t-shirt 中文意思是什麼

t-shirt 解釋
n. 名詞 〈美國〉1. 短袖圓領汗衫。
2. 圓領運動衫。

  • t : 中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • shirt : n. 1. (男式)襯衫。2. (仿男式的)女用襯衫。3. 內衣;汗衫。
  1. Dressed casually in a bright green t - shirt, jeans, shades and a black cap pulled down low, jay could have blended in with the young and hip crowd

    周杰倫的打扮非常悠閑,他穿這綠色的t恤,牛仔褲,墨鏡,黑色的帽子壓得低低的,滲出年輕和憂郁(是這樣的意思嗎? )
  2. He was wearing a white t - shirt and a pair of blue jeans

  3. Our products include various types of biodegradable shopping bags, garbage bags, t - shirt vest bags and dead body bags, etc made from pla enbiomat phb mater - bi pha phbv etc

  4. The deceased was wearing a grey white t - shirt, blue jeans with a brown belt and a pair of sports shoes in black and red colour when found

  5. Explore the unique shops of the centrum. whether you want to buy a t - shirt for your niece or jewelry for someone special, you ' ll find it onboard

  6. She was last seen wearing a light brown t - shirt and a denim skirt

  7. You ain ' t gotta wear no fishnet. you could just wear a t - shirt

  8. Shorts or t - shirt with slogans / large - letter advertising, sweat suits and pants, gallus vest or strapless sun dresses, jeans, short pants, hats, sandals, athletic shoes and hike boots are not allowed in business occasion

  9. Their products are embroidered knitted wear, cotton knitted children ' s wear series, t - shirt and sportswear which are mainly exported to the areas such as japan, europe and hongkong and so on

    產品有手工、電腦刺繡和印花針織衫,棉針織童裝系列, t恤衫,休閑服飾等,產品主要銷往日本、歐州、香港等地區。
  10. About us we are engaged in design, producing and marketing of various t - shirt, knitting sports wears, golf knitting wears, windbreakers, acetate taffeta p d, tatting sports wears, etc for units and groups

  11. I, clad in a cool summer nightie, and grampy, his sleeveless t - shirt, sat watching the traffic

  12. Postal dress part 5 : outworker t - shirt

  13. Meimei permian wear t - shirt games - 4455 miniclip games

    美眉t恤疊穿小游戲- 4399小游戲
  14. She was wearing glasses, a red short - sleeve t - shirt, blue jeans, black and orange colour socks and a pair of sport shoes in black and white colour

  15. It can be used for many time but most suitable for once - off disposal purposed like take away bags, trash garbage bags, t - shirt bags etc. biodegradable singlet bag

  16. Shopping bags : hard handle, die cut handle, string handle, drawstring, garbage bags, table - clothes, food bags, garment cover, and vest carrier t - shirt bags, singlet bags etc

  17. Our company is manufacture which could make coral fleece, knitting fabric ( including anti - pilling double - brushed dyeing polarfleece, velvet type, mesh type, cotton type, aircoat type, ribbing type, fake sherpa, cotton stockinette, etc. ), finery ( including bathrobe, night gown, jogging set, t - shirt, jacket etc. ), home textile production ( blanket, pillow, bedspread ) & accessories ( such as sleeping bag, scarf, gloves, cushion etc

  18. Be widely used transfer paper, with a fresh and firmly color, suitable for all kinds of textile materials, just like : t - shirt, mountaineering cloth, sport dress, jeans wear and suitcase etc

  19. Bethel may satisfy man s need for wear completely. besides of suit, overcoat, west trousers, shirt, necktie and etc. traditional formal wears, we also have jacket, casual suit, t - shirt and etc. casual wears. in addition, we have underclothes, socks and etc. assistant product

  20. Ure cotton t - shirt and long pants for casual wear