tabasco 中文意思是什麼

tabasco 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 塔巴斯哥(墨西哥州名)。
2. 塔巴斯哥辣沙司。

  1. Recharge on spicy jambalaya, swim in hearty bowls of gumbo, pour tabasco on the worlds best oysters and refine the art of pinching the tail and sucking the head

    Named desire ,因而名聲大噪,而它通往的終點站就叫「慾望」 ,是個赤貧落魄的地段。
  2. Guest : would you bring me a tabasco and pepper powder

  3. Yeah. i like tabasco on mine

  4. Well, that tabasco ' s got no kick

  5. Appear idyllic. vulture full melons and fruits, tabasco etc., the pellet are full in work, aesthetic feeling of having countless rich fruits

  6. With floodwaters stretching clear across the gulf coast state of tabasco and food and drinking water scarce, health officials warned against cholera and other waterborne diseases