ' s face

    輕舟蕩水,在御花苑的山水之中漫遊,入眼都碧水、綠樹,忽然一株桃紅閃現在這一片綠中,彷彿仙女臉上的那一抹胭脂,頓時為它「驚艷」 。
  7. Up to this point we had been cruising down newell avenue, which in those days a two - lane road lined with oak trees

  8. When allowance is made for the separate auxiliary load the consumption can rise to nearly 1 ib / shp hour and this is generally about 20 % better than the overall fuel consumption of a steam plant at cruising speed

    當考慮分開的輔機負荷時,其耗油率幾乎能增加到1磅/軸馬力小時,一般來說比蒸汽裝置的巡航總油耗大約多20 % 。
  9. If the burrow is in devon, that implies a cruising speed of 900 m. p. h. ? so the sonic boom would make them highly conspicuous even if they were invisible

    如果陋居在德文郡,那意味著900英里每小時的巡航速度? ?因此即使他們是看不見的,音爆會使他們非常顯著!
  10. Designed primarily as an anti - submarine warfare platform, with a long cruising range and underway replenishment capabilities, udaloy class ships provide support to surface task forces

  11. But instead of being called travelers, they are known as tourists and they are seen all over the world floating down the amazon, cruising to alas - ka, flying from timbuktu to easter island, and taking pictures of norwegian churches and pakistani costumes

  12. Tilt - rotor aircraft combine the vertical takeoff and landing ( vtol ) capability of helicopters with the high speed performance of turboprop airplanes. located at the tips of the wing, the prop - rotors act as helicopter rotors when flying vertically and as airplane propellers in cruising flight

  13. Cruising in the whitsundays, besides the fringing coral reefs is all about beautiful islands with sandy beaches

  14. This gentleman, on january 12, 2006, was cruising up the coastline of california when he went to check out a lobster trap, and as he did, he fell overboard. his boat drifted away and he was left in the pacific fending for his life. the events that took place and the way god touched his life is truly miraculous

  15. Activities on canals, rivers, lakes and reservoirs are becoming increasingly popular and for this we must thank the british waterways board, which as part of its work maintains 1760 km of cruising waterways for navigation, about 960 km of other waterways and some 90 reservoirs

    在運河、河流、湖泊和水庫上運動正日趨大眾化,為此我們應感謝不列顛水道董事會,他們的部分工作包括1760千米的巡迴灌溉水道, 960千米其他水道和約90座水庫。
  16. Citation - cj1 4 - 5 - seat twin - engine business jet is produced by usa cessna aircraft company. its maximum cruising speed is 704km / h, practical ceiling is 12497m, and maximum range is 2700km

    獎狀cj - 1飛機是美國賽斯那飛機公司研製生產的4 - 5座雙發噴氣公務機,最大巡航速度704公里/小時,實用升限12497米,最大航程2700公里。
  17. The wu gorge is gifted with exquisite peaks and lush mountains and ranges. it s deep and serene with changeable weather. the rolling river twists and turns and boats zigzag their way along, as if cruising in a fantastic gallery

  18. Once we ' ve reached cruising altitude and the captain turns off

  19. Continue climb to cruising altitude, report passing 3 and 7

  20. The stakes are as high as the aircraft ' s cruising altitude