crystalline form 中文意思是什麼

crystalline form 解釋
  • crystalline : adj. 水晶的,由水晶做成的;結晶的,【化、礦】結晶質的;透明的。n. 結晶質,結晶體,晶態;(眼球)水晶體。
  • form : n 1 形態;形狀;樣子,外貌;【哲學】形式 (opp content)。2 人影,物影。3 格式;表格紙 (= 〈美...
  1. The proteins and bhytic acid are present in crystalline form in the dormant seed

  2. In that sort of half reverie which permits one to participate in an event and yet remain quite aloof, the little detail which was lacking began obscurely but insistently to coagulate, to assume a freakish, crystalline form, like the frost which gathers on the windowpane

  3. Those cells that do die, perhaps in the transmutation process ( along with other toxins unnecessary to the crystalline form ) are filtered out by two of these four new organs which grow slightly above the hipbone, expanding the size of the lower belly

  4. Abstract : methanesulfonic acid method was used to prepare five acylated chitins. except heptanoyl chitin, four of them, i. e. acetyl chitin, propionyl chitin, butyryl chitin and hexanoyl chitin, had high degree of substitution ( from 1. 5 to 2. 0 ) and exhibited lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior and cholesteric phase. as the length of the side chain increased the critical concentration ( w / w ) somewhat increased from 0. 21 to 0. 26 because the chain rigidity dropped. the critical concentration values of all the four derivatives were much higher than that of chitin ( 0. 12 ) due to the decrease of intramolecular hydrogen bonds. the four acylated chitin can form typical banded texture after being sheared. there minimum concentrations to form banded texture of them were evidently different, varied from 0. 25 ( for acetyl chitin ) to 0. 37 ( for hexanoyl chitin ). these results further indicated that liquid crystallinity decreased while the length of flexible side substituents increased

  5. Study of polypropylene modified by crystalline form nucleating agent and m - hos whisker

  6. Cheese bread is high in cholesterol to assist in the ascension into the crystalline form

  7. Subacute and chronic hemorrhage contains variable amounts of hemosiderin, the intralysosomal crystalline storage form of heme iron

  8. Product this getting wet pouch active mt of packaging completely, main raw materials active mt one natural having special crystallization layers of silicate clay ore of form scarce, sublimated and processed and succeeded by special technology, one layer of forms tetrahedron and octahedra chip of it are arranged into six mao net, cause the crystalline grain to expand after absorbing water, pick up the moisture, get rid of oxygen, keeps fresh, anticorro sion, long result function, it is a kind of healthy green environmentally safe product

    本品是透濕性小袋包裝的活性mt ,主要原料活性mt是一種天然稀有的具特殊結晶層狀的硅酸鹽粘土礦,經特殊技術提純加工而成,它的層狀四面體和八面體晶片排成六角網格,吸水后引起晶格膨脹,具吸濕、除氧、保鮮、防蝕、長效功能,是一種健康綠色環保產品。
  9. Such grid work is then rewoven inside of the etheric body to allow the related portions of the form that have decayed or scarred to become crystalline

  10. The requirement of chi in a crystalline form and crystalline grid work is far greater than prior times in one " s life dance, and therefore an entire chakra now is dedicated to monitoring such energy movement so that all parts of the form are equally energized to sustain the life and well being of the cells

  11. The crystalline cellular structure is the original form that one ' s ancient red ancestors held that knew a 2000 year lifespan ; ascending into this cellular structure regenerates that which has become decayed in one ' s life, and one literally rolls the clock backwards in time, de - aging and de - compressing the form. ( see " ascending into regenerative biology " for more information on the crystalline form

    水晶細胞結構是擁有2000年壽命的紅族祖先的起源形體,提升到這一細胞結構將能重生已腐化的肌體,顧名思義,就是將時鐘的指針向後撥轉,抗老化及對身體反壓縮(有關水晶形體的更多信息,請看「提升到重生的生物體」 ) 。
  12. Crystalline form is known as “ unity biology ”

    水晶形態被稱作「統一生物體」 。
  13. He experimented first with water from a pure source in japan. the picture revealed a beautiful crystalline form

    首先他採取日本某個純凈水源進行實驗,所拍攝的照片顯示出美麗的結晶形狀照片1 。
  14. In this dissertation, two kinds of polyazomethines ( pam ) / nylon 6 in situ polymerization composites with different rigidity of pam are synthesized through anionic polymerization. the crystalline forms and melting behavior are characterized by waxd, ft - ir and dsc. the results show that a is still the main crystalline form of composites

    通過waxd 、 ft - ir及dsc ,對復合材料的晶態結構及熔融行為進行了初步表徵,結果表明復合材料的主體仍為晶型, pam的加入並沒有改變基體的基本晶型。
  15. The blood sugar feeds the crystalline cellular structure, which has a much higher metabolic rate, so much higher in fact that you could not eat enough to sustain the crystalline form

  16. A change of phase, however, is a more fundamental change of physical form, as from a liquid to a vapor, or a change from one crystalline form to another

  17. I intend that my ascension come fully into the physical with the biological modifications to the crystalline form occurring in all organs, glands and systems

  18. In addition to the diaphragm, there are four new organs that serve a unique purpose to the crystalline form and the process of ascension that grow the further you ascend

  19. Regeneration beyond the first 12 strands of dna requires a new biochemistry that is known as the “ crystallineform

  20. With the addition of nucleating agent, the crystallinity increased, resulted in higher rigidity and lower impact strength than those of pure pp ; while with the addition of - nucleating agent, the relative content of crystalline form of special sheaf - like structure increased and resulted in increase of impact strength and the toughness