currency codes 中文意思是什麼

currency codes 解釋
  • currency : n. 1. 通貨。2. 通用,流通,流傳,傳播。3. 市價,行情。4. 流通時間。
  • codes : 規范
  1. Currency exchange rate international country codes the rules of custom zip code e - calendar world clock measurement conversion

  2. Call and java language support for discovering local currency codes

  3. Currency format is usually composed of a locale, currency name, currency subunits, currency symbol, positive format, negative format, currency codes, and currency separators

  4. At the end of this paper, the configure process of the ssl protocol is given. based on acme, the typical implementation of form digital signature software framework is put forward. on the basis of component diagram, some typical source codes of the business component are listed and the template description of the currency interface component is showed. the modeling idea and solution are proved to be effective

  5. Then, the author has advanced a model of uniform layout manager of web sithage managerthe model advance ( l ) page architect ' ure system analysis method ; ( 2 ) model description of separaing business codes from ui codes and dynaxnic page layout ; ( 3 ) providing encapsulation method of currency application of web sitc

    模型中給出了: ( 1 )對網頁頁面結構的系統分析、劃分方法; ( 2 )描述了解決用戶界面代碼和業務邏輯功能代碼分離以及頁面動態布局的模型; ( 3 )提供了對通用性很強的應用程序的封裝方法。
  6. The availability of a representative fixing for the spot usd hkd exchange rate will be conducive to the further development of the hkd - related currency products in hong kong, said mr eddie tan, chairman of the tmas codes and standards committee, which developed the fixing in consultation with market participants