sculpture park 中文意思是什麼

sculpture park 解釋
  • sculpture : n 1 雕刻(術);雕塑(術)。2 雕像;雕刻[塑]物[品]。3 【動、植】(好像雕刻成的)刻紋;【地質學;...
  • park : n 帕克〈姓氏〉。n 1 公園,…場。2 圃囿;【英法】(國王特許的)獵園。3 〈美國〉街頭廣場;〈美國〉運...
  1. A guide shows a sculpture made by a burkina faso artist out of a dead tree on saturday at the entrance to a park nestled at the heart of burkina faso ' s capital ouagadougou

  2. The company mainly manages : each kind of import, domestically produced stone, the different molding, the decoration craft board, the sculpture in the round, the relief, the line carve and the city botanical garden sculpture, the ancient temple, the image of buddha, the character, the animal carving, center western - style place and so on memorial park, western - style construction carving, instalment as well as glass fiber reinforced plastic

  3. Our business container : planning of landscape architecture design of urban planning design of park and greening, design of resort building, design of chinese classical garden, design of civil and industrial building, building adornment and interior design, urban sculpture, manufacture of landscape art, turnkey job construction, construction supervision, technical consultation

    業務范圍包括:風景園林規劃、環境綠化設計、城市規劃設計、旅遊建築設計(賓館渡假村、別墅等) 、中國古典園林設計、工業與民用建築設計、建築裝飾、室內裝潢設計、城市雕塑、景觀藝術設計製作、工程總承包、工程建設監理、工程技術咨詢服務。
  4. Cha - ha - mu aboriginal park and the museum of aboriginal culture were origionated from the aboriginal people - zhou race looking for their roots and developed their aboriginal culture. there are a square for aboriginal songs and dances, aboriginal stone and wooden sculpture, a flagstone stage and a watchtower

  5. Mokpo s tear tombstone, nojeokbong ( mountain top ), orchid pavilion, mokpo poetry company ( building ), sculpture park, fishermen s garden, the national ocean museum, folk cultural building, namnong memorial hall, gatbawi ( rock )

  6. Note 2 : due to the area limitation, it ' s planned that the parking lot, food and beverage service area etc should be combined with the sculpture park to minimize the service area in branch ; the gathering and distributing plaza for visitors, road and treatment tank etc should be considered separately

    注2 :因基地面積有限,擬與雕塑公園共用停車場、餐飲、休息、購物等設施,盡量減少館內管理服務面積;另需考慮觀眾參觀集散廣場、道路、污水處理池等設施。
  7. Parking area ; at least 20 buss berth for the visitors in groups, 50 small vehicle berths for internal usage ; small vehicle of visitors can park at the public underground car park in the sculpture park

  8. Other facilities at the park are a giant indoor outdoor pool, a sculpture garden, bird lake, aviary and conservation corner

  9. Admission is free and the museum is open between 10am and 5pm daily except tuesdays and some public holidays. other mid - 19th century barracks became the park s visual arts centre, which houses an exhibition gallery, lecture hall and nine artist s studios for ceramics, sculpture and printmaking

  10. With the steps of reformation and opening up, having experienced rains and winds of over ten years, nowadays the company has become a comprehensive garden sculpture company integrating stone carving, stone inscription, sculpture of stainless steel, rockery, fountain, pavilion and green of corridor park

  11. Hong kong visual arts centre also located inside hong kong park. the facilities, including working studio, exhibition hall & seminar rooms, are for artists specializing in the fields of sculpture, printmaking and pottery works

  12. The yucai middle school and old private residential building is located at the west, 1st phase of sculpture park at the south, underground substation at the east and shanhaiguan road at the north

  13. The 1st phase of the sculpture park has started and should be completed at end of the 2007 ; the large scale underground substation has started, should be completed at end of the 2009 ; the m5 railway traffic lane should pass the west side of the lot

  14. The vigeland sculpture park in oslo - norway ' s biggest park designed by sculptor vigeland, the midnight sun during summer in northern norway, the beautiful city of bergen - norway ' s second largest city, and the fjords

    奧斯陸的維格蘭雕刻公園? ?那是由雕刻家維格蘭設計的、挪威最大的公園;挪威北部夏季的午夜陽光;美麗的卑爾根市? ?那是挪威第二大城市;以及峽灣地區。
  15. Established in mar. 10, 2004, and the number of existing staff in the company is 25, in which professional technician account for 80 %, the company undertake the business of fit up engineering concerning park, sculpture, iron techniques, colour steel and decorations of indoor and outdoor facing the three northeast provinces

    成立於2004年3月10日,該公司有員工25人,技術及專業人員佔80 % ,該公司面項東三省承攬園林、雕塑、鐵藝、采鋼及室內外裝飾裝修工程業務。
  16. The park occupies an area of 12, 500sq m, with streams, hills and pavilions adding to the beauty of the garden. architectural ornaments such as terracotta sculpture, woodwork and stone carvings all originate from lingnan

  17. While many people prefer to travel during the national day vacation, young music lovers from all over the country gathered in beijing to enjoy four days ' live music at the 2004 midi modern music festival, which was held from october 1 to 4 at the beijing international sculpture park

    雖然許多人更願意利用國慶長假出遊,但全國各地的年輕樂迷卻齊聚北京,參加於10月1日到4日在北京國際雕塑園舉行的「 2004迷笛現代音樂節」 ,盡享4天的現場音樂之旅。
  18. This massive park includes a discovery playground, theme areas, an open - air sculpture area, chinese - style garden, a bird lake and aviary maze and an indoor heated swimming pool