swingle 中文意思是什麼

swingle 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 打麻器,打麻棍;(連枷的)打禾棍。
2. 〈美俚〉風流的獨身者。
vt. 及物動詞 用打麻器打[打制]。

  1. The singers, therefore, should ideally have a strong sense of humour, to the point of having the comedian or the clown in them. the highly successful combos such as the swingle singers, the quartet that came to hong kong last year - cantabile, the legendary king s singers, and the group that we ll soon see in hong kong the idea of north perfectly fit the bill

    現今成功的組合如歡樂之聲、去年訪港的如歌唱樂四人組( cantabile ) ,又或是享負盛名的英皇合唱團( king s singers ) ,及快要與我們見面的北方點子( the idea of north ) ,都能在唱歌之餘又把歡愉帶到場館的每個角落。
  2. And soon after, it went to graz, austria to participate in the 4th vokal dot total international a cappella competition. despite the fierce competition from a cappella groups from all over the world, it won the coveted the ward swingle award, which is considered the oscar of a cappella music in europe

    ,同年前往奧地利格拉茲參加第四屆國際無伴奏合唱大賽,與來自世界各地的人聲樂團角逐被視為歐洲無伴奏合唱最高榮譽的the ward swingle award ,結果摘取桂冠。
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  9. " in terms of quality of ensemble and elegance of arrangements, this group s work is in the same league as that of the swingle singers in their heyday

  10. Ward swingle, the founder of swingle singers, pointed out that a cappella singer not only has to master solo voice, blending voice, instrumental voice and mike voice, but also could flexibly manage nimbleness switching. in short, one should treat this easy listening art with

    歡樂之聲( swingle singers )的創辦人華特史溫格指出,無伴奏合唱歌手必須好好掌握獨唱聲音、和唱聲音、器樂聲音及麥克風聲音,更須隨時靈活轉換,彈性少一點也不行。