spis 中文意思是什麼

spis 解釋
  1. Let s look at the public apis and spis in more detail

    讓我更詳細地看一下公共api和spi 。
  2. Development of spis following scientific development principle

  3. The spis are divided into three categories, addressing the following topics

  4. In this article, we introduce the various apis and spis that comprise the toolkit

    )在本文中,我們介紹了該工具包中的各種api和spi 。
  5. The toolkit does this by providing a number of public apis and spis in java

  6. The spis provide hooks into the lotus workplace extension services, namely the mail and instant messaging extensions in the first release

    Spi在第一個版本中涉及了lotus workplace extension服務,即郵件和即時消息擴展。
  7. At the same time, there are two service provider interfaces spis that give access to the system extensions, such as mail and instant messaging

    同時,有兩個service provider interface ( spi ) ,提供了對系統擴展的訪問,如郵件和即時消息。
  8. The websphere portal programming model consists of various apis, spis, jsp taglibs, and descriptors that let you customize the aggregation steps at different levels

    Websphere portal編程模型包含各種api 、 spi 、 jsp taglib和描述符,它們可以讓您在不同級別自定義聚合步驟。
  9. There are tutorials in the works by the author, which will take you step - by - step through some of the apis and spis as part of the lotus workplace products api toolkit 1. 0

    作者正在計劃編寫教程,這些教程將帶您一步一步地了解作為lotus workplace products api toolkit 1 . 0一部分的api和spi 。
  10. After looking at the various apis and spis of the lotus workplace api toolkit, let s focus on what s required to implement custom application components for the ibm workplace server again

    看完lotus workplace api toolkit的各種api和spi之後,我們再集中精力來看為ibm workplace服務器實現自定義應用程序組件所需的步驟。
  11. Software measurement is the basic of software process improvement, an improved software measurement model ? gqam model is presented in this thesis. methods used in the measurement are introduced. system structure of a basic software process improvement and measurement tool ? spis is designed and developed